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When had his whole life become so miserable?
Bishop knew something had to change when the only bright spots in his life were his online friends. So when a chance to visit one came out of the blue, he knew it was fate…and fate had a plan that involved the guys at his favorite online store, Leashes & Lace.

When had his whole life become so boring?
Cohen knew something had changed the moment he saw the smiling, laughing man across the crowded bar. After a string of bad dates and terrible relationships, his expectations had hit rock bottom…until a smiling pup stepped into his arms and into his life.

When had his whole life become so grown-up?
Ian knew something had to change when he couldn’t remember the last Daddy he’d dated. Unfortunately, while his work had subs popping out from behind every camera lens, Leashes & Lace didn’t have an abundance of Daddies wandering around…or at least they didn’t until a new pup came bouncing into town.

Author’s Note: Our Love is the complete series of three novels that contains Our Pup, Our Boy, and Our Dom.

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Our Love, Book 1



“You have to save me. I’m an idiot who thinks with his dick and I need to be saved from myself.” Laughter might not have been the best response, but Archer was being so dramatic it was hard to take him seriously sometimes. “This isn’t funny. I’ve been calling you for two days.”

Okay, most of the time.

Drama was obviously affecting his memory…and his logic skills, so I decided a reminder was in order. “The train has been going through ridiculously small towns that don’t have any cell service.”

And for some reason, the train seemed to go even slower when we were in dead zones.

There were wonderful side effects of traveling cross-country that I hadn’t expected—random areas of the US that got no cell service whatsoever and the fact that the motion of the train kept putting me to sleep.

Archer snorted, his drama ratcheting even higher. “That’s just stupid. You’re on a train through the South, not through a third world country.”

I couldn’t help laughing again. Whatever had gotten him so wound up had to be good. “Tell that to the cell companies who won’t put in enough towers down here. Now, before I lose signal again, what did you do?”

I could almost feel the signal fading without even having to look at the phone.

His sigh was not helpful, but I knew he’d fess up eventually. Archer might take a while to get going, but once he started talking, it all just exploded out.

“I’m an idiot who can’t control his dick.” I was a terrible friend. It was too funny but I managed not to laugh too much as I waited for him to continue his story. “It’s Declan. He’s…distracting. And he has a weird obsession with gray sweatpants. I might not survive.”

I couldn’t find a decent guy to date to save my life, but somehow his new roommate was the gray sweatpants god who seemed to be hung like a horse.

I’d have hated Archer if he hadn’t been one of my best online friends. He balanced me out in almost every way. Where I was laid back and had a wicked sense of humor, he was all panic and drama and constant erections from his wonderfully dirty thoughts.

The fact that he was embarrassed by the dirty thoughts, which just made him even more turned on, was fun…and it seemed that his new roommate found him fun too.

Just in a different way than I did.

Since it seemed like I was destined to live vicariously through his shenanigans, I jumped right in. “Oh, this sounds good. How distracting? Like doing weird shit while he walks around in his underwear distracting or the good kind?”

He had the worst luck with roommates, so it could’ve gone either way. “I thought you said it was going fine. Fine means boring, not sexual explosions.”

I’d obviously missed something on my slow trek toward the East Coast.

“Um, the good kind…I think?” Archer really didn’t sound too confident about that. “And I might have exaggerated how boring things are.”

At some point, I was going to be able to stop laughing, but I hadn’t reached that point yet. “What did you do?”

The silence coming through the phone was deafening.

“He’s…” Archer paused, throwing in a few dramatic sighs as he dragged it out. “He’s a tease, and he’s wicked and says outrageous things while leering at me.”

And this was a problem how?

It would’ve driven me bonkers, but it was perfect for my dirty friend. “Sounds like you’re falling head over heels for your perfect man. What’s the problem?”

“You’re an ass.” He was trying to sound stern, but he just never nailed it perfectly because there wasn’t an ounce of Dom in him.

“But I’m an ass who’s right.” I managed not to laugh as I teased him. “Now, what’s the problem here? And I really can’t believe you were holding out on me.”

I always got the good stories…that was just the kind of friend I was.

“You were excited about your trip. I wasn’t holding out on you.” He sighed. “He just flirts and then walks away. I’m always hard and stammering and blushing, and he hasn’t even touched me. I’m going crazy.”

Now it was getting good. “Poor baby. So is he just a flirt and says outrageous things to everyone, or is he singling you out?”


I laughed.

I couldn’t help it, but eventually I managed to sound stern and poke at him. “Archer?”

“Um, both I think?” He wiggled around, sounding like he’d flopped back onto his bed or the couch before sighing and putting me on speaker. Out of all my online friends, he wiggled the most. “I haven’t seen him around other people, but he’s definitely the type to flirt with everyone.”

“We both know how hot you’d find watching him flirt with someone, so that’s probably not helping your issue either.” His groan said he knew I was right.