Protect Me (Courage County Warriors #2) Read Online Mia Brody

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When I need a warrior to protect me, I know just who to turn to: my brother’s best friend. This growly cowboy will do whatever it takes to keep me safe. But what will happen when we cross the line between friendship and love?


I’ve never been the type of woman to run before. I’ve always stood my ground and fought for what I wanted. But this is different. I’m afraid and the only man I can go to is my brother’s best friend, Brody Carson. He’s a retired Army Ranger turned rugged cowboy. He’s always been the one I wanted, the forbidden alpha I crave.

Right now, I need his protection. A dangerous man is stalking me, and Brody is the only one who can keep me safe. But when this is over, will I be able to walk away from the only man I’ve ever loved?


Charlie is the forbidden fruit I crave. She’s my best friend’s little sister which means I have to pretend that I’ve never noticed her juicy curves or her deep brown gaze that sees right to my very soul.

When she confesses to me what drove her to me, I see red. No one will ever terrify my innocent little lamb. Not with me around. But the longer she’s here, the more I know one thing for certain: it’s time to claim my curvy woman. Consequences be damned.

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The sound of an eighteen-wheeler pulling to a stop nearby jolts me from my restless slumber. My heart pounds as I open gritty eyes and glance through the dirty, cracked windshield. I haven’t been sleeping well. Not since Mr. Big Shot started texting me.

I thought it would be fun to start a video channel online. I showcased my favorite things about Austin, the city where I live and work as a college student. A lot of people liked my videos, and I was starting to gain a following. Sure, it was only ten thousand subscribers, but I was having fun.

Until Mr. Big Shot.

The first time he messaged me, I talked with him for a few minutes. I thought he was nothing more than an overeager fan. It wasn’t the first time I had someone gush about my show and tell me how much they enjoyed it.

The week after our conversation, I was filming on location at a local eatery. My phone lit up with a new message. It was a picture of me, and my stomach plummeted when I realized the clothes in the photo were the exact ones I was wearing.

He was there somehow, watching me. I hadn’t posted where I would be filming or given any indication of what my next video would be about. Yet he’d still known.

I tried to go to the cops, but Mr. Big Shot wasn’t making threats. Apparently, it’s a free country. If a man wants to follow a pretty young woman around, then she should be flattered and grateful for the attention.

After that, I ignored him for a while. When that didn’t work, I blocked him. Finally, I changed my phone number in desperation.

Still, he found my new one and the messages became more frequent. I went on hiatus from my video channel last week. My videos are still available but I’m not posting anything new. I’d hoped that would make it stop. After all, he’d discovered me because of my videos. Maybe he’d stop if I went away for a couple of weeks.

But yesterday’s message came while I was in class. It was a picture from inside my apartment. Someone had written on my walls in lipstick. Come home soon.

I didn’t go home, and I sure as hell didn’t make the mistake of trying to go to the cops for help again. Instead, I borrowed clothes from my friend and traded in the shiny BMW that my brother bought me as a high school graduation gift. I traded it in for an old Cadillac and some cash.

Now I’m driving the rattling clunker on my way to the one person who will protect me if I can just get to him. Despite the numerous times I’ve switched interstates and changed directions, I still worry that I’m being followed.

It never mattered how much I varied my routines in Austin, Mr. Big Shot always seemed to know where I was. I could never figure out how he knew. I bought new electronic devices in case he was somehow tapping into my old ones. I changed all my passwords. I did everything I could think of to keep him in the dark.

Getting out of the car, I glance over my shoulder and pull my beanie lower. It only takes me six minutes to use the restrooms, hit the vending machine, and get back on the road again. I’ll sleep when I’m safe. If I’m ever safe again.

I wish Elliot were stateside. My brother is an Army Ranger, and I know it never would have gone this far if I’d reached out to him. But he’s overseas, probably on a dangerous mission. I won’t risk distracting him so I’m going to the warrior I know will protect me, Brody Carson.

My brother’s best friend. We haven’t talked since he helped me move into the dorm during my freshman year.

Elliot couldn’t be there, so he’d sent Brody in his place. Not that I minded getting help from the sexy Ranger with rolled up shirt sleeves and tattoos on his biceps. Damn, his biceps are big and thick. Everything about Brody is big and thick. Since I was old enough to be attracted to him, I’ve wanted him. I’ve always wished he would pin me against a wall and cage me in.

The dorm move was the day I let the fantasy get away from me. I kissed Brody in the elevator, and it was a million times better than even my dirtiest dreams. For a split second, he stayed completely still. Then he took over and in one swift motion, I was against that wall. He was sucking on my tongue, growling so loudly the vibrations were traveling into my throat.

But as the doors dinged open, he pulled away from me. When the haze of lust and longing cleared from his gaze, there was only one thing left: disgust. He didn’t have to say it. He’s known me since I was eight and he was seventeen. He probably thought it was weird that his best friend’s little sister kissed him.