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It’s a new semester at Regalia University, and by the end of it, five men will die.

My sister was good, kind, loving, and the Royals of Regalia bullied her till she killed herself.

I set foot on campus ready to right some wrongs when the most handsome bunch of stone-cold weirdos asked if I needed a little help…

Don’t get me started on Lucien. He fancies himself a vampire—complete with sharpened canines, cape, and a coffin, but if anyone knows how to make a man bleed, it’s him.

Wilder’s on another level, and you’re not allowed. He’s out to expose every conspiracy from Area 51’s alien relocation program to the trackers implanted in our brains. The man doesn’t kiss a woman without patting her down twice, but if you need to get your hands on an arsenal, his is unmatched.

My growling, snapping Cato escaped his last mental institution. Now he has a new obsession: ripping out the throat of anyone who looks at me sideways. Don’t worry, he can’t bite you through the muzzle.

Then, of course, there’s their leader, Rafael. The son of a hitman dances his way around campus, and only takes his headphones off to hear the obscene amount you’ll pay him to take care of your problems. Otherwise, stay out of his blissful world, or he’ll blow it up with you inside.

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I’m sorry. I wish I had the words to express how sorry I am.

You always told me I needed to toughen up. You’d say in a world of wolves, you can either be a rabbit or a bear.

I wanted to be a bear. There were even days I thought I could be. That I was strong enough to see this through and reach the great new life that everyone said was waiting for me. Now I know that new life isn’t possible, because it’s for the wolves, and I was always a rabbit.

I’m rambling now. This letter is about one thing: saying goodbye.

I love you, Luna.

The stronger, prettier, braver sister. You are a bear, tiger, shark, and anything you want to be. You’re fearless and you can’t stand to see things done wrong when you can put it right.

That’s the best thing about you, but not this time.

I’m telling you the truth of what happened so you and Mom won’t spend a lifetime wondering if there was something you could’ve done. Know that you couldn’t have stopped this, and you can’t put it right.

Do not go to Regalia University, Luna.

Beneath the pretty facade is a hideous nest of lies, secrets, and betrayal, and there are people here who’ll do anything to prevent the truth coming out.

Do not share this letter with anyone, do not confront the men named, and do not mess with the Royals.

Any law thrown at them will fall short. Any fight will end with you losing everything, and them walking away without a scratch. They’re untouchable, and more dangerous than you can believe.

This letter is both a confession and a promise. I want you to know the truth as long as you swear to do nothing about it.

Swear on a million jelly beans.

Alright, it all started the first day of school when I ran into Owen Thasher...

I stopped there—folding the note and tucking it safely in my inside pocket. I didn’t need to read the rest. I didn’t need to read the letter at all. I had it memorized. Even so, I had to hold it in my hands, imagine my sister penning the words—drown in her pain with each teardrop that warped the ink... that way the hatred burned hotter.

“Morning, young lady.”

Raising my head, I plastered on a smile. A middle-aged woman with striking streaks of gray in her brown hair smiled back at me. “Are you looking for your dorm?”

“Yes, I am. Abbott Hall?”

She pointed over my shoulder. “It’s back that way, around the corner, and on the left. You can’t miss it.”

“Thank you so much.”

“No problem at all,” she said as I hitched my bags up my shoulders.

I moved back a couple of steps, making like I was heading for the dorm, when I stepped around to see over her shoulder to the face she blocked.

He laughed at something his friend said, tossing his golden mane from his eyes. The guys slapped backs and went opposite ways, him heading in my direction.

I placed my hand over my heart, hearing paper crinkle. Passing by me, Owen Thasher winked—seeing an attractive new coed and nothing more.

“Welcome to Regalia University,” said the woman, reaching down to help with my bags.

I fixed on Owen, following a short distance behind him into Abbott Hall. Crinkle, crinkle went her letter.

“Sorry, sis,” I said under my breath. “This is one promise I won’t keep.”

Chapter One

Mrs. Bryon helped me carry my things to the second-floor dorm at the end of the hall.

“Good luck. If you need anything else, your student guide should be along shortly.”

I thanked her again, sending her off.

Fuck the student guide. I was going to my room and taking the longest, hottest shower. Whatever it took to kill the maggots under my skin. That’s what it felt like. A million, billion creatures crawling under my flesh since I set foot on this campus.

Remember why you’re here, Luna. This is for Winter. Just go inside and—

I swung open the door, blinking at the sight. A raven-haired vision in gold stretched out on the bed, her glittering pumps resting on the pillow. Her fingers were a blur typing on the phone, while the other hand twisted her locks.

“Oh, sorry. I thought this was my room.” I backed out.

“Luna Sinclair,” she said, stopping me in my tracks. “Nah, you’re in the right room. I’ve been waiting for you.”

I came in, taking in the space and the stranger who made herself comfortable in it. From the website and my sister’s old photos, I knew I was walking into a dorm unlike the bunk-bed prison cells other freshmen suffered through. Still, I wasn’t prepared for this.

Forget the cinder block, my walls were plaster painted a soft cream. Empty picture frames hung all over the room, waiting for me to give them their purpose. Heavy gray blackout curtains covered the windows and served another function of matching the gray-and-white fluffy rug under my full-size bed.