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Ice -- The second to last thing I expected when Cain called Church was for him to resign as president of Bones. The last thing I expected was to be voted in as president myself. So when I found myself on a rescue mission for the daughter of the Devil himself? Well. I wasn’t surprised at all. What did surprise me was the woman herself. Sure, I’d met her on more than one occasion, but the teenage girl I’d seen a couple of years before is definitely not the woman I pull out of the rushing water when she gets stranded in the middle of a hurricane.

Dawn -- Coming home during a hurricane isn’t one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. Neither is getting mixed up with the man who was the reason for me taking such a risk. So when I’m stranded with water overtaking my car, I thought I’d finally tempted fate for the last time. Until my guardian angel plucks me from the water and saves me. In more ways than one. He’s the new president of Bones MC and a man I can’t deny I want with every fiber of my being.

Ice features a protective hero, a determined heroine and includes graphic violence and adult situations that may be triggers for some readers. Eventual happy ending and no cheating, as always.

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Ice (AKA Cliff)

“Got some changes comin’.” Cain, president of Bones MC, wasn’t one to mince words. I could tell by the look on his face whatever was getting ready to happen was huge. It made me nervous. Cain was also the only dad I’d ever known. He had always been straightforward about club business with me and my brother, Daniel, since we’d first gained our patched member status. The fact that I didn’t have a preview of what was getting ready to happen made me doubly nervous. “I’ve given this a lot of thought. Torpedo and I are in agreement, so this is happening.” There was silence around Church as we all waited for what I was certain would be a bombshell. “I’m stepping down as president of Bones.”

“Fuck,” I hissed.

My brother, Daniel, shook his head slightly, a denial when he knew Cain would never fuck around about something like this. “Son of a bitch. Why didn’t he say anything?” Daniel’s muttered question was meant for my ears alone.

“Beats the fuck outta me,” I answered just as softly.

I’d have thought the rest of the club would be murmuring or protesting or… something, but the shocked silence around us told me no one else had had a preview of this either. I looked around at the faces of the men in the room. Most of them kept stony profiles, but a couple raised their eyebrows or shuffled their feet.

“I’m stepping down because I can’t run both ExFil and Bones any more. Too old for this fuckin’ shit.” The officers smirked while the rest of us just glanced at each other. “ExFil has to keep going. It’s the main way we fund Bones and keep us all comfortable without going too far outside the law. So I’m going to throw my focus into the company. Keepin’ Argent Tech on our side as long as possible will help not only ExFil, but Bones as well.”

“You sure about this, Cain? We still need you here.” That came from Deke. He was closer to my age. A test pilot of the extreme variety. His grandfather had been a test pilot back in the glory days and Deke was more like him than modern-day pilots. He preferred to fly the fuckin’ planes himself. Or helicopters. Or fucking hot air balloons. As far as I knew, there wasn’t a thing the man couldn’t pilot.

His sentiment was echoed around the room. Cain smiled. “Guys, I ain’t leavin’ Bones. Just steppin’ down as president. I want to spend some time with my granddaughter and I’m not ready to hand over ExFil to anyone. Something has to give. Much as I love my club, I’m spread too thin. Besides, I can still be part of Bones without being president.” He snorted. “And I’m fuckin’ tired.” That got more chuckles.

“I’ll be stepping down too,” Torpedo said. “Me and Bohannon are heading up another chapter in Nashville. Kiss of Death MC left a void there when they imploded that hasn’t been filled. We’re going in with the idea of stabilizing the region. Filling the gap and adding another club close to home to have Bones’ back. We’ll be sister clubs just like Salvation’s Bane. To do that, we need to set up a presence there.”

I glanced at my brother, who met my gaze and held it. As much as it was hard to live in Cain’s shadow, I knew I still had a lot to learn from him. We both did. “Where he goes, we go.” Daniel nodded his agreement. It eased something inside me. If Cain moved to South Carolina where the ExFil headquarters was, we’d go with him. It would mean we could help Mom with our younger siblings as well as keep an active role in ExFil.

“So. As to who’s taking over.” Cain glanced at Torpedo, who grinned and gave him a slight nod. “Obviously, the patched members will have to take a vote to decide, but we’re going to leave you with our choice of replacements. I’d hope you’d give them our full weight when you consider them. Neither of us gives the recommendations lightly.” There was a smattering of murmurs all around.

“This oughta be good,” I muttered.

Daniel grunted.

“For Bohannon’s position of Sergeant at Arms.” Cain nodded to Bohannon, who took up the announcement.

“Stunner. He doesn’t say much, but he sees everything.” Bohannon grinned at the other man. “He’s also harder on himself than anyone else could ever be so you’ll never have to worry about security being an issue.”

Someone called out from the back. “Just don’t say anything about his wife.” That got several laughs. Everyone knew not to mess with Suzie. Not that anyone would. Suzie was the pride and joy of the club. Stunner was her fierce protector and defender of her honor. The only man in the club who’d ever disparaged her had finally ended up kicked out. After he got the fucking shit beat out of him by Stunner. Twice. Pig had very nearly died after that last incident. Would have if Cain hadn’t stopped it.