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I have to find a bride. My father’s will is quite clear: either I marry or I forfeit the mafia empire we’ve built. Getting married has never been something I thought was in my future, but now that it’s imperative I find a woman who’ll have me, I suppose I have to get used to the idea. Grudgingly, of course. It’s not as if I truly want to get married.
At least, that was the case until I met the feisty pink-haired girl in a shared cab on a rainy day. Maddie brings an unexpected ray of sunshine to my life, and I realize that maybe my father was onto something. Maybe getting married isn’t a chore… As it turns out, it’s exactly what I want.
But my world is one of darkness and violence, and happy endings are hard to find. When Maddie is taken from me, I’ll get her back by any means necessary and rain down hell on everyone who dares to do her harm.
MINK's Note: Get some caffeine and a kitty for this tale of marriage of convenience with a big helping of true love and a side of cute kitty.

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Rain falls in a slow, unrelenting drizzle as I stride past my usual car. My driver, Antony, gives me a raised eyebrow look, but I ignore him. He knows better than to ask me anything.

I want to walk. Alone.

This hasn’t been the day I’d planned. From my father’s childish wife making a scene to the reading of his will–I can’t imagine anything going worse.

I sigh and duck my head as the rain increases, the dark clouds overhead rolling in as thunder booms in the distance. The storm outside mirrors what’s going on inside me right now.

All my plans are dust. I thought today would be the day I take my father’s reins and bring in a new era for all our businesses–the legit and the shady, both. But my father, ever the clever asshole, has other ideas.

A pang hits me right in my chest when I think about him. Not about his will or his legacy or his stupid widow. Him. The man who singlehandedly raised me while also keeping a death grip on the power in this city. He always made time for me. And now, it seems, he’s even made time for me despite him being dead and interred in our family crypt. He always did have a twisted sense of humor.

Getting married wasn’t in my plans. Not even close. Women are a distraction. My little brother Claudio is a testament to that fact. He almost missed the reading of the will and arrived with lipstick on his collar and the scent of perfume all over him. But I suppose that’s what it’s like to be the younger brother. He doesn’t have my responsibilities or the weight of our father’s entire legacy on his shoulders. I do.

So why did my father write into his will that I’ll get nothing unless I’m married within one week? It’s insane. One week from today, I have to be married or I’ll lose everything. I’ve worked for my father for almost a decade, given our business every ounce of my time and energy, and this is how he rewards me? I shake my head as the rain starts falling in sheets. It’s cold, soaking through my expensive suit and chilling my skin.

I want to lash out, to go to his office and slam my hands on his desk, demand answers, maybe even make threats. But he’s not here.

I sigh. He’s not here.

The buildings loom overhead, some of them lighting up brighter than the stormy sky. I finally stop on a corner and just stand there, my thoughts swimming as my mind bombards me with so many memories. Most of them happy. Some of them dark. But isn’t that the way it is with all families? Secrets exist everywhere, though the Carlonii family has quite a few extra skeletons hanging in the closet.

The biggest secret of them all, though, my father left in his will. My lawyer was quick to point out it isn’t a legally enforceable provision. But, of course, my lawyer also added that my father’s word is law. Judge, jury, and executioner. If I don’t follow his instructions to the letter, none of the other bosses will respect me. Hell, they may even try to come for me and take what my father and I built. Not happening.

The thunder rolls, lightning flashing closer and closer as the rain increases. People hide beneath overhangs and hurry past with their umbrellas open against the onslaught.

I need to get myself together. Standing here in a fucking downpour is some particularly emo shit. Father wouldn’t be impressed, and neither am I. All I need is a plan. A quick one, at that. Finding a woman to marry should be pretty easy. Dad’s widow already pretended to pass out in my arms, so she’s clearly angling for the position. Like hell I’d ever marry that gold-digger. But I can find someone. Anyone, really. And then I can deal with that complication later.

Making the decision, I step to the curb and raise my hand for a taxi. Somehow, a driver sees me through the thick rain and pulls over.

I hop in and open my mouth to give him my office address when a girl jumps in beside me, almost falling into my lap.

“You don’t mind sharing, do you?” She wiggles until she falls onto the seat next to me. “It’s raining cats and dogs. But mostly cats. I love cats. Dogs are always so eager to please, but cats–you have to convince them that you’re even worthy of their attention, and I really like the challenge, you know?”

I can only stare at the girl–her pink hair damp and a unicorn Band-Aid on her chin–as she reaches across me and closes the door.

With a smile, she looks up at me. “So, big guy, where we headed?”