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The president of the Storm Hogs MC and a strip club owner...


I live and breathe this club and work. I protect my brothers fiercely, so much so that Elliot likes to tease me by calling me Dad when I get overbearing.

I've never been insanely attracted to women. I'm the kind of man who needs an emotional connection with a woman for anything to happen.

But then I see Cecily Truitt...

And I'm left wondering if maybe I just hadn't come face to face with the right woman before.



I'm not looking for love. Most men meet me, find out I'm the owner of Frisky's, the only strip club within a sixty-mile radius, and they assume I'm easy, get what they want, and leave.

I expect Adler Farley, the president of the Storm Hogs MC and the owner of Storm Hogs Construction, to do the same when he asks me out.

But I'm in for a rude awakening because a man like Adler is completely different from what I'm used to.

And he's taking me along for the wildest, hottest ride of my life.

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I looked up at Elliot as he stepped into the chapel, a steaming mug of coffee in his hands. Elliot was my Sergeant at Arms and had joined the club after serving four years in the Marine Corps infantry division. He’d seen things no one should have to, and I found him trying to find work and fit back into society a few days after he’d gotten back home.

I’d brought him into the fold, and after he prospected for a few months and proved he was worthy and loyal, I patched him in as an officer. The club gave him something to be part of again, and it gave him a command system to fall back on. He needed structure, and the Storm Hogs MC offered that.

Four years later, the six of us in the club—me, Seb, Elliot, Beau, Harlan, and Remi—had all signed our names to an LLC and created Storm Hogs Construction. We went from working for others to working for ourselves. We were looking to eventually expand and create a couple of other crews, but we weren’t ready to let go of all that control yet and break apart. Because we would have to break apart so each crew had a foreman.

“Got a call yesterday from a woman named Cecily Truitt about remodeling a house she just purchased on the outskirts of town. Out on Highway 24 East. Apparently, it’s an old farmhouse. You ever heard of her?”

We sort of knew everyone around here. Washington County wasn’t that big in terms of people that lived inside of it.

“Cecily Truitt? Yeah—she owns that strip club outside of Davisboro,” Elliot said, taking a seat at the table.

My eyebrows shot up into my forehead. “A woman owns that place?” I’d always suspected it was a man that owned it. Just went to show I shouldn’t always be assuming shit. Seb, my vice president, always frequented that place, and all of us had been there a time or two. It was a clean place with sweet girls, and security was tight.

Ms. Truitt ran a tight ship, apparently, and suddenly, I had a fuck ton of respect for her.

I took a sip of my coffee. “You and the others still heading out to finish up that project on Old Tennille Road?” I asked.

Elliot nodded. “Yep. If that’s the orders you gave, that’s where we’re going.”

I stood to my feet and clapped my hand to his shoulder. “Y’all be careful, you hear? I’ll be out there just as soon as I have this meeting with Ms. Truitt.”

He threw me a thumbs-up over his shoulder. I walked out of the chapel, nodding once at Seb, who looked like he was ready to dump the entire pot of coffee in his mouth. I snickered. “Rough night?”

He just grunted at me. Seb wasn’t a man of many words most days, and he was certainly not a morning person. Knowing him, he’d spent most of the night out at Frisky’s.

I headed out the door, Ms. Truitt’s address memorized. I straddled my Harley-Davidson Low Rider® ST and strapped my helmet to my head. With the beast rumbling beneath me, I headed in the direction of Highway 24 East, enjoying the fresh, crisp morning air blowing over my face and the open road ahead of me.

I released a low whistle at the state of Miss Truitt’s house as I slowly inched my way up the drive. The driveway was a mix of gravel and dirt and was in desperate need of a good grading. Then, more gravel definitely needed to be added.

The old farmhouse was settled on several acres of cleared land. It was any backwoods man’s wet dream, to be honest. All this land—plenty of trouble to be had on it. It made me chuckle to think of the shit me and the guys could get into. Dirt bikes, four-wheelers, bonfires—it would be a blast.

A slim woman with dark brown hair mixed with lighter tones and blue eyes stepped out of the old house. She lowered a pair of shades over her stunning blue eyes, and I trailed my eyes over the rest of her as I shut off my bike and took my helmet off.

She was wearing a pair of old, worn boots and a pair of cut-off jean shorts with multiple frays. They were basically one wash away from completely falling apart. Her plain black tank top showed off her impressive breasts, and my cock went half-hard, surprising the fuck out of me.

Fuck, she was hot.

It wasn’t very often I was instantly attracted to a woman. I was a man who needed an emotional connection first. But damn if there wasn’t something about her that made me want to bend her over this bike and fucking ruin her sweet cunt.

I stood off my bike and walked toward her with an easy smile on my face. “Miss Truitt?” I asked, holding my hand out to her.