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Matilde Vitali is having a terrible day. The day begins with her being kidnapped from her crappy job by the one man she has no business being anywhere near. She hates him with a fiery passion until she doesn't. Bedding Dorian is far from the torture she thought it would be.

Dorian O'Shaughnessy wanted Matilde. Instead of seeking her in a sane way, a dark, depraved plan formed in his mind. A plan to ruin her for any other man.

Can their newfound love survive the wrath of the Vitali's and the O'Shaughnessy's alike?

This is a safe, over-the-top, dark romance. There is a kidnapping and a little bit of hate sex. Don't fret that hate turns to forever love in His Bride.

They live in the shadows and have their own moral compass that guides them. These men and women don't follow your rules. They make their own. When they meet their perfect partner, nothing else matters. They'll do whatever it takes to win the owner of their Dark Hearts.

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I want to scream at my little brother, Diarmuid, also called Derry by those closest to him, but I can’t. He’s just doing what I asked him to do, but fuck, get on with it already. He’s twenty-two and eager to please. Since our father, Graham, died six months ago and I took over the family, both of my brothers have been eager to make a name for themselves, something our father never allowed. My mother, Trina, divorced my father years ago. His second wife died under rather mysterious circumstances. As the head of the family, I find myself the protector of my sister, Cashel, who is seventeen, my youngest brother, Declan, who is thirteen; and three younger sisters, Aislinn, Ashlynn, and Aubrianna. They are eight. The product of my father’s relationship with his third wife. My mother lives in the house with us, as does Fiona, my remaining stepmother. Mom was staying with her parents across town, but I brought her home as soon as Dad died. Thankfully she and Fiona get along. I can’t send Fiona away because she’d take my sisters, and I can’t let that happen.

“More to the point, if we can get in good with the Vitali’s and their allies, we will be set to take over Boston from those fucking Donahue’s,” he says, finally taking a breath. The short, hour-long flight on my private jet feels like it’s been going on for days. Diarmuid is just giving me the rundown of the Vitali’s and their allies, but he sounds like the worst professor in the world. “Now, The Valladares, DeSantis, O’Brien, and Lassiter crime families are always looking for people to get into bed with. I managed to get you a face-to-face meeting with Alberto Senior and his brothers Fabrizio and Nico at their compound in Queens.”

“Great, thanks, brother. We should be touching down shortly. You can go back to your seat,” I say, and he immediately leaves. It’s good to be in charge sometimes.

After arriving at the Flushing Airport, the car I hired drives us to the Vitali compound ten minutes west.

At the V-embossed iron gate, I talk into a speaker box announcing myself. The gates swing open, and we drive through, ending up in front of the largest of the houses I’ve seen on the compound, and there are many of them. On the porch, three older men and three older ladies wait. I get out of the car and climb the stairs. The oldest of the men comes forward.

“Hello, Dorian. I haven’t seen you since you were a little boy. Alberto Vitali,” he says, shaking my hand.

“Hello, sir. I remember you.” He just nods and steps aside.

“My wife, Maria. Fabrizio and his Dawn, Nico and his Gina.” I shake all of their hands.

“It’s nice to meet you. My brother, Diarmuid.” I introduce him around as well.

“Come inside. I’m sure you’re hungry,” Maria says, gesturing for us to follow. “I know you men have some business to discuss, but I made too much pasta. Say you’ll have some.”

“Of course. We’d love some,” I say, answering for my brother. Who doesn’t love pasta?

“We’re just sitting down to dinner,” she says, leading us into what has to be the largest dining room I’ve ever seen. The table belongs in a castle and could probably seat a hundred people. The room is chaotic. People are everywhere, just taking their seats, and children are running wild everywhere. It seems… fun. My father would never have allowed this. We would have been belted so fast.

“Don’t mind them. They are just boisterous,” Gina says, smiling.

“Have a seat,” Maria says, gesturing to two empty seats near the middle of the table. We take them, and a heaping plate of pasta and bread is set before us.

“Thank you. This looks amazing,” I say because it does. It also smells heavenly.

“Yes, thank you,” Derry says.

I place my napkin in my lap and pray with the family before eating. Eventually, the bottle of red wine is passed around, and I pour myself a glass before passing it along. The conversation around the table is lively. It ranges from politics and pop culture to what Santino, one of the older children, is learning in school.

I am about to take another bite of the pasta when all the conversation in the room suddenly dies down, or did it? A little girl whose name I didn’t catch jumps up from the table and right into the arms of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I watched her enter the room, and my fork stopped mid-air. I force myself to set the damn thing down. Hopefully, no one noticed that stupid shit. I can’t stop staring at her petite and curvy body, if not a little chubby. My mouth is actually watering. She’s wearing a tight black shirt, tight jeans, and little red heels. Her big tits are barely contained in the shirt. I want to suck her nipples through the goddamned cotton covering her. There is no fucking way she’s wearing a bra. Her brown hair is loose and curly but pushed back from her head with a bow like she’s a motherfucking gift. I want nothing more than to run my fingers through it, fucking it up, before I wrap it around my wrist and use it as reins as I fuck her hard and fast.