Risky Activity (Inked Knight Records #2) Read Online Loni Ree

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My new secretary doesn't realize it yet, but she's about to be mine. Falcon After the business trip from hell, I find out my apartment in inhabitable and decide to stay in the corporate penthouse. Evidently, the universe has a surprise in store for me—the one thing I never thought I’d find—the curvy little hellcat who makes my palms sweat and heart beat double time. Not to mention what being around her does to southern areas of my body. Harper Sullivan owns me lock, stock, and barrel. One look at her and I realize what I’ve been missing. My life just did a one-eighty and I couldn’t be happier. Goodbye, living out of my suitcase and globetrotting. Hello, quiet nights at home with my soulmate. Now, I just have to convince my skittish little soulmate to take a risk on me. How hard can that be? Turns out it’s not easy to pin her down. Luckily for me, my siblings are willing to help me out. Harper Geesh! Waking up in bed with my hot new boss was not on the top of my list of things to do. After our auspicious meeting, I decide to avoid my boss whenever possible until his nosy siblings decide to force us to spend time together—locked in the record vault.
From there, things get really interesting. A few weeks later, I discover our risky activity in the vault has led to lifelong consequences and my hot boss couldn’t be happier. If you like billionaire boss, curvy girl, older man/younger woman, light rom-com, this Loni Ree short instalove is the book for you!

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The universe freaking hates me, I think as I rush through the blinding rain, hoping I make it to Inked Knight Records before I look like a drowned rat. First, my flat iron shot craps in the middle of straightening my long curly hair and I had to pull it up into a bun, then my ornery ginger cat decided to use my favorite business suit as a scratching post. Luckily, I’d just picked up my only other two business suits from the cleaners, so I had a back-up, but still, I’m going to punish Scooby when I get home.

I step into the glass and chrome lobby and check out my appearance in the glass wall behind the guard. Ouch. The humidity is definitely not my friend. I run my hand over the frizzed locks, hoping to smooth them into some semblance of order before I head up to the top floor for my first day at Inked Knight Records.

“Hi.” I smile at the middle-aged guard. “I’m Harper Sullivan.” I hold out my hand. “I’m the new executive assistant.”

“I was expecting you.” He smiles back and shakes my hand before handing me a badge. “When you step into the elevator, scan your badge and it will take you to the top floor.”

“Thanks.” I take the little plastic card and pull myself together.

When I step off the elevator, I find Raven Knightley leaning against the large oval-shaped desk. “Hi.” Her dark eyes light up. “I was hoping the monsoon didn’t slow you down.” She winces. “I haven’t seen it rain that hard in a long freaking time.”

“Me neither.” I smile, hating this part of starting a new job. Being the new kid on the block really sucks. “I’m so happy to be here,” I tell her, feeling the sentiment in my soul. After my former boss started making daily passes at me, my last job got old, fast. I thought I’d be able to outlast his attention, but the jerk had all the patience in the world. This freaking incredible position at Inked Knight Records came up at the perfect time.

“We’re happy to have you.” My new boss’s friendly smile eases some of the nerves eating away at me. “Why don’t I show you around, then we’ll head up to Human Resources to get all your paperwork done.”

“Great.” I still can’t believe Inked Knight Records offered me an insane salary and full benefits along with a corporate apartment and clothing allowance. I must’ve died and gone to heaven.

After a whirlwind morning getting my stuff together, I take my lunch break. Wanting to make a good impression on my first day, I left my cellphone safely tucked in my locked desk drawer. When I pull it out and check the screen, I see five missed messages from my friend, London Valentine.

Mrs. Bender:

How’s your first day going?


I’m just going to keep messaging you until you answer.

I’m going to have Bender call Hawk Knightley and check on you.

Bender is making the call now.

I notice the last message came in five minutes ago, so I quickly dial London’s number.

“Please tell me you didn’t have your Rockstar husband call my boss,” I hiss the second she answers.