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She went looking for answers, and instead she found him . . .

Loving an overprotective, bossy Daddy Dom comes with its challenges.
When he’s also the most powerful, dangerous man in the city . . . yeah, things become even more complicated.

Add in a wedding, family issues, a new bodyguard, and life definitely isn’t quiet.

One thing is certain, though. Alejandro will do whatever is needed to take care of Cat, no matter what the threat.

That includes taking her over his knee when she needs some reminding about who is in charge.

Please note: You should read Papi's Protection before reading this book.
In order to understand and follow the timeline, please take into account that the prologue of this book begins approximately two years after Cat and Alejandro first meet in Papi’s Protection. The events of Fierce Daddy and Daddy’s Obsession happen over the course of this story and are covered throughout the book.

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“Madre de Dios!” Cat yelled from the bathroom. “Esto es un desastre! Una catástrofe!”

With Alejandro’s help, she’d become quite fluent in Spanish. It kind of felt like some of it had been trapped in her brain, just waiting to be released. Now, when she was really agitated, she tended to slip into Spanish.

“Cat? What is it? What’s wrong?” Alejandro raced in from the bedroom, looking panicked. “Mierda! Did you hurt yourself? Are you in pain?” He picked her up in his arms. “Let’s get you to Aaron.”

“Wait!” Okay, as usual, she hadn’t thought this through. “I’m all right. I’m not injured.”

He stilled, staring at her as though he didn’t believe her. “Are you sure?”

“I’d know if I was injured, Papi.”

“But would you tell me?”

“Of course I would.”

He narrowed his gaze. “You didn’t tell me when you tripped on the stairs the other week and bruised your knees.”

“Well, yes, because now you’ve banned me from walking up and down the stairs on my own! I don’t mean this as a criticism, Papi, but you have a slight tendency to overreact about some things.”

And the reason she’d tripped might have been because of the roller skates she’d been wearing at the time. She’d set up this small ramp, and she’d been going to launch herself off the stairs . . . and yeah, even she could hear how dangerous that sounded.

Yes, she knew she wasn’t supposed to lie or keep things from him. But a small white lie now and then didn’t truly count, right?

And it wasn’t a lie, exactly. More like she’d omitted a few things to help keep his blood pressure under control.

She was thoughtful like that.

“I overreact? Me?”

“Yes, Papi. I don’t know why you look so shocked. I thought you would know this about yourself by now.”

Poor Papi. He wasn’t the most self-aware person. She thought this was what happened when you were the leader of a vast crime syndicate where people jumped to do your bidding when you spoke.

This is why he needed Cat.

She kept him grounded in reality.

“You’re lucky to have me, Papi,” she told him as he sank down on the bed with her in his lap.

“I know that. But I’m curious about why you think so.”

“Because I keep your feet on the ground, obviously. I keep things real by not catering to your every whim.”

“Catering to my every whim?”

Hmm. His face was doing that thing again . . . poor Papi. She should talk to Aaron about his blood pressure. She was getting worried. With how old he was, it was something they should keep an eye on.

Also . . . didn’t men his age need things like colonoscopies and prostate exams?

“Has Aaron examined your balls lately?” she asked him seriously.

He just stared at her, not moving.

Oh hell.

Was he having some sort of seizure? Or a stroke?

She snapped her fingers in front of his face. Well, she tried to. Snapping her fingers and whistling were two things she hadn’t really mastered.

He grabbed her hand. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure you’re all right. Are you? You seem a bit spaced out.”

“I was trying to figure out why you would ask me if Aaron has touched my balls.”

“As a man of a certain age, I think there are tests you need . . . like colonoscopies and stuff.”

He ran his hand over his face. “Pequeña, I’m thirty-six. I’m nowhere close to my grave. And under no circumstances will Aaron ever be touching my balls.”

She sighed. “He’s a doctor. There’s no need for you to be embarrassed about him touching your balls. Honestly, men are so sensitive about the silliest things.”

She guessed she would have to learn how to take care of his balls for him.

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

“Pequeña,” he said firmly. “Stop talking about my balls. Now, you’re sure you’re not hurt?”

“I’m not. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

He grabbed her hand as she moved her finger over her chest. “Never say that.”

“Never say what?”

“Never say that you hope to die. Ever. It’s not happening. Understand me?”

She sucked in a breath as she stared up into his face. She hadn’t meant to sound flippant. Someone else might tease him for overreacting, but not Cat.

He didn’t want to lose her. Didn’t want to think of a life without her. And she understood that sentiment. Because she felt the same way.

“Yes. I’m sorry, Papi,” she whispered. “It’s just a silly saying.”

He closed. “I know. I just . . . I cannot lose you, Cat.”

“You won’t. I promise. You won’t.”

Leaning in, he kissed her. It was a kiss filled with possession. A claiming.

Something hard and hot.

Filled with hunger.

When he drew back, he stared down at her, taking her in. “Now, why don’t you tell me what this disaster is?”

He worded it like a question, but it wasn’t.