His Little Turquoise – Eleadian Mates Read Online Paige Michaels

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It’s Mia’s turn to find out what it means to have a Papi of her own.

After a bad relationship with a fake Daddy Dom, Mia has been nurturing her Little in the privacy of her own apartment. She hasn’t gone to a club in two years. It’s too scary. It’s easier to pretend she has the perfect man in her life than put herself out there and take a risk. Surgient has been working as the physician on the starship for two years. His term is up, and he’s free to find a mate of his own and return to Eleadia. He’s heard stories, but no one could ever prepare him for the total punch to the gut he feels the moment he sets eyes on the sweetest Little in the universe. Mia has come to Zoom as a favor to her roommate. She isn’t even trying to fit in. Dressed in her favorite pink babydoll dress, she cannot believe it when one of the enormous Eleadian men squats down in front of her and takes her breath away. This wasn’t supposed to happen, and her stress level doubles when Surgient whisks her off the dance floor without letting her say goodbye to her roommate. What if she never sees her friend again?

Prepare to travel through the stars only if you’re brave enough to learn about oversized Papis and survive their very intimate care.

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Chapter One


“I don’t think this is a good idea,” I say as I smooth the front of my skirt down and stare at myself in the bathroom mirror.

“It’s a great idea, Mia,” Ava insists. “You haven’t left the apartment in months. I need you to go with me. Chelsie bailed. I need a wingman.” She chuckles. “Wingwoman I guess.”

“Club Zoom though?”

“You used to love going to clubs.”

I set my hands on my hips and turn, attempting to glare at my friend and roommate. “Fetish clubs, Ava. Places where I could be myself and indulge in my preferred kink in a safe place. Club Zoom isn’t that kind of club.”

Ava shrugs. “It will still be fun. I’ve heard the men from Eleadia are over seven feet tall.”

“Surely that’s an exaggeration.”

Ava grins. “I don’t think so.” She steps farther into the tiny bathroom the two of us share to check herself in the mirror.

I bite my bottom lip as I stare at the two of us next to each other. We couldn’t be more different. Ava is tall and voluptuous with an hour-glass figure, nice hips, and amazing breasts. I, on the other hand, am four-ten. I have no figure to speak of and small breasts.

The differences don’t stop there. Ava has gorgeous thick brown hair that hangs in waves down her back. She has tanned skin that’s so smooth and flawless I have envied it since I met her.

“You’re doing that thing again,” Ava points out, frowning at me in the mirror.

I sigh. No sense arguing with Ava. She always senses when I’m comparing the two of us and finding myself lacking.

“Seriously though,” I complain as I reach up to fidget with the clips in my hair. “Why must I have curly red hair, pale skin, and freckles? Why must you have all the boobs. And you’re nearly a foot taller than me.”

Ava turns and narrows her gaze at me. “You’re cute, petite, and adorable. I’ve never been cute, petite, and adorable.”

I smirk. “Trust me, it’s embarrassing when we arrive at a bar, and they wave you right in while scrutinizing my ID for five minutes as if they can’t begin to believe I could possibly be twenty-four. I’m surprised a bouncer hasn’t kicked me out and kept my ID as though it were fake. They threaten to often enough.”

“You don’t look that young,” Ava argues.

I lift both brows. “Are you looking at me?” I wave a hand between us. “You have more style in your pinky than I have in my entire body.” Ava is wearing a skin-tight black dress, sexy heels, and perfect makeup. Every man is going to drool over her tonight, including the ones over seven feet.

It doesn’t matter that Ava always gets all the attention when the two of us go out. I don’t want that kind of attention.

Ava rolls her eyes. “You have your own style, Mia. It suits you. If you went out dressed like me, you’d be falsely advertising,” she teases as she reaches out and smooths her hands over the puffy sleeves of my pale pink dress.

I glance down and sigh. Ava’s right. False advertising never works for me. I’m Little. It’s no secret, at least not from Ava. I feel more comfortable wearing fluffy dresses more suitable for a child than sexy, skin-tight skirts that would cause me to attract the wrong men.

If I’m seriously going to Club Zoom with Ava tonight, I’m going to do so in clothes that tell no lies about my preferred kink. I certainly wouldn’t attract any seven-foot men dressed like this with my hair up in clips that have matching pink bows on them.

I have no interest in attracting men anyway. I’m still reeling from being burned badly by my last boyfriend and haven’t recovered enough to take a risk with another man again, yet. Another Daddy. Or in my ex’s case, another pretend so-called Daddy.

“Not everyone is Rick, you know,” Ava says gently, clasping my biceps. “There are Daddies out there who would love to date someone as amazing as you. You just haven’t met the right one, and you’re not going to if you hide in this apartment every weekend.”

“I’m sure not going to meet one at Club Zoom,” I point out.

Ava sighs. “You’re probably right, but will you go with me anyway so I don’t have to go alone? Please?”

I smile. “Of course.” I wrap my arms around my friend’s waist and hug her.

Ava has been my best friend and roommate for six years. We met in college and moved together from the dorms to this apartment when we graduated. Ava knows everything about me, and she’s never judged me.

“Do you really believe all the rumors?” I ask as I release my friend and take another quick glance at my reflection. “I mean seven feet? All of them?”