Eight Bikers’ Heir (Love by Numbers 2 #7) Read Online Nicole Casey

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A biker gang wants me to have their baby? This must be some wild joke.It all started with a flirty chat with Kai, the leader of the Iron Serpents MC. One wild night led to something I never saw I was pregnant.I thought I’d be raising my child alone, but the gang makes a shocking they need an heir, and they promise to support me throughout my pregnancy. Sure, it's unconventional, but who can resist this kind of adventure?Moving into their clubhouse, I'm surrounded by eight drop-dead gorgeous men.Kai, the grumpy and commanding leader, stirs my desires like a tempest on a motorcycle. Auden, the VP, ignites a fire within me, making my knees weak. Hayden exudes adventure and danger, stoking my wildest temptations. Bradley's fiery unpredictability sparks a sensual inferno. The Brookmyre triplets, with their charisma, leave me longing for more. And then there is Lincoln, a blend of strength and vulnerability that awakens an irresistible longing.With bodies sculpted for sin and eyes that penetrate my soul, these bikers ignite a passionate storm within me. Throughout my pregnancy, they shower me with care, and every day I fall for them a little harder.But as my due date approaches, emotions are all over the place. The contract's ending, and I'm clueless about what comes next. And just when I think things couldn't get crazier, a rival gang catches wind of our arrangement, putting us all at risk.Will our newfound family survive the impending danger?

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Prologue: Kai

The Tap was always busiest on Friday nights, sounds from inside and outside clashing in the middle.

Old rock tunes and the clinking of glasses filled the dimly lit interior, lights flashing from the televisions playing local sports games or national UFC fights. But the outside was where all the action was at.

The fights. The exhilarating atmosphere. The biker gangs.

Tonight, my gang, the Iron Serpents, occupied the parking lot in front of the biker bar.

As I stood next to my black Harley Davidson Softail Standard, my fingers mindlessly tapped against the leather seat as my eyes swept over the seven other guys who made up the Iron Serpents. As president of the club, these guys looked up to me, but they were my family through and through.

We all relied on each other, especially when trouble arose.

The distant sound of numerous motorcycles rumbled somewhere off in town, prompting me to look over at Auden—better known to us as, “Archer” as he had chosen for his road name. All of our identities were intertwined with the club, and I believed our time spent together made us better. Tougher. We sure needed to be in this town.

“I think we have company,” I told him.

Archer scoffed as he grabbed his leather jacket off the seat of his cruiser, slipping it on and getting the attention of the other six Serpents. When he put his back to me, I caught sight of the club’s patch on the back. Two green snakes wrapped around an iron blade.

We were as strong as blades and as quick as snakes. Yet, people still tried to mess with us. Specifically, the Hornets.

Around ten guys drove up to the biker bar, parking their cruisers in a staggered line next to ours. When their engines cut off I could hear their low chuckles, which made my jaw tighten. That could only mean trouble.

Ghoul, the Hornet’s President, slung his leg over the seat of his bike, his black boots hitting the gravel with a heavy thump. He pulled off his open-faced helmet and set it on his seat before walking over to me, his goons hanging back by their bikes.

“Ironheart, figured I’d find you here,” he commented with a slight smirk, his icy eyes darting between me and the others.

“Why’d you come looking?” I questioned him, hearing light thuds as the other Serpents started to gravitate toward me.

For years, we had clashed with the Hornets, who wanted this entire town to be their territory. They had already scared off other smaller gangs, but we weren’t going anywhere. This was home for us, and they could either learn to share the area or suffer the consequences of messing with us.

“Because he’s obsessed!” Bradley, or Blaze, bit out from behind me, immediately being shot a look of warning from Claude, or Crimson, our level-headed Secretary. As much as these guys pissed us off, we tried not to engage in fights with them.

Ghoul scoffed and tilted his shaved head a little, his jaw tightening.

“Maybe. There’s room for only one club here at The Tap. We’ve known the owner longer, so I suggest you guys hit up an Applebee’s or something,” Ghoul told me, prompting laughter from his members.

Lincoln, also known as Lone Wolf and my Sergeant-At-Arms, moved to my side with narrowed eyes. He was the newest member, but no one questioned his loyalty to the Serpents. He ensured security and order, and things were starting to go awry as the Hornets started to get more rowdy, egging their president on.

“This won’t end well if we stay,” he murmured to me.

I knew that, but I also knew what it looked like if we left.

“We were here first. There are six other nights in a week,” I stated in a firm voice.

Ghoul chuckled in a cold manner as he stepped closer to me.

“We want to be here now,” he said.

I stood my ground, my eyes not moving a centimeter away from his.

“I couldn’t give a damn what you want,” I gritted out, leaning forward an inch.

Ghoul had come looking for a fight, because the moment those words hissed through my teeth, he swung at me, striking my cheek with his fist, and sending me stumbling sideways.

“Son of a bitch!” Bradley snapped before lunging at Ghoul, his shoulder connecting with Ghoul’s chest to knock him backward.

I regained my balance and turned to see chaos unfolding as Serpents clashed with Hornets. We were strong and fast, but we were also outnumbered. Bradley, Claude, and Chris were back-to-back, fighting against five Hornets and taking more hits than they could deliver.

Auden and Hayden, my Road Captain, were both on the ground, unable to even get back up on their feet. Lincoln managed to send one Hornet limping off, but another was already ready to face off with him.

I didn’t want to give up our position here, but I wasn’t going to let my guys get more hurt than they already were.