Maid for Love (Forbidden Fantasies #87) Read Online S.E. Law

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Danielle: I’m a maid at a fancy hotel, and I caught one of our VIP guests in a compromising position. Yeah, whoops! Barron Colgate is a billionaire bad boy with the physique of an Olympic athlete. He’s got muscular thighs, a wide chest, and a thick, hung piece of iron …
… that he was using on TWO girls!

Obviously, I ran away. But I wasn’t fast enough because Mr. Colgate saw, and now, he wants a piece of me.
Barron: The sassy maid was spying on us. She swears up and down that it was an “accident,” but I know it wasn’t an accident. I saw how Dani’s eyes went wide, and how her breasts heaved with excitement. The curvy girl wants in on the action … and I’m just the man to make her wildest fantasies come true.

This is a follow-up to Tempting Her Guardian. Remember the naughty hotel maid at the end of the last story? Well, this is her tale, and she’s only gotten naughtier in the months since! Watch as billionaire Barron Colgate teaches our feisty girl how to please a guest, but he’s in for a surprise because Dani has some tricks of her own up her sleeve! As always, my books contain questionable scenes and are not intended for sensitive readers. HEA guaranteed

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I hum quietly while slowly pushing a huge cart in front of me down the hallway of the Hotel Nova. The heavy maid’s cart is enormous and unwieldy, and I almost take out one of the flower displays on the side. But fortunately, I manage to swerve to the left just in time. Whew, that was close! The blooms are colorful, and the fragrance is sweet with just a hint of honeysuckle. I wasn’t in the mood to come in earlier this morning, but the bouquets make it more bearable. Beauty always makes life more bearable, and being able to view lavish flower arrangements is one of the plusses of my job.

After all, anyone else would feel depressed working as a housekeeper, but it’s not that bad. For one thing, management doesn’t care if I listen to music while I work, and so I’m often lost in my own world, my head bopping up and down as I make beds, empty garbage, and wipe mirrors. For another, the uniform is kind of hot! I don’t know what management at the Hotel Nova was thinking, but this definitely isn’t your usual shapeless, bag-like sack. Instead, the uniform’s kind of sexy, if I dare say. The dress hardly goes past my upper thighs, and if I bend over just slightly, the material will ride up, and my ass cheeks will be on full display with just the strip of my thong bisecting them. My big breasts are creamy and luscious too, practically spilling out of the top.

The male guests don’t seem to mind my sexy uniform either. I can tell by the way they look at me as I pass them that they’re pleased by the sight. I’m a pretty girl, if I do say so myself, and not just because of my curvaceous bod. I have wild, curly brown hair, brown eyes, a button nose, and a pretty smile too. Then again, being attractive hasn’t exactly gotten me anywhere in this life. I am a hotel maid, after all.

At the moment, I just don’t have many options. I graduated from high school about a year ago and applied to all sorts of establishments as a waitress, clerk, and even a car-wash assistant. But the market’s been flooded with hopeful applicants, and the only place I got an interview at was here, the Hotel Nova. It’s an incredibly lavish hotel in Fairlawn, New Jersey. The place is huge with a magnificent lobby, marble walls, gleaming floors, and chic décor all around. It’s mostly a lot of rich people who stay, which has its ups and downs. One pro: the guests tend to tip generously. One con: the male guests sometimes expect more than just maid service.

I sigh quietly as I come to a stop in front of the presidential suite. This is my next stop and hopefully there aren’t any demanding guests inside. I knock on the door a couple of times and wait for a few moments to see if anyone will answer, but no one does, so I figure they’re probably out for a while. Perfect. This way I can do my job in peace.

I slide the key card into the door and head in quickly. This is the last room that I have to tend to before I get to go on my break, so I want to work as fast as I can. I pull one of my earbuds out as I scan the large space quickly, just to be sure that no one’s here so I won’t be disturbing any guests. It’s completely silent and empty, so I happily pop my earbud back into my ear and turn up my music before getting started.

The presidential suite is huge, so I know it’ll take me a while to clean. There’s definitely a process for these things. I usually do the kitchen, dining room, and common areas first, before getting to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Fortunately, the dining room is already pretty tidy when I wheel my cart inside. All I have to do is change the trash bag in the trashcan and wipe the table free of crumbs before I move on to the kitchen, where I wipe everything down and replace the dirtied towels and cloths before attacking the few dirty dishes in the sink.

When I’m finished in the kitchen, I head to the common area to start cleaning, and it’s a little messier. There are soiled rags and towels on the floor, used plates and glasses that need to be gathered, the couch cushions are all out of place, and there are sheets and blankets that need to be folded and put away. But before I can get to any of it, I start to hear a strange noise over the music in my earbuds.

I think I’m just imagining it for a second as I look around yet again, scanning the large space to make sure that no one has come in. No one has. It must be my imagination. So, I bend down to pick up a blanket to fold, but as soon as I do, I hear the noise again.