Fury (Bleeding Mayhem MC #3) Read Online Jenika Snow

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Fury took Angelina because of revenge, but the longer she’s with him the more he wants her. He never thought he would be the man to use a woman as leverage, but when that woman is the daughter of the notorious Sal Cardona, a man that hurt his MC, Fury will go to any length.

Angelina Cardona ran from her mafia family just a few months ago, but she’s never felt safe since then. When she wakes up after being drugged and taken from her home, she fears her father and his men have found her. But something dark rises inside of her when she sees the man that’s taken her is the Bleeding Mayhem President, Fury. She wants him, even if he won’t let her go, and even if he's is just as dangerous as the mob.

Fury knows he’s in deep where it concerns Angelina, and he won’t let her walk away when it’s all said and done.

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Fury watched her.

He’d been watching her for the last couple of weeks, memorizing her routine, where she liked to eat lunch, whom she spoke with. He was stalking her, and he didn’t give a fuck how creepy and low-life that fact was.

Fury never claimed to be anything more than he was. He was a bastard on the best of days and a motherfucker on the worst.

She was a solitary woman, not speaking to anyone outside of the job she worked. He’d follow her home, watch her eat dinner alone, disappear into the bathroom for twenty minutes before coming out freshly bathed, and then she’d end the night reading a book in bed.

Angelina Cardona.

The daughter of the mob boss that had fucked over the MC, and the woman that was going to pay for her father’s crimes in the ways Fury saw fit.

But ever since they’d taken down her father’s business, at least for the time being, she’d been acting more and more aware of her surroundings. She knew shit was going down, and she knew she was going to get burned from the fire her family caused sooner rather than later.

Something was wrong. Angelina could feel it like icy fingers on the back of her neck. She could feel eyes on her and sensed that she was being watched. As much as Angelina wanted to act like she wasn’t concerned, and not give that pleasure to whomever was after her, she knew she failed.

The truth was Angelina was scared. She knew what her father and brother did, knew what the Family was all about. But she’d left them, left all of that behind. She didn’t want to be a part of that violence, illegal activity, and degradation. Angelina just wanted to be herself and live a normal life.

At least as normal as a person with her family background could have.

Angelina was just sick and tired of all the bullshit that came with being part of the “Family”. She just wanted normal, without having people afraid of her simply because of who her father and brother were.

She might have been born into that world and lifestyle, but that didn’t mean she had to stay in it.

She felt that prickling on the back of her neck again and looked over her shoulder. She just knew someone had to be watching her, that or maybe her thoughts on her father and the Family were so thick in her mind she was paranoid?

No. I know better than that. I’ve been in situations my whole life where shit was shady.

But she was on her own, and she needed to deal with shit if it came to her doorstep on her own.


She was nervous. That was clear by the way she kept looking over her shoulder as she walked down the street. She wore a long jacket that reached her knees, and the hood from the coat was covering her head.

But she was the one he was looking for without a doubt. She could have worn a fucking mask and Fury would have recognized her. He shifted on the seat of the SUV he was in and lowered his gaze to her legs that could be seen.

Hell, he could only make out her calves and ankles because of her coat and skirt, but he was already sporting semi-wood from that sight alone.

Yeah, he’d make her pay, but he wouldn’t hurt her, not like her father and brother had done, or tried to do. He’d get the information he wanted out of her, but he’d also show her what it meant to be with an MC member, especially one that had been fucked over by her family.

He rubbed a hand over his face and kept his focus on her, about to turn the engine over and follow her home. But that’s when he noticed a dark car across the street. It sat there, the windows tinted out, but it had all of Fury’s instincts going on high alert.