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Daddy in Blue

As a police officer, Amir has found his purpose in helping others and making a difference. But he longs to find that purpose on a personal level with a special boy of his own. Care taking is ingrained in him, and he knows he could be a great Daddy. But after long years of lonely waiting, he wonders if he’ll ever get the chance.

While on the job, Amir comes face-to-face with a young man in need. He’s drawn in by Henley’s wide eyes and nervous hair twisting. Everything about the beautiful boy checks all of Amir’s boxes, and suggests the need for a guiding and caring hand.

Though they meet through unfortunate circumstances, it seems it could have been arranged by fate. Because this doting cop is everything sweet Henley has been longing for. And in one another, they find their missing piece.

*This insta-love book is for readers 18 and up! It has no cliffhangers or cheating, and a very happy HEA. This title is very low to no angst and features an age play romance between a caring Daddy and his boy who is so sweet, he’ll cause you teeth to tingle! The book features ABDL elements and a healthy dose of steam.

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Chapter One


The radio on my cruiser dash crackled, and I listened closely as a female dispatcher’s voice announced, “All units be advised, two vehicle crash reported on Sycamore Street near mile marker three, headed eastbound. Reported by observers, claims injuries are unlikely. Nearest available unit, please respond.”

I was driving along Sycamore, and was only a couple of miles from the crash site, so I pressed the button on my radio and replied, “Unit 223, received and en route.”

The dispatcher responded, “Unit 223, message received and you are marked as en route. Over.”

Traffic around me was light and moving smoothly, so I didn’t turn on my lights or siren, especially since there were no injuries suspected in the collision. That was pretty typical for this area; most accidents were only fender benders. The four lane road was surrounded by businesses and held several traffic lights, so if accidents occurred, they were generally at a low speed.

It didn’t take long to reach the mile marker, but when I came upon the scene, I only found one vehicle; a decades-old blue Subaru Forester. Its bumper was smashed in, and had traces of white paint on it.

Behind the vehicle, there were wet spots on the pavement. It was obvious that whoever hit the Forester had fled the scene. I sighed and pressed my radio button once more.

“Dispatch, this is Unit 223. I’ve arrived at the scene on Sycamore, but there is only one vehicle present. Suspected hit and run. Please advise units to be on the lookout for a white vehicle with front end damage.”

After a moment, the dispatcher replied, “Copy, Unit 223.”

I parked my cruiser and turned on my cruiser’s roof lights to secure the scene, and as I was exiting the vehicle, I heard the dispatcher relaying my message to surrounding units. I walked alongside the Forester and when I reached the driver’s side window, my heart nearly stopped at the sight I found inside.

Sitting behind the steering wheel was a gorgeous young man who appeared to be in his early twenties. His features were soft and smooth. I couldn't see his eyes, as they were scrunched closed, but he had chest-length wavy brown hair, which he was twisting around the fingers of both hands as he appeared to be talking to himself.

Something stirred inside me as I looked at the young man. He was obviously frightened, and I wanted to help calm him down; to soothe him, and care for him.

I rapped on his window with my knuckles, and the man nearly jumped out of his skin. His hands moved from his hair to his chest, and his eyes flew open wide as his head jerked to face me. They were a beautiful shade of powder blue, but full of panic.

“It’s okay,” I said loudly enough for him to hear me through the glass. “I’m here to help. Can you roll down the window for me?”

The man repeatedly tapped the button on the door, but his window didn't move. The poor guy was so frazzled that he didn't realize his engine was turned off. Whether he had done it or it shut off after the accident as a safety feature, I wasn't sure.

I kept my voice kind but firm to keep him on track when I said, "Buddy, I need you to turn the key, okay?"

He stopped violently pressing the button to turn on the ignition. Then he was able to drop the window. Seeing those baby blues without the glass between us nearly knocked me off of my feet.

"I'm sorry," he said in a soft, shaky voice. "I'm so nervous. I've never been in an accident before." I wanted to scoop him out of that car and hold him in my arms, but that would be highly unprofessional. And creepy. Never once on the job had I had such inappropriate thoughts, but this beautiful man had them running laps in my mind.

"I understand," I told him with a smile. "Everything is going to be fine. My name is Amir." Normally, I would introduce myself as Officer Fadel, but I thought giving my first name would help calm the man down. "What's yours?"

"Henley; Henley James."

What a pretty name for such a pretty boy. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind. "Henley, I know you're shaken up, but are you injured? Does anything hurt?"

He shook his head no, bouncing his wavy hair across his shoulders. "I think I'm okay."

"I'm glad to hear it. I just need to ask you a few questions and do some paperwork, but this isn't the safest place to do it." We were in the middle of the road, with drivers passing us on both sides. Granted, they were being cautious, but I couldn't be too careful. "Can you pull into that parking lot?" I pointed to a gas station across the two lanes next to us.