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Reckless (Adventures in Love #3)

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Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Jade has always been the reckless type. But after her relationship implodes and her business goes under, she realizes it might be time to change her ways. She decides on a fresh start in a new place: Montana.
But shortly after her arrival in Big Sky Country, she meets headstrong wilderness retreat owner Maverick, whose name, fittingly, means “dissenter.” Jade tries to convince herself he’s not the type of man she needs in her life. The problem is, she wants him in her life. She wants him more than anything.
For Maverick, his attraction to this out-of-towner is undeniable. But he’s sworn off relationships—until he gets to know the fiery-haired, fiery-tempered Jade. He can’t help but wonder if it’s worth opening himself up to her. It’s a gamble, sure. But is it reckless?
Or is love a high-stakes game of risk and reward that just might pay off in the end?
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Adventures in Love Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Aurora Rose Reynolds

Chapter 1


With my gaze trained on the road ahead of me, I focus on the yellow lines that are barely visible through the thick snow falling steadily from the dark sky above.

“Stupid,” I mumble to myself, knowing for sure that if I hadn’t stopped to eat and wander around a large trading post packed to the brim with stuff to look at, I most likely wouldn’t be driving through this mess right now.

Then again, I knew the risk I was taking leaving Oregon for Montana today, with a blizzard forecast all over the news. A storm that not only my dad but Cybil, my best friend, and her husband, Tanner, warned me about over and over again.

Not that I listened to any of them. I mean, why would I do something ridiculous like take sound advice from people I trust? I never do that, which is not only why I’m in the middle of a snowstorm I have no business driving in but also why my bookstore closed and my life went tits up.

Okay, so my business didn’t close because I didn’t take the advice of others; that all happened because Mag McGregor decided that it was absolutely unholy for a store in her town to sell sex toys and books with sex in them. Then she went about making it uncomfortable for anyone to shop in my store even if they were just there to purchase a good ol’ self-help book.

How the woman found out about the hidden room in the back of my bookstore, where the walls were covered in sex toys I sold, is still anyone’s guess, but I’d bet my last dollar she would be a whole lot happier if she had taken the time to find herself a special toy and then use it every once in a while.

All that said, my life did go tits up because I didn’t take advice. Like the advice my best friend tried to give me about not dating Carl when I had dated him in the past and he’d cheated on me. Or the advice my mom gave me about not letting Carl borrow money to help him start up a painting business. If I had listened to either of them, I might not be jobless, homeless, manless, broke as a joke, and driving in the middle of a blizzard right now.

Sighing, I ease my foot off the gas when I see a semi come around a bend in the road ahead of me, its bright headlights making it even more difficult to see even a few feet in front of me through the snow. I hold my breath and the steering wheel a little tighter as it passes, my tires seeming to have a hard time keeping a grip on the road as I head up a hill.

When I reach the top, I let out the breath I’ve been holding and wonder if I should just find somewhere to pull over and park for the night. Even with the GPS telling me that I will be at Cybil and Tanner’s house in just over an hour, I’m not sure that my little car will make it with the roads getting worse by the second.

Like my best friend knows I’m thinking about her, my cell phone ringing cuts off the song currently playing, and I press the button on the steering wheel to answer. “Hey,” I chirp, hoping not to sound as anxious as I feel at the moment.

“How far away are you?” she asks, sounding worried, then adds: “The roads are getting bad here.”

“About an hour. The roads are getting bad here too.” I gasp when the back of my car swings to the left, then the right.

“What happened? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. The snow is just starting to really stick to the road.” I hold the steering wheel tighter and wish I had taken my dad’s advice and put on my snow tires.

“Pull over. I’m coming to get you,” she says, and I start to tell her that she’s not, but Tanner beats me to the punch when I hear him tell her that she is not driving in the storm right before the phone is shuffled. Knowing Cybil, I’m sure she’s trying to keep me from hearing them argue, but I still hear her tell him that she is and him tell her she’s not, before the sound is cut off almost completely. Then I hear a smack of lips, and she comes back on the line. “So.” She clears her throat, sounding a little dazed, which makes me smile. “Tanner says that he’s going to call Maverick—his truck will be able to make it to wherever you are.”


“Tanner’s best friend—you know him.” I do know him, or kind of—we’ve been around each other on a few occasions but never for more than a couple of hours at a time. I have always considered myself someone who is really good at reading people, but he’s unreadable. The only things I really know about him are that he’s been best friends with Tanner, my best friend’s husband, since they were in the military together, he’s seriously attractive, and he has an easy smile. And from what Cybil says, he has a way with my niece, Claire, Cybil and Tanner’s daughter.