Devour Me – Vampire Wardens Read Online Lisa Renee Jones

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Eli lost Ivy once, and while he tells himself he will do it again to save her life, words are not as powerful as emotions. He loves her. He needs her, perhaps more than he realizes. Because while his enemies might want Ivy dead, it's him they wish to destroy and the only way Eli can see past the red of both anger and blood is through the eyes of the woman he loves.

Love. Loss. Passion. Destruction.

Can Eli and Ivy survive a war that will be a river of blood between them and their enemies?

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Relief washes over me as Ivy steps into the hallway, and the door to the apartment shuts behind her, but damn it, I hate having her out of sight, out of range of my protection. But with an at least three-hundred-pound Red wolf snarling at me, it’s the only option.

The minute Ivy is out of harm’s way, I whirl around and face the giant werewolf with red eyes. He snarls, and I show my fangs, aware that this is no normal wolf. He’s too big, he’s too strong and I’m unarmed. I need the steel blades, which are on the ground to my right. Far to my right. The Red leaps toward me. I lower my shoulder and charge him, and the impact rattles my immortal bones. Wolves are not this strong, but this one is. This one is not a normal Red at all.

He’s also three times my size.

I manage to climb the bastard and shift to his back, but without silver in hand, my options to win this battle are limited, although not non-existent. One thing works, if only temporarily.

I have to blind him.

To do that I have to get higher, to his head, and ultimately his face. At present he’s thrashing about, trying to throw me off him, and he might just do the trick if I don’t latch on. I dig my fangs into his back. He screams and thrashes about all over again, but he’s not getting me off him now. I hang on and wait until he stills, confused and trying to figure out what the hell to do next.


He whirls around and starts to run backward, intending to smash me against the wall. I have to move and move now. I climb up his body, over his shoulder, and latch onto his face, right above the eye socket. He howls in pain and never hits the wall. He drops to his knees, screeching like a damn woman. He reaches for me, but I have vampire speed and I’m already at the other side of his body. I remain at his back, out of reach of his arms, and climb high, crushing his Adam’s apple with a punch of my fist. He wheezes and reaches for his throat, my hands already gone.

I take out the other eye with my fangs.

I don’t linger. I jump down and run for the silver. By the time it’s in my hand and I’m facing him again, he’s on his feet and charging blindly toward me. I throw three stars, one after the other, into his chest and it’s all over. He drops to his knees again, his mouth open as he heaves for air. He’s quickly on his side and then on his back. He begins to quake all over, transitioning back to human form. I wait to see the face of the bastard hunting me, but when it’s all said and done, I don’t know him. What I do know is the tattoo on his arm.

I bend down and gape at the damn thing in disbelief. It’s a star on top of a cross. The Romera Witch clan, who are known for dark magic, which explains how he got up the damn exterior of the hotel to reach the top level. My heart kicks up a beat. I can’t get to Ivy fast enough. I rotate and rush for the door and exit to the hallway, and as expected, she’s not there. I keep moving until I reach her room and try to the door, which is locked. Of course. It’s also what I expect.

Urgency builds in me. I need to see Ivy. I need to know she’s okay. I start pounding on the wooden surface and calling out, “Ivy! Ivy, answer the door!” No matter how long I shout for her, or how loudly I shout for her, she doesn’t reply. I reach for her in my mind, and I can’t find her. That means either magic is blocking our connection or she’s dead.

A maid enters the hallway and I step in front of her, using vampire magic to command her, “Open the door.”

She nods and does as I demand. The instant the door is open, I barge inside. “Ivy! Ivy!”

But she’s nowhere to be found. I stretch my mind for Marcus and call out to him. “Where are you, Marcus? Where is Ivy?” No reply. “Marcus!” I shout in a roar that quakes the walls. “Ivy! Where are you?!”

For the first time since my wife died so many years ago, I’m all rage and pain. If she’s dead, I will live long enough to kill the whole damn werewolf clan in existence right along with Grayson and anyone who helped him hurt my woman.

Then, and only then, will I die a happy man.

And I will be a man when I die. The man who loved one woman with two names.