Big Brother’s Touchdown Read Online Jenika Snow

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He was my big brother… but only by five minutes.
As my twin, he was the one person I was closest to. And we were about to get even closer.
And tonight, my big brother and his teammate were going to make a different kind of touchdown…and that was with me.

Taboo / Tw!ncest (brother and s!ster) / MMF / MF / MM / Anal / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / C*m Play / C*m Sharing / Or@l / Double b!ow Job / R*ugh Sex / Degradation / Praise / Fe!ching / A$$ Eating / Creamp!e Clean-Up / HFN (Happily For Now Ending)

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I kept telling myself this was a bad idea.

Yet here I was, opening my window and letting Kai, my twin brother’s college football teammate, into my bedroom in the middle of the night so he could fuck the hell out of me.

Kai was big. He was strong. He was just like my twin Hayden in that physical regard. But where Kai was funny and easygoing, my brother was stoic, hardcore, and had a more stern approach to…everything.

Kai stood in my darkened room, crowding me and making the small confines feel even tinier.

He wore black, his dark hoodie pulled over his head, the shadows concealing his face. Although I felt him staring at me.

We’d started fucking last month after one of their games when we’d both gone to a house party after the team’s big win and had way too much to alcohol. He’d cornered me in an empty bedroom, rendered me to strip, and then he’d bent me over the bed and fucked me until I couldn’t walk straight.

I’d left that party with his cum dampening my panties and dripping down my inner thighs.

And we haven’t stopped since.

Sneaking around fucking my brother’s best friend and football teammate was just as hard as one would think.

“You should have already been naked,” Kai said in that low, deep voice.

We were alone in the house I shared with my brother. Hayden was out, but I still didn’t want to risk bringing Kai through the front door. Besides…sneaking him in through my bedroom window made this feel more exciting.

Even though my eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, when he started getting undressed, it was like I had tunnel vision.

His tan skin created swatches of light within the shadows.

He’d told me I needed to be completely naked and ready to get plowed when he came over. But the truth was, I disobeyed on purpose. I wanted Kai to punish me.

“Get naked for me and come here, Lainey.”

I could make out the tattoos on his chest and arms, and my pussy clenched. He always made me so sore when he pushed into me that first time. He made sitting the next day so uncomfortable that all I wanted was for him to make it hurt more.

My heart jackknifed in my chest as I obeyed. He stroked that huge, monster cock of his, and I wished the light was on so I could lewdly watch him jerk off.

And when I stood there naked, goosebumps covering my arms and legs, watching Kai stroke himself as he stared at me, I knew I wanted to be filled with his cum until I could push it out onto the floor and make a mess.

“Come here and let me fuck you already.”

I moaned as I watched him continue to slide his palm up and down his hard dick.

“Man, baby girl, you must want me to spank that ass until it’s red and sore.”

My heart raced like a frightened rabbit.

“Come here and touch me like a good girl.”

I took that first step forward, ready to do just that.

When I stood right in front of Kai, he sucked his teeth and cocked his head to the side. I knew what he wanted, and so I sank to my knees and tipped my head back to stare up at his imposing form.

“I think about fucking your tight, hot, little pussy when I’m running the ball, Lainey girl.”

Kai was the team’s Tight End, and the thought of him making touchdowns while he thought about being balls deep in my body and my twin watching his back on the field did wicked things to me.

His cock was enormous and right by my face. My throat tightened, and my mouth watered.

“Tell me how you want it,” I whispered.

The moonlight slashed through the window, and I stared into his eyes.

“You know how I want it. Be a good girl and choke on my cock.” His coarse words had me clenching my thighs as I felt myself get even wetter.

I closed my eyes and unhinged my jaw. I felt Kai brush the tip of his dick along my mouth, smearing his salty, slick pre-cum along my lips.

And with my eyes closed, with my eyes closed and with his cock now pushing into my mouth, one image came to mind that would make these encounters with Kai so much better.

Hayden here watching. Touching. Joining in.

Oh God, my thoughts were dirty, twisted, and so wrong. But it felt so good when I thought about my brother catching me and Kai. I got so wet when I thought of my twin reaching out and stroking Kai’s cock or Hayden gripping my jaw and prying it open as he shoved his shaft down my throat.

“You’ll do what I want because you’re my dirty, little whore, isn’t that right?”

I sucked in a deep breath and stuck my tongue out, licking at my lips and the tip of his cock, tasting how salty his jizz was.