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Littleworld is an amazing vacation spot on an island reserved strictly for age play. Adult visitors can indulge in regression without fear of being judged. In fact, it’s mandatory and addictive. Some guests find themselves unwilling to leave the island…

Eloise is the luckiest Little in the world. She has not one but two Daddies who dote on her and are willing to hand her the sun if she asks. But being loved is new to her. It’s hard for her to trust that it can last. Now that she has her GED, she has options. But will her Daddies mind if she spreads her wings?

Rhodes and Tiago have never been happier, and they are excited to show Eloise the world, starting with the beach and all the parks at Littleworld. She’s grown so much in the past few months, coming into herself and figuring out what kinks she enjoys. It’s a pleasure watching her embrace life.

But something is bothering Eloise, and she’s not ready to discuss it. All her Daddies can do is smother her with love and hope that when she finally confides in them, they can easily fix whatever is upsetting her.

The books in this series include strong elements of medical and age play. If this genre is offensive to you, this may not be the book or series for you.

Eloise’s Daddies is a follow-up story from A Cheerful Little Coloring Day in the Rawhide Ranch series. You don’t need to have read the previous book to enjoy Eloise’s continuing story, but if you want to know how she met her Daddies, A Cheerful Little Coloring Day is the place to start!

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Chapter One

“Did you pack Peaches?” I ask Daddy as I try to peer over his shoulder to see what he’s put in the suitcase.

“Of course your Daddy packed your bunny stuffie, silly girl,” Papa says as he wraps his arms around me from behind and drags me backward, kissing my neck in a distracting way that makes me giggle.

I shove at his arm. “Papa, stop it. I can’t see what Daddy’s putting in the suitcase.”

He tickles my tummy as he continues to back up. “You don’t need to see what Daddy’s putting in the suitcase. Little girls shouldn’t be so snoopy.”

“But, Papa… What if he forgets something? I don’t even see Peaches.” We can’t go to Littleworld without my bunny. I’d die.

Daddy turns around and kisses my forehead. “Peaches is in your diaper bag, Baby girl. I thought you’d want her near you during the trip.”

He has a point. “Where is my diaper bag?” I ask, twisting around in Papa’s arms.

“It’s by the front door, sweet girl,” Papa tells me.

I wiggle free of Papa’s clutches and take off toward the front door. Sure enough, the new diaper bag Daddy and Papa got me for this trip is sitting there, and Peaches is peeking out the top.

I’m tempted to pull her out and hold her against me because she’s good at calming me when I’m nervous, but what if I set her down and we accidentally leave without her? That would be horrible. So I resist.

“Did you pack the sunscreen, Rhodes?” my Papa, whose name is really Tiago, asks Daddy.

“Yes. It’s in the diaper bag,” Daddy calls out from his bedroom.

Apparently Papa’s job for this morning is to follow me from room to room and keep me out of trouble until we leave.

I’m nervous. I’ve never gone anywhere so far from Rawhide Ranch. I’ve never been on an airplane. I’ve never seen the ocean or played on the beach. Until recently, I never thought either of those things would ever be in the cards for me.

Heck, when I came to the Ranch, I had such low self-esteem that I didn’t think I deserved a Daddy, and now I have two. Me. An orphan who ran away from a group home and never finished high school. Now I’m living with two Daddies, and I have my GED. That’s why they’re taking me to Littleworld.

I almost didn’t believe them when they first told me we could go after I finished my studies and passed my exam. It seemed too good to be true. A farfetched dream. But the moment I found out I’d passed my GED exam, Daddy and Papa had pulled out the flyer for Littleworld and set it in front of me, making good on their promise.

We will be flying first and then driving to the ferry. It’s really far away. In fact, it’s not even light out now as my Daddies finish packing so we can leave.

I turn around to look at Papa. “Is it time to go?”

He chuckles and reaches out a hand. “Let’s get you dressed, and then you can get in your car seat.”

I follow him to my nursery and let him lift me onto the changing table where he removes my jammies and my nighttime diaper.

He cleans my skin between my legs and rubs ointment into my folds while I try hard to ignore how good it feels. It always feels good. Every time. It’s why I don’t mind wearing a diaper when we’re at home. My Daddies take such good care of me. I love the attention and the fact that I don’t have to make any decisions or worry about a thing.

When he’s finished, he stands me on my feet again and holds up a pair of panties. “Remember what I said?” Papa asks.

I sigh. “Yes, Papa. That’s the only pair of panties going with us. Only for the airplane. When we get to the ferry, I don’t get to wear panties anymore.” I shudder at the thought.

“That’s right. You won’t be able to wear panties ever on the island. Littleworld and Regression Island are specifically designed for people who prefer infant age play. Are you going to argue when it’s time to change out of them?”

I shake my head. “No, Sir.” But I am going to be nervous.

Usually when we leave the house, I wear panties. This is going to be stressful. I know all Littles wear diapers on the island, but I’m still feeling apprehensive—a word I learned for my GED exam.

I shift my attention to another concern. “Did you really not pack any of my dresses or pants?” I ask as I grab Papa’s shoulders so he can help me into a pair of black leggings.

“Nope. We’ve talked about that too. Arms up.” He tugs a cotton dress over my head next. It’s also mostly black. No one on the plane will know I’m Little. He doesn’t offer me a bra, but that’s not surprising. My Daddies aren’t willing to go that far.