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Rose Shaw has no idea what she wants. She put aside passion for practicality, earning her degree in a subject she likes, but doesn’t love. Same for her job as an junior architect. And don’t even get started on her personal life…been there, done that, got betrayed for her effort. So when sparks fly after meeting a renowned MLB player while on vacation, she takes him for what he is—a homerun in the sack, but nothing more. The next day, she sneaks back to Montana, leaving Bryson behind…but the memories of their night together refuse to disappear so easily.

Bryson Robinson knows exactly what he wants. His parents are a love-at-first-sight success story, so he recognizes what he felt with Rose Shaw during their night together could be the real deal. She has no interest in long-distance dating…so when the league’s best pitcher gets devastating news that could be the third strike for his career, he turns it into a win, going all in to get the girl. Starting with a home in Montana—and hiring Rose to design it.

Now he just has to convince her that not all men, including MLB superstars, are players…if she’s daring enough to take the risk.

Daring Enough is the fourth book in the Love in Montana series. It can be read as a stand alone, but for a better reading experience the author suggest reading the series in order.

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Chapter One


Seattle, Washington

“Come on, please come to this baseball game with me,” Loren begged as she stared me down in the mirror she was using to apply her makeup.

I flopped on the sofa of her fancy condo overlooking downtown Seattle. “I came to Seattle to visit my best friend and celebrate graduating from college, not go to a stupid baseball game.”

“Did I mention how hot the guys look in their uniforms? Besides, there’s an after-party at Nick’s penthouse if they win, and I want you to get to know him more.”

Nick Rossi was Loren’s boyfriend, and he was also a professional baseball player. We had been best friends since kindergarten, and I was devastated when she moved to Washington. We had always planned to go to the University of Montana together. Loren teased me it was a good thing she didn’t go there since I transferred to Montana State to get my degree in environmental design and thought I would be going on to get my master’s. But after getting my degree, I realized my dream wasn’t to design skyscrapers or bridges. Although I had enjoyed the few projects I worked on. Like when I helped my cousin Blayze design his log cabin, as well as helped my uncle design a more environmentally friendly barn for his horses. I liked interior decorating and helped Blayze decorate his entire house. Being able to use colors was something I loved, which gave me an outlet since I hadn’t painted in a few years. Not since I overheard someone tearing apart a painting I placed in an art show. I shivered thinking about that long-buried memory.

My gaze lifted to see Loren. She had moved to Seattle because her dream had always been to live by the ocean. Plus, she had always said she would work for the Seattle Mariners and she had been so passionate about following those two dreams, and well, she did it. I was proud of her for taking the risk and succeeding.

I had no idea what my passion was. Four years ago, I would have said it was to paint and sell my art to people all over the world. I was especially good at landscape painting. Obviously, there was a lot of inspiration living in Montana. Much like my mother, I had a talent for drawing and painting.

Sighing, I stood. “Fine. Can I at least dress comfortably and not in some slutty dress?”

She shot me a dirty look in the mirror. “I’m not wearing this to the game.”

I raised a brow. “Then why do you have it on?”

“I feel pretty in it.”

Curling my lip, I gave her a look that said she was strange. “Whatever. I’m wearing this.”

Spinning on the stool, she gave me a once-over. “Oh, Rose, no. You’re too damn beautiful, and you’ll ruin it by dressing down.”

“Ruin what? And what do you mean by dressing down?” I asked with my hands on my hips. “I have on jeans, super cute pink sneakers, and a Seattle Mariners long-sleeved shirt? How am I dressed down?”

“That’s cute to wear to the game, not the after-party.”

“Loren, I’m not dressing up for an after-party of a baseball game.”

“Fine,” she stated with a flick of her hand. “But when everyone else at the after-party is dressed cute, you’ll regret it.”

Walking over to her, I put my hands on her shoulders, leaned down, and looked in the mirror. “I highly doubt that.”

Bored. Bored. Bored.

I was bored out of my ever-loving mind. I thought nothing could be more dull than a baseball game, but I was wrong. Okay, so the baseball game wasn’t all that boring. I did get into it a few times with fans and screaming at the umpire, I will admit.

But at the after-party, I felt like I was in high school again with how some of the women acted. There were a few players and a plethora of women whom I was starting to wonder if they were paid by the hour. I had walked into one bathroom only to see a guy fucking someone while they stood in the shower. The shower was off, and they were completely clothed. It only took me a nano-second to slowly back out.

The penthouse was amazing, though, so I decided to wander around and take a look at it. The design and construction of the penthouse told me it was done by someone who knew what they were doing and took pride in the aesthetics. The placement of the windows alone was perfection. And I had a hard time believing a guy decorated the penthouse. My fingers itched to touch the fabrics on the sofa and the curtains, but I knew if someone caught me, I’d look weird. So I just smiled as I looked around.

The owner was Bryson Robinson, who was the pitcher for the Mariners, and from what I could tell, he was damn hot. I’d gotten a solid look at him a few times while he was pitching. Loren was right about one thing: the uniforms did look good on the guys. And Mr. Bryson Robinson had a nice ass. At least in the uniform he did. Although, I hadn’t laid eyes on him since we arrived, which was strange considering this was his and Nick’s place.