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Gorgeous twin brothers + a pair of sassy twin sisters = 4 in the family

I’ve had a crush on our neighbor Jason since forever. He’s tall, with broad shoulders, a sculpted chest, and washboard abs that make all the women in our little town drool with desire.
Too bad Jason’s 45.
Too bad that I’m still in high school.
But that’s not stopping my twin sister. You see, Janine has been secretly dating Jason’s twin brother, Tucker. Yes, it’s two sets of twins … who want each other.
What could possibly go wrong?

There’s no way I’m getting involved with the little girl who lives next door. Emily’s innocent and sweet, even if her twin sister is crazier than all get-out. You see, my brother Tucker has been dating Janine, except I wouldn’t call it “dating” exactly. I’d call it dirty as fuck, crazier than a bat out of hell, and filthier than your dirtiest porn fantasy. Like Emily says, it’s two sets of twins … so what could possibly go wrong?

Is this for real? Yes indeed! My romances keep getting more insane, and this book is no exception. In this story, we meet Emily and Janine, sassy identical twin sisters who set their sights on the handsome identical twin brothers who live next door. For the umpteenth time: WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Even worse, they end up going to a naughty festival called Twin Fest where crazy shenanigans happen. Yes, it’s a wild ride to say the least! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and an HEA guaranteed. This book is a follow-up to Obsessed with the Man of the House, but all of my books are standalones and may be read in any order.

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It’s a perfect summer day in Hartsville. Hot enough to wear the cute new t-shirt I bought on sale yesterday, but breezy enough to avoid getting all gross and sweaty like on some of the most sweltering days around here. And I don’t want to get all sweaty, not today. Today I need to look cute, even though I feel ashamed of the reason - my parents are hosting a barbecue and have invited our neighbors. Our insanely handsome neighbors, Tucker and Jason Roberts, who also happen to be identical twins. Of course, Tucker and Jason are in their mid-forties, whereas I’m eighteen, so it’s shameful to think about them this way. But I can’t help it because any woman with two X-chromosomes would be ogling the men non-stop, salivating with desire.

Then again, we’ve been living next to the Roberts for years, but I don’t know them at all. In fact, I only recently started noticing them in that way. Maybe it’s because I’m growing up, and the hormones are starting to make me squeeze my thighs together at night, under the cover of darkness. Or maybe it’s the fact that Jason Roberts is a hunk, hands down. He’s always wearing a suit when I see him leave for work in the mornings, and as I wait for the school bus, I can’t help but watch him out of the corner of my eye as he jumps in his shiny sedan and drives off in the opposite direction. I’m pretty sure he’s never noticed me, and I’m grateful for it. I’d be so embarrassed if Jason knew how attracted I was to him because I’m sure the women he dates are all models, and I’m… well, nothing like that.

I have curly brown hair that takes a lot of taming to fall just right, and I’m what people call “curvy” these days. I have wide hips, a big ass, large jiggly thighs that rub together when I walk, and boobs so huge it’s hard to find tops that don’t make me look inappropriate at school. I don’t want to get into trouble, after all. I just want to be left alone with my books so I can keep up my GPA. I’m close to securing a scholarship for college, and I need that scholarship because there’s no way my parents can afford tuition.

Plus, I’m desperate to leave for college because it’s lonely as a nerd in Hartsville sometimes. I feel like I’m the only bookworm in town (other than the librarians of course), and the only person who even knows what Dungeons and Dragons is. There must be other people out there who share my bookish interests. Don’t get me wrong - I love my family, but none of them truly understand me, not even my twin sister Janine. Especially not my sister, Janine, because it’s crazy how different we are, even though we literally sprang from the same womb. Whereas I’m shy, cautious, and take pleasure in reading, Janine acts like she’s never heard the word “book” before. She’s always scrolling through social media on her phone, and is outgoing, loud, and doesn’t mind male eyes on her everywhere she goes.