Just a Little Secret (A Dare Crossover #2) Read Online Carly Phillips

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He’s not just a bachelor up for auction …

He’s her sexy birthday gift for the weekend.

But will she be able to forgive him when she finds out he’s hiding more than a little secret?

Georgia Brooks had no intention of bidding on a bachelor at the charity auction, but her sister has other ideas and gifts her with a man for her birthday weekend. But not just any man . . . Drew Daniels. A hot, gorgeous lawyer who makes her want to shed her good-girl image and learn all sorts of new and risqué things.

Attorney Drew Daniels is more than willing to introduce the beautiful Georgia to her naughtier side. Their weekend together is steamy and romantic . . . and it doesn’t hurt that a rival of Drew’s has his eye on Georgia, too. Stirring the other man’s jealousy is a fun side benefit.

Their tryst should have been just about pleasure, but Drew finds he’s attracted to more than Georgia’s outer beauty and he wants to keep her as his own. When Drew suggests they continue their affair, Georgia is too smitten to say no. Even if her parents expect her to marry her lawyer father’s right-hand man.

Georgia finds herself falling for Drew harder and faster than she could have imagined. Until she discovers he's keeping a secret that has the potential to break her heart.

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Chapter One

Georgia Brooks stepped into the hotel ballroom, aware that tonight’s Leadership in Law awards banquet was destined to be one long snooze fest, but her parents expected her to attend, and it wasn’t in her personality to argue.

“Incoming! Georgia-seeking, heat missile arriving on the right,” her younger sister said in a low, amused tone that only Georgia could hear.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or scowl at Courtney’s outrageous comment. Laugh, because the man making a beeline her way was so damn predictable—and irritating. And scowl, because, well, Elliott Eastman was so damn predictable. And irritating.

Georgia had been prepared to deal with Elliott, knowing that as soon as she stepped into the room her father’s protégé would notice and immediately seek her out. And she’d resigned herself to playing the good girl tonight because her father was being honored, and she didn’t want to make a scene.

Sure enough, Elliott rushed over as if he’d had his eyes glued to the entrance just waiting for them to arrive so he could make his move.

Regardless of the fact that her father raved about the man who was fast becoming one of the top attorneys in his firm, his stalkerish behavior was creepy and unnerving. He’d just made junior partner, and Georgia knew Elliott had even higher aspirations…that included dating the boss’s daughter.

“If it wasn’t for Dad being up for the lifetime achievement award, I wouldn’t have come tonight, and he’s the reason,” Georgia said, trying to tamp down her annoyance as Elliott neared. “I won’t be able to enjoy myself with him hovering over me.”

“I think he’s trying to wear you down,” Courtney said as they followed their parents further into the ballroom. “Be strong, Georgia. Don’t let the fact that Mom and Dad are hoping that the two of you fall madly in love and produce a dozen babies together make you weak.”

“Oh, my God, you are so gross.” Georgia glared at her sister while desperately trying to wipe that image from her mind. “What are you? In high school?”

Courtney shrugged in that unapologetic way of hers. “You know I only speak the truth.”

Unfortunately, she did.

In all honesty, Georgia envied her sister’s outspoken attitude. Courtney was four years younger than Georgia, and she’d gone from being a precocious toddler to a rebellious, wild teenager. Even now, as a twenty-three-year-old adult, she had an impressive take-it-or-leave-it attitude that she expressed in all ways. From the pink highlights in her beach-wavy blonde hair to the gold ring in her nose and the boho chic dress she’d worn, Courtney flaunted her unconventional fashion style. In a room full of elegant cocktail gowns, including Georgia’s classic little black dress, Courtney stood out. Most impressively, at least to Georgia, she didn’t give a shit. At all.

Whereas Georgia had always been the more serious sister, the quintessential good girl who followed the rules, Courtney gleefully broke and defied them. Courtney said what was on her mind, sometimes without a filter, while Georgia kept things bottled up to prevent any friction. Her sibling was daring and fearless, the opposite of Georgia’s more cautious and conservative nature. While she admired her sister’s fearless attitude, Georgia liked herself just fine.

The problem only arose when it came to her parents. Then, being a people pleaser often came at her own expense. There had been one time Georgia had stood up for herself and she had no regrets. They’d wanted her to attend law school so she could work in her father’s law firm, but she’d followed her passion and now had a degree in non-profit management. Her parents had been appalled and acted as if she’d caused a horrific scandal when they’d caused the awful family tension.

Their disapproval had nearly crippled Georgia with guilt, especially when her father’s heart attack and triple bypass came shortly thereafter, but it was a decision that made her happy. She’d recently accepted a position with Future Fast Track, a non-profit dedicated to helping foster kids transition out of the system once they were of age. She honestly loved her job.

But despite that one act of rebellion, her parents still had certain expectations, and she was coming to realize that marrying Elliott and making him a part of their family was one of them. She was going to have to find her big girl panties once more because there was no way she could do as they wanted. The thought made her want to throw up.

Elliott finally reached them, and her father greeted his protégé with a broad smile. With Elliott’s light-brown hair and hazel eyes, even Georgia could admit he was a good-looking man, but she felt no attraction toward him. At all. His egotistical air turned her off. Add in his twin habits of coming on too strong and kissing her father’s ass, and she wanted nothing to do with him.