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Searching for my dad wasn’t going to be easy. Going on this journey with the man I'm secretly in love with? What could go wrong?


Loving February was easy. It's all-consuming, and it's time she knows it.

Journey with February to find her father.

This is book two in The President’s Daughter Series by ChaShiree M. & M.K. Moore

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I half-heartedly listen to what’s happening on the phone, instead, I’m drawing hearts all over my desk calendar. Not just any hearts, but full-on middle school Mr & Mrs hearts. See, I have a problem, well, several problems, but the main one is that I’m in love with my boss. The head-over-heels, unrequited but no less real kind of love. It doesn’t keep me from doing my job, but it’s on my mind every minute of every day. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be Mrs Connall Ahearn. I can’t help wondering what he’d feel like inside of me. What it would feel like for him to take my virginity, which I saved for the man who would make me feel alive. It’s him. He’s what makes me feel alive.

“Are you listening to me, February Irene Graham?”

“Yes, of course,” I lie when she jostles me back to the present.

“I don’t understand why you want to do this now, " my normally sweet mother, Donna, shouts at me over the phone. Last night, I told both of my mother’s that my sister contacted me. My bio dad was never, ever mentioned in our house. I never needed a dad, but I’ve been thinking about him lately. Mostly, I just want to ensure there are no illnesses I could pass on to my future children. I’ve been thinking about children more and more lately. I’m too young for my biological clock to be ticking, right?

“We went over this last night. It’s just something that I need to do. It has nothing to do with you.” We went over this at length last night over dinner. I don’t live at home anymore. I have an apartment near downtown, but we try to have dinner a few times a week. They weren’t interested in what I had to say. They were very vocal about it, and there were tears. Ultimately, I decided I had to do this with or without their support. I won’t love them any less than I do if I find this out. I won’t. I don’t know why they can’t see that, but honestly, that’s their problem. They’re my mother’s; nothing will ever change that.

“If you love us, you won’t do this,” she says, sniffling. I can’t believe she’s crying again. God, the mom guilt trip has begun. Is there a class new moms take to learn how to do this so accurately?

“That’s very manipulating,” I tell her. They raised me to speak my mind, but when I do, they hate it. I can’t win, not in this situation. What can I do to let them know that I love them? I don’t understand why they are so insecure. I’ve given them no reason to think I would stop loving them. I could never.

It’s not like my whole life has been like this. My mother’s met in college during a time when they couldn’t get married. They didn’t have to hide their love, but they couldn’t express it like they wanted to. My birth mom is Donna. I call her Mama. My other mom, Mommy, is Martha. They wanted me so badly that they went to a sperm bank. My childhood was full of love and laughter. I never wanted for anything, and I got away with murder. So, I can understand why they are upset, but at the same time, I have to do this. I have to know where I come from. I did a DNA test, and the ball got rolling. My sister, January, started looking for him. He left us some pretty vague clues to find him if we wanted to. January is pregnant right now, so I’m taking over the list she and her fiancé put together.

“I’m at work right now, Mom. I can’t get into this again.”

“You’re being ungrateful.”

“I’m being ungrateful?” I shout. “I’m being ungrateful? You have no idea what ungrateful is, Mama. I’ve been a perfect daughter. Perfect. I have to do this. If you and Mommy can't be on board, then we have nothing else to discuss.” I slam the phone back down on the receiver, spilling my coffee in the process.

I’m so angry, I’m shaking. I’ve never done anything like that in my twenty-three years. It takes me a second to calm down enough to remember that I’m at work at the job I love. I’ve been working at Ahearn Investments for a year. I’m Connall’s personal assistant/secretary. I keep his professional and personal calendars. I know how he takes his coffee and what his favorite meal is. I know everything about the man, and to say that I’m in love with him would be an understatement. See the hearts on my desk… He’s starred in every single dream I’ve had since I met him. He’s got this whole Jeremy Sisto, Law and Order, thing going on, meaning he’s hot as hell, but it’s so much more than that. He helps old ladies cross the street and donates tons of money to charities all over Kansas City. He also doesn’t date. Ever. I’ve never had to buy his girlfriend flowers or little trinkets because he doesn’t have one. Believe me, I’d know if he had one. I know everything. Everything.