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When Orchid moved in next door, I could tell she was running from something or someone. I vowed then and there to keep her safe from everyone, even me. I’m not a good man with a knight in shining armor sort of reputation. Anything but, in fact. For Orchid, though, I want her to see the side of me I hide beneath my big beard and rough exterior.

When her past comes calling, I steal her away to my mountain hideout. And when the cult that raised her tries to take her from me, I’ll burn down everyone who ever hurt her. Like I said, I’m not a good man. But for Orchid, I’ll be an avenging angel.

MINK's Note: Curl up with a kitty and a frap for this sweet and spicy tale of happily ever after.

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Orchid is in her garden again. I can tell because Paulo, her back neighbor, is suddenly very interested in making sure his lawn is top-notch. I can also tell because I knew the second her back door opened.

I’ve been expecting her. Keeping my head down, I continue sanding the piece of burled wood on my lathe.

“Oh, hey Orchid! I didn’t see you there,” Paulo lies easily.

“Hey. I was just checking on my tomatoes. They aren’t looking so good, I’m afraid.”

“I can come over and–”

“You should work in some Epsom salt around the base of them, then water it in. It’ll help them get established before the heat sets in.” I stop my lathe and stand.

There she is, her hair tied up in a messy knot, a sundress hanging loosely off one shoulder as she fusses with a stringy-looking tomato plant.

“Salt won’t kill them?”

“No. Not if you use a little on each. Don’t go crazy. Just a teaspoon or so.” I glance over at my own tomatoes that are full and green, the fruits already beginning to swell. “You’re using my seed, so I know that’s not the issue.”

“Right, Epsom salt.” Paulo leans on the fence, his eyes on Orchid. “I could help you with that.”

“I already did, Paulo.” I stare him down.

He looks away quickly. I don’t blame him. I’m a big guy with a beard and a ‘take no shit’ attitude. I’m also the only thing standing between him and Orchid. He’s been gawking at her ever since she moved in. Most of the time, I just want to beat the shit out of him. But today, with the way he’s looking at her, I might start planning where I’ll bury him up on my mountain property.

“Let me know if you need anything else,” I call to Orchid, her big eyes on me. She looks like a spring treat, her skin warmed by the sun, her feet bare. She takes my breath away. Always has.

Paulo hesitates at the fence, clearly still trying to make time with Orchid. Not on my watch. She’s too good for a man like him, too good for anyone around here, and definitely too good for me. But that doesn’t mean I won’t look out for her. I will. Always. I’ll keep the assholes like Paulo at bay and be thankful for every second I get to spend near her.

“Have a good one, Paulo.” I make my dismissal of him clear.

He grumbles under his breath but turns and goes into his house, slamming the screen door behind him. Pansy.

Returning to my lathe, I get back to sanding, glad in the knowledge that Orchid isn’t being bothered by her pervy neighbor any longer.

I’m making good progress on the vase, sanding out all the rougher bits of the burl, the twisted wood creating a beautiful pattern of swirls and dips. I create plenty of woodwork pieces, but this one… I think this one might be nice enough to give to Orchid. I’ve started several pieces with her in mind, but none of them have been good enough. For her, it has to be perfect.

I keep sanding until a scent catches my attention. Honeysuckle, the sweetest kind that doesn’t bloom until the end of summer. Orchid.

Looking up, I find her watching me from across my deck.

“Hey.” She smiles brightly. “I looked for Epsom salt but didn’t have any. Can I borrow some of yours?”

“Of course.” There’s nothing I wouldn’t give her to make her happy. Hell, I’ve even considered sneaking into her yard at night and fertilizing her tomatoes, but I don’t want to take her garden away from her. She really enjoys working on it, and even though it’s not in the best shape, it’s all hers. Something she can be proud of, and I’m plenty proud of her even if her cucumbers all wilted, her squash never flowered, and her carrots got carried away by rabbits.

“Wow, that’s beautiful.” She moves closer, her eyes on the vase. “How do you do that?”

“Lots of time and practice.”

“Could you show me?” She tangles her fingers together, color painting her cheeks. “Not today, I mean. Of course not today. I know you’re busy, and I’ve got a shift at the diner this afternoon, but–”

“Sure.” I walk over to my storage closet and pull out a bag of Epsom salts. “Here you go.”

She smiles, lighting up my entire world the way she has done for the past three months. I moved to this tiny house in this small town to get a taste of living around people. My land out on the mountain is my real home, but I thought it was time to learn more about life, and that meant getting out of my comfort zone.

It’s how I met my neighbor Orchid. And it was the best decision I ever made.