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Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents Love Notes Bishop I’m Bishop… Bishop Love. I haven’t written a new song in four years. My label has me by the balls to come up with my next project by the end of this tour. If I don’t produce, I’m going to be in deep shit. Fuck it! Maybe it’s my time… or maybe not.When she walks into the greasy diner in her red bottoms, looking completely out of place, the music comes rushing back. I have a note for every curve that catches my eye. I want her.SagaMy life is falling apart and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I shouldn’t be starting over like this, but one asshole has turned my life upside down and I’m heading home with my tail between my legs. That is until the fine ass, Bishop Love sits across from me.He doesn’t know me, but he offers me just what I need. He says he wants me to be his muse, but his eyes say something different. I shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. I know better. But he sets me on fire with just one look. I want him.Every song I sing is a love note to her. Every word he sings draws me closer. I’ll sing until I have her surrender because Saga is mine, it all ends with her.

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Back to Work


“Are you listening to me?” Jag says.

I tear my eyes away from the brown legs that have had my attention since their owner walked into the door. Jag is always worried about something. Although he may have something to worry about this time.

I need to finish my album and my muse is gone. I just don’t have it. Nothing has sparked that place inside where I want to create. I don’t want to write another album about random sex.

I want more.

“They’ll have their album,” I say, knowing it’s a lie.

I need to have songs written by the end of this tour. I’ve got a month left and nothing. I turn back to the ebony beauty sitting alone with a stack of papers and slips in front of her.

That sexy haircut makes me want to shove my hand in the front of it as I ride that juicy ass of hers. I love how the longer front feathers into curls that cover her right eye. She stands out in this place and not because she’s Black.

Those red bottoms don’t belong in a place like this. Not on these sticky floors. The only reason my crew stopped here was because I was craving a greasy burger and fries.

Those heels and that face have a story. The more I look at her, the more I want to know it. When she pouts at the papers in front of her, I have to shift in my seat. Those lips are sexy as fuck.

“Bishop,” Jag growls.

I turn back to him, annoyed he won’t leave me to my fantasies. It’s been two years since I’ve had sex. Yup, that fucking long.

I’ve grown tired of random pussy. The next pussy I fall into is going to be mine. I’m going to own that shit. My balls swell just thinking about owning gorgeous over there.

“I said it will be done,” I reply and stand to close the distance between me and the first spark I’ve felt in four years.

She’s so engrossed in what’s before her she doesn’t notice me standing over her. She smells so fucking good. My mouth waters and I can’t tear my eyes away from her.

Saga Walden.

I read the name printed on all the documents. Pretty name for a knockout woman. I have to shake my head clear as the sound of my voice groaning it fills my head.

Oh, yes. This is the one. I’m not leaving here without her number. As a matter of fact, I need to hear her voice to see if it’s as beautiful as she is.

I bet it sounds like warm honey. Sticky and sweet. A sound to pour all over my damaged and lost soul. Fuck, I might be losing my mind.

However, when she speaks, I know I’m not because her voice is sexier than I imagined. Even as she mumbles to herself under her breath. Time to make my move.

I lean into her ear and answer her muttered words. When she looks up at me with those big brown eyes, I feel like I fall right into them. Holy shit.


It’s been six months and I’ve run through my savings way too fast. The chunk I have left will pay off most of my bills, but I’m going to have to get a damn job.

Unfortunately for me, Tom had me blackballed. I should have flipped his fucking desk. Entitled bastard.

Once again, I shuffle through the receipts and bills in front of me, hoping something changes or money magically appears from somewhere.

“Fuck me,” I mutter, pushing my hand into the front of my hair.

“I would love to, but first, we should get to know each other,” a sultry voice whispers in my ear.

I startle and look up to find the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen. I mean, they’re vibrant and so blue they’re electrifying. I’m sucked right in.

“Excuse me?” I say just above a whisper.

“Nothing,” he chuckles darkly. Reaching for the bills before me, he lifts a few in his hand, still leaning over me. “Now, I was imagining you studying this whole time I watched you. You ruined my fantasy.”

I snatch the papers back from him as my cheeks heat. I gather my things and start to shove them into my bag. I’m still stunned from looking into his eyes.

It’s not until he claims the seat across from me my brain starts to fire again. I glare at him as he waves the waitress over. He sits back in the booth as if he owns the place.

His presence is magnetic. It’s like he’s sucked all the air out of this tiny booth. At least, it seems tiny now that he’s seated across from me.

“Excuse me. Why are you sitting here? Who are you?”

“That”—he points at me—“is the reason I’m sitting here. You have no idea who I am and I want to know who you are.”