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I live my life to the fullest, and Club Z is a part of that. It’s a place for wealthy dudes to do whatever they f*ck they want. So what if my tastes are depraved? It’s the club’s job to provide, no questions asked. What I didn’t expect was to see my daughter’s best friend on her hands and knees at an event one night … Ready for anything … Including getting a baby in her belly! Ed’s my best friend’s dad, but he wasn’t supposed to be at Club Z that night. I even wore a mask to shield my identity! But the mask slipped … Ed was one of three men in the room … Who tried to put a baby in me. What kind of naughty event is this? Well, you’ll have to read and see… Okay there’s nothing realistic about Club Z or what goes on within its walls because this is no-holds-barred insanity to the max! Let’s just say that young ladies go there for a good time and come out with more than what they expect! Plus, the billionaires who patronize the club are no angels, that’s for sure. But it’s a fun ride, and we all love indulging in our filthy sides once in a while *wink wink*. This story is a follow-up to Pregnant and Desperate where once again, we link up with a saucy co-ed from Coleman University. I swear, what is going on at that school? There’s only one way to find out. :) No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my heroines.

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“So why do you want to participate in a Club Z event? And why a breeding party in particular?” Amanda asks. She’s a middle-aged woman who looks like a soccer mom. Her faded blonde hair is pulled into a low, loose ponytail, and she has jeans on as well as a pink sweater. A mid-price Coach purse perches on the chair next to her desk, and we could be anywhere in the world right now. Yet we’re actually deep in the bowels of a sex club as I interview for a particularly dirty position. Nonetheless, I try to look confident and paste a smile on my face.

“Well, because I’ve heard great things about Club Z,” I chirp. “My friends are regulars here, and they’ve told me wonderful things about the club.”

Amanda purses her lips, her expression curious.

“And your friends are?”

“Ellen Massie and Ryder Landsman,” I say quickly. “Do you know them?”

“Yes, absolutely. We haven’t seen Ellen and Ryder in a while, though.”

“It’s because they’re new parents to Lily, their baby daughter,” I reply quickly. “Have you met her yet? She’s adorable, and looks just like Ellen with her curly brown hair and brown eyes. She even has Ellen’s laugh, but higher-pitched of course.”

Unfortunately, my interviewer looks totally uninterested in potentially bonding over baby talk.

“No, management doesn’t have that kind of relationship with its patrons. I’m sure Ellen and Ryder will be back soon enough, however. They were regulars at Club Z before they got pregnant, and I’m certain they miss the lifestyle.”

I nod because my friend’s story is pretty crazy. Ellen and I used to be crazy bitches, and I mean out of this world, over the moon, beyond crazy cray-cray. We both used to attend Coleman University, although studying wasn’t on the agenda much. Instead, we partied a lot, and one night, things got a little out of hand. The two of us were skinny-dipping with a bunch of dudes from a local frat, and we got naked. Like naked, naked, having sex with multiple dudes kind of naked. Like gang-bang, every hole filled, naked. It was insane, except that Ellen got pregnant. Oops.

Obviously, her mom was angry. Ellen wanted to go home and live there before the baby was born, but Angela was so enraged that she kicked her daughter out. Fortunately, Ellen was picked up off the street by a dude in the neighborhood, Ryder Landsman. Ryder took pity on the pregnant girl, and put a roof over her head. But a man has needs, and living with a sexy, nubile teenager was killing him. Ryder’s defenses finally gave out, and he couldn’t resist Ellen’s ripe, ready form. They ended up having sex, even though she wouldn’t tell him who the baby’s dad was.

But all’s well that ends well. Ellen confessed the paternity of her baby eventually, and it was a guy named Victor Navarro on campus. He’s a total douche. Vic had already fathered a couple different children with a couple different girls at Coleman, so he was relieved when Ellen didn’t want anything from him. In fact, Ryder is raising Lily as his own child, and they’ve settled into a comfortable domesticity. Meanwhile, my friend took leave from school, but I know she’ll come back when her daughter’s older. Ellen’s a sassy girl with a determined mind, and she’ll get her B.A., mark my words.

But yeah, Ellen and Ryder are how I found out about Club Z. When Ryder was single, he would frequent the sex club to find relief, and after they became a couple, Ellen started going with him. My buddy told me about her adventures there, and let’s just say that I’m not a prude, but her stories could shake a building to its foundations. Insane depravity happens at Club Z, and all with the ultimate discretion too. Privacy is important, even if they engage in the taboo on a regular basis.

Which is why it’s so weird to have someone like Amanda interviewing me. You’d think that Club Z would be run by a cadre of dominatrices, or at least a representation of “The Man.” A paunchy dude in a pinstripe suit who smokes big fat cigars, and who has dozens of semi-nude young ladies lounging around as eye candy. But instead, we’re in one of the offices within the Club Z building, and it’s bland. The small room has a metal desk with a fake-wood surface, as well as no-name hotel art on the walls, and zero windows. It hardly seems to be the lair of a Lothario.

Then again, I guess business is business. Someone has to have their head on straight in order to make sure that the dough comes in, and maybe Amanda’s that person. Maybe they hired her especially because of her soccer-mom looks. That way, no one will suspect that her real job is to engage young women to do dirty deeds for a cadre of wealthy men.