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You know him.You love him.The free-spirited, wild child that he is.Carefree, charming, the kind of man you can’t get enough of.Muff is dangerous and edgy, but always has a way of making you feel alive.He lives his life with a soul full of fire and passion.He’s the man I saw myself spending forever with.He became my everything.If you had asked me if there was a single moment in my life that wasn’t perfect, I would have told you no.That is until everything changed.My beautiful, spirited man has secrets.Secrets he keeps hidden from everyone he loves, including me.Now everything is different.Gone is the perfect life I imagined.Now, I’m left with a gaping hole in my heart that he once filled.How do we get past this?How do we move on?I don’t know if things will ever be the same again.

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“YOU HAVE A wife?” I gasp.

Agony rips through my soul as I stare into the eyes of the man I’ve come to trust and love, and I know what happened tonight is going to completely change the course of my life, of our lives. It hurts, it burns to a depth I didn’t know was possible. There is pain, and then there is this—something I will never recover from. It’s something that will forever tarnish parts of my soul, marring it until it breaks into a thousand tiny pieces.

“Had. Yes,” he growls, his voice thick as he runs a hand through that long, red hair I’ve come to love so much.

“You swore ...” I whisper, my fingers curling into the flesh on my chest, as if that will take the pain away. “You swore we would always be honest with each other and, all along, you’ve been keeping a secret like this?”

“Jaybird ...”

“No,” I bellow, my voice cracking. “Don’t you dare. You let me fall in love with you. We have a child together. And all this time, you’ve been lying. What are you going to do now, Muff? How are you going to fix all the things you’ve broken? You had a wife. A fucking wife.”

His eyes are pleading with me to understand, but I don’t, I won’t. There was never a good enough reason for him to keep this from me. Not for a single second. Even if it happened in the past, he could have told me. But the fact that she came back and he has known about it? Instead of telling me, he decided to lie and sneak around? That’s what kills me, that’s what burns deep inside. It burns because a small part of me fears that he didn’t tell me because he doesn’t know what he wants.

“I don’t know,” he barks, his fists curled angrily by his sides. “I don’t know how to deal with anything happening right now. I’m fuckin’ ...”

“What?” I shout, my knees wobbling. “What?”

“I’m fuckin’ confused!”

Those words hurt, they sting, because it’s my biggest fear coming true. He doesn’t know what he wants.

I thought we were unbreakable, but now ...

I can’t do this.

I can’t risk my heart.

“Let me make this easy for you,” I whisper, my voice no longer. “We’re done.”

“Fuck,” he barks into the empty, cold, lonely night. “Why are you making this so hard? You haven’t even let me fuckin’ explain.”

“Me?” I laugh, bitterly. “You did this, Muff. You did this. Not me. I’m protecting myself because I thought ... I thought there wasn’t a single thing in this world that could break us and tonight I was proven wrong.”

“I just need time.”

Shaking my head, I stare down at the cracks on the footpath beneath my sneakers. “I don’t have time that I’m willing to give. I’ve lived long enough as a second, I won’t do it again. It’s over, Muff.”

I turn, walking toward the car where all the girls are waiting, their eyes wide. I don’t get far when his hand lashes out, curling around my upper arm and pulling me back toward him. “Janine ...”

Ripping my arm from his grips, I spin to face him. “Do not. You made a choice. You chose to lie, to sneak, to keep me out of this. You didn’t care about how it was going to make me feel. I don’t think there is a way I can come back.”

“We have a child together ...”

“Yes, we do. That will never change. You can see Max whenever you want, but for right now, I need you to leave. Leave me alone.”

“Don’t do this,” his voice is raspy, broken, and it kills me.

“Can you promise me that your mind and heart is fully in this, that you’re not thinking about your life with her, and maybe considering taking her back?”

He swallows, and I know the answer even though I don’t want to admit it.

He knows it too; he just doesn’t want to say it.

“I need time to figure out ...”

“Then take it,” I cut him off. “But don’t you dare ask me to wait.”

“So that’s it, you’re fuckin’ done? Just like that? You’re not even goin’ to try and understand?”

I smile, but it’s broken and hurt. “You know, that’s laughable. I would have understood if you had told me when we met. You kept the biggest part of yourself hidden, and you didn’t trust me with it. Now that has resurfaced and torn our lives apart. I would have understood if you had given me the chance, but you didn’t, you took that away, and now I have to do what’s best for me.”

“Fine,” he growls, his hurt being replaced with anger.

I expected as much.

“Fuckin’ leave. Run. You know how to do that so fuckin’ well, don’t you, Jaybird?”

“Fuck you, Brian.”

I reach for the car door, opening it and getting inside, slamming it hard before the tears burst forth and flow down my cheeks. Addison takes off before he can stop me, before he can try and talk me out of it, before he can do anything to try and fix the mess he has created. He broke me tonight, and I don’t think I can ever forgive him for it.