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Ian knew something had to change when he couldn’t remember the last Daddy he’d dated. Unfortunately, while his work had subs popping out from behind every camera lens, Leashes & Lace didn’t have an abundance of Daddies wandering around…or at least they didn’t until a new pup came bouncing into town.

As the whirlwind of coming together with Bishop and Cohen finally settles down, Ian is left wondering what to do when Bishop heads out of town for a few days, leaving him and Cohen alone for the first time. With his Daddy gone, Ian has to turn to Cohen for stability, laughter…and just maybe love.

When the Daddy’s away, it’s the Dom’s turn to play…and to figure out how to care for a cheeky little who has both him and Bishop wrapped around his finger.

Author’s This is book three in the Our Love series and should be read in order.

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Chapter 1



Now what?

As we watched the train slowly pull away, I reached out and took Ian’s hand. Somehow, I hadn’t realized until this moment that he was going to be watching his Daddy leave him at the same time I was watching my sub leave.

Yep, I was not that bright, but luckily I caught on quickly and could think on the fly.

“You know, if we timed it right, we could alternate calling him so much all he did was talk to us.” My suggestion had Ian giggling, his little side peeking out. “He doesn’t have anything else to do right now.”

Ian shrugged but glanced up at me out of the corner of his eye. “Nap? You probably kept him up all night.”

Not quite all night…

My grin must’ve been slightly wicked because Ian blushed and giggled again. “You were naughty, Uncle Cohen.”

Oh yeah.

“No.” I shook my head aiming for innocent. “I just made sure Daddy would remember us when he went back to pack his stuff.”

Ian was on the edge of being grown-up and not quite so grown-up, and the stress of watching Bishop leave was definitely inching him toward his little headspace. I wasn’t sure if he would poke at what I’d said or not, but he did just as he started to swing my hand.

“Us?” He nibbled on his lower lip, drawing my eyes.

But he kept swinging our hands.

The mixed signals were going to be the death of me.

“Yes.” Aiming for innocent enough not to shock a little just in case, I nodded. “I made sure we talked about you a lot.”

It took Ian a second, but then his eyes widened and his tone said he was scandalized. “Uncle Cohen.”

Clearly Uncle Cohen was a naughty Dom, but I wasn’t worried because Ian kept giggling. “I know. I’m very helpful.”

That got another giggle, but Ian started shaking his head like he couldn’t believe I’d said that…so maybe he was bigger than I thought?

It was time to find out.

“Alright, we can go grab some dinner, because I’m betting neither of us ate much earlier, or we can go back to your place and…find something fun to do.” The area wasn’t quite private enough for me to ask him if he wanted to play with his toys, but the wicked delight in his eyes had me rolling mine. “Dirty boy. That’s not what I meant.”

Ian blushed as a woman behind us cleared her throat. I couldn’t decide if she was enjoying our banter or thought we should take it somewhere more appropriate, but either way I stayed focused on the boy who was now in my care.

“What do you think?” As the train moved out of sight, I kept hold of Ian’s hand and started leading him through the building and back toward my car. “I could go either way.”

I wanted him to know I wasn’t leading him in any specific direction, but as we got more privacy, I spelled it out more plainly. “If you want to be little tonight because today was stressful, I think that would be a very good plan.”

He nodded slowly, clearly thinking hard…but he was still swinging my hand.

So I waited.

And waited.

By the time we got to my car, I was considering the merits of poking him when he shrugged. “Can we do both?”

“Sure.” What was he picturing? “How about we go grab some pizza and relax, and then we can go back to your place?”

Ian perked up, nodding. “Deep dish?”

Laughing, I agreed quickly. “Oh yes. But do you have the patience for true deep dish?”

That wasn’t a fast process.

His grin wavered between both sides of his personality as he barely managed not to giggle. “That’s your job to help me with now, Uncle Cohen.”

Hmm. He was probably right.

“Then let’s go.” I had a thousand questions to ask him, and at the very least grilling him would take up time…and when in doubt, I could find him a game on my phone to play. Right?

Giving his hand a squeeze, I opened the passenger door and even helped him get buckled. He was at the point where little Ian found it funny and liked being helped and big Ian was giggling for much naughtier reasons.

Stupid questions flashed through my head as I wondered if he really saw me as a sexual partner without Bishop there with us, but I managed to hold them back. I could have an existential crisis on my own time. Right now, Ian needed Uncle Cohen and maybe even his friend Cohen to distract him from Bishop’s departure.

And that was probably what I needed as well.

Bishop had become such an integral part of my life in such a short time, I wasn’t sure how it would feel for him to be gone even two weeks. Not that there was an exact time frame for his return…and maybe that was part of the problem?