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It was supposed to be just ONE WILD NIGHT OF ROLE-PLAYING, but…
My secret fantasy: Being examined by a wicked, smoldering-hot doctor, and one whose method for treating patients is scandalously hands-on.
My unexpected outlet: a company that specializes in making a person’s most immoral dreams come true…anonymously.
The twist I don’t see coming: one night turns into something else, and a man whose name I don’t even know ends up stealing…and breaking my heart.

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Ilona's heart started to race when she heard her phone ring, just as a familiar name flashed on her screen.

Adam Al-Masri had invited her out for dinner several times last week, but she had said no to each and every instance. He had stopped for a few days, but now he was calling her again.

Did this mean he had finally learned his lesson, and he now knew better to take someone like her for granted?

Adam was unlike any other man she had ever dated. The two of them had met at a party three years ago, and Ilona could still remember how one look at him had her pussy thirsting for his possession.

Whereas his French mother had gifted him with mesmerizing green eyes, it was his Middle Eastern father who had bestowed upon him an exotic appeal that was as primal as it was majestic.

Ilona confidently sought an introduction from their host and waited expectantly for Adam to hit on her afterwards. But all he had done afterwards was look at her in such a way that she was torn between wanting to slap the smirk off his face...and dropping to her knees so she could suck his cock.

'You're very beautiful, Ilona,' Adam had told her that night. 'I'd very much like to fuck you now, but only if you promise to obey my rules.'

'I don't do rules.'

'Then you wouldn't be able to do me.'

Only the sight of Adam walking away without hesitation had made Ilona realize the man had meant every word, and she had eventually been forced to swallow her pride and call him back.

'You better be fucking worth your rules,' she had snarled, 'or I swear I'll cut your dick off.'

But Adam had only smirked. 'You'll still want to cut my dick off after we fuck.'


'Because all it always takes is just one night,' Adam had drawled, 'and you'll find yourself wishing you can take my dick home with you.'

It was the cockiest thing she had ever heard a man say to her, and although Ilona had been expecting him to disappoint her one way or another—-

That night was everything he had said it would be, and she had found herself coming back for more and more even though his so-called "rules" made her want to scream and rage.

Never interfere with my work.

Never interfere with my work.

Never interfere with my work.

The worst thing about his rule (repeated thrice for emphasis) was how Adam defined it. Ilona would be guilty of interference if she so much as called or visited him at work, and she would also be considered 'interfering' if she spoke a single word about him to anyone.

Never 'interfering' also meant that Ilona could never publicly claim him as her boyfriend, even if they had been dating exclusively for three years. A former lover of his had apparently done that, and it had led to the press hounding him and disturbing his workplace.

Everything was all about work, work, and work, and Ilona hated it. She wasn't used to playing second fiddle to anyone...or anything. Her parents had spoiled her rotten growing up, and men had been lusting after her even before she had her first period. She had always been able to seduce, charm, or manipulate people into doing anything she asked them to...or at least that had been the case until Adam.

His work might allow him to save numerous patients from certain death, but Ilona honestly didn't give a damn. As far as she was concerned, anything that stole Adam away from her had to be destroyed, and that was why...

"Hello, darling." Ilona allowed herself to answer the sheikh's call after several rings.

"Hello, Ilona."

Adam's quiet tone made her feel slightly nervous, but Ilona refused to let this dissuade her.

"I hope you've been missing me a little," Ilona cooed.

"Is that what last week's objective was?"

She let out a coy laugh. "Maybe?"

"I see."

"You missed me, didn't you?" Ilona's voice lowered to a husky whisper. "I know you did. And...if you want, I could drop by your clinic now, and give you the best fuck of your life."

Several moments passed, but Adam remained silent, and Ilona suddenly started feeling something was extremely wrong.

"I believe I've told you this before."

The flatness of his tone wasn't lost on her, and Ilona's mouth went dry with fear.

"My workplace is off-limits."

"I...I know that, of course—-"

"My assistant was a good person, Ilona," Adam said grimly, "but she had her weaknesses. You knew that, and you took advantage of it."

Ilona swallowed hard. "Adam—-"

"A good person lost her job because of you."

"I only asked her to say you were busy on our anniversary," Ilona protested.

"And by doing so, someone fucking died."

Ilona tried to laugh this off. "Oh, come on—-"

"I was the only one who could operate on that person, Ilona. The only fucking one in this world."