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Andi and her Kindred Protector crash land on a planet where all men lose their minds and are reduced to their most primal instincts to taste and mount their mates. Can Andi keep her new Primal Male at bay…or will she give in to the desire between them?

Andi Smyth has a PhD in Medicinal Botany…and a huge crush on her Kindred Protector, a tall, muscular Hybrid called Cade. But despite the obvious attraction between them, Cade will never make a move on her…and Andi can’t figure out why.
Cade knows his Hybrid status will keep him from being able to Bond with the curvy scientist he’s protecting, so he does his best to keep his distance—even though he wants her badly. But everything changes when the two of the crash land on Zo’rath Three—otherwise known as “Oblivion.”
There’s a reason for the planet’s ominous nickname—something in the air interferes with the thinking patterns of males. So the minute they touch down, Cade’s consciousness is reduced to its most primal state. Andi is left on a strange planet with a huge Kindred warrior who has literally lost his mind. Cade is still very protective but his main instincts now are to taste and mount his mate—and he has totally forgotten any reservations he had about tasting Andi or taking her sexually.

Can the two of them survive in this strange new environment where all the women treat their men like pets and call them “Manimals?” And will Cade ever come back to his right mind? In the meantime, can Andi keep her new Primal male from tasting her and mating with her (even though she doesn’t really want to stop him?) You’ll have to read this fated mates, coworkers to lovers, primal male, touch her and die, spicy scifi romance, Lost on Oblivion, to find out!

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“Are you ready to go? All buckled in or do you need help with your harness?”

Dr. Andrea Smyth shifted in her seat. As always, her Protector’s voice seemed to rumble right through her, making her tingle all over. She wondered if she could get away with pretending that she couldn’t figure out the harness on the long-range shuttle one more time so she had an excuse to let Cade touch her. She wasn’t stupid—she had a PhD in Medicinal Botany. But her Protector always seemed willing to help her, even if her act might be wearing a bit thin.

“Oh, um…” She nibbled her lower lip. “Would you mind? These buckles…” She shrugged helplessly.

“I don’t mind,” Cade rumbled and leaned over to help her.

Andi sucked in a breath as his big hands fit the five-point harness together and clicked it in place. She just loved it when he leaned over her like this—she could smell his spicy, masculine scent when he did and feel the heat of his big body looming over hers. It was all so primal. It made her heart start pounding and her breath come short every time her Protector buckled her in—or any time he was close, for that matter.

“There you go. All secure.” For a moment Cade’s golden eyes met hers and Andi felt mesmerized. God, she still couldn’t believe she got to work with such a gorgeous male on a daily basis!

Cade’rex—or Cade for short—was a Hybrid Kindred—half Blood Kindred and Half Beast Kindred, Andi knew, though he didn’t talk about it much. He had the golden eyes of a Beast Kindred and the fangs of a Blood Kindred which showed both halves of his heritage.

He also had shaggy, golden-brown hair which he kept tied back with a leather string and a neatly clipped beard which framed sensual lips. He stood over seven feet tall, so that she actually had to look up to him—which was something she’d never experienced before with a man. Also, his broad chest and muscular arms were covered in the most amazing tattoos which made him look even more primal. There was something about him that just seemed to call to Andi…though she was sure her feelings would never be reciprocated.

Well, pretty sure, anyway.

The thing was, Andi didn’t think she was her Protector’s type. Then again, she didn’t seem to be anyone’s type. Or she certainly hadn’t been, back when she’d lived on Earth.

Part of the problem was her height—Andi was six foot one in her stocking feet. That was way too tall for most guys. If she’d been thin and willowy like a model, it might have been okay. But she was not thin and willowy—she was thick and chunky all the way.

She had a big behind and wide hips and thighs that could have been mistaken for tree trunks. Her boobs were nice, she supposed, but her shoulders were too broad and while her face was mildly pretty, it wasn’t angular or exotic or beautiful enough to grace the covers of magazines.

In Andi’s opinion, her thick, wavy dark brown hair was her best feature. She had nice eyes too—at least Cade had said so that one time…but she pushed the thought out of her mind. It was too embarrassing to think about it when her Protector was so close.

The point was, modeling was out. But the other thing tall women are supposed to be good at—basketball—wasn’t Andi’s cup of tea either. The reason for this was that she was terminally clumsy. She tripped over her own size twelve feet on a regular basis—it was like her limbs just didn’t want to coordinate with each other. So any kind of career in sports wasn’t an option for her.

Since she wasn’t good at anything physical, Andi had concentrated on her mental abilities. She loved science and had a green thumb—everything she touched bloomed. She was also interested in medicines made from plants so Medical Botany had been a natural fit for her in Grad school.

Which was how she’d ended up working for the Kindred and living on the Mother Ship. Her job was to survey new alien worlds and try to find useful plants that could be used in medical applications. The Kindred were endlessly exploring and cataloging, which matched Andi’s own curiosity and love of learning perfectly.

After she’d completed her training, she had been paired with Cade, who was to be her Protector—the Kindred warrior who guarded her when she went to new worlds and alien planets. She still remembered how her heart had pounded when he’d dropped to one knee before her and sworn to keep her safe or die trying.

“Andrea,” he had rumbled, looking into her eyes. “My body shall be your shield. Not a drop of your blood will spill unless all of mine has been shed first. I will protect you until the last breath leaves my body.”