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The land exists in a constant battle of good and evil. Under the guidance of the Goddess Thayla, the villagers work together to take care of the earth, and share their bounty with their neighbors. Everyone has what they need, and peace resides in their hearts. But where there is good in the world, there will always be malice to try and conquer it. The God Maldor revels in chaos and destruction. He wishes to stamp out Thayla’s light and rule in the darkness.
Ansel has spent his life fighting in Thayla’s name, rising up to battle those who wish to overthrow the kingdom for Maldor. His body is worn, but his heart is pure. Thayla sees his sacrifice and dedication, and blesses him with three gifts; a cloak which helps him in his quest, an eternal life to continue to protect the land, and finally, a fated love to share that life with. She promises to return to Ansel when it is time to claim his mate, who will be in mortal danger and in need of protection.
Follow Ansel in his journey to find love with his cursed prince Leo, and their battle with the darkness that follows them.

*This low angst, paranormal, insta-love story is set many centuries ago. It has a dash of gore, and a mix of danger, steam, and sweet moments, along with a very happy HEA!

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“May Thayla have more mercy upon you than I,” I said as I withdrew my sword from the limp body on the ground before me.

I groaned when my knees ached as I stood upright; I was not a young man anymore, but I could do a vast amount of damage, measured by the number of bodies littering the land. Granted, I did not work alone. I was joined by a small army of men who shared my values and vision; the same values and vision of our great King Emerson.

The king ruled with kindness and fairness, living out the virtues of our Goddess Thayla. Under his guidance, the villagers each had a respectable amount of land, which they were expected to till and harvest. Everyone shared their bounty with their neighbors, and everyone had their needs met. Thayla smiled upon the cooperation and care of her people, and the love they showed for the earth.

But not everyone agreed with King Emerson's methods. There were greedy hearts throughout the land who wanted the spoils without the effort. They thought themselves to be privileged; they believed hard labor and sweat were beneath them.

Their minds were poisoned by the God Maldor. Where Thayla shone goodness and light, Maldor worked to corrupt. He fed off of cruelty. When there was discord amongst humans, he grew more powerful.

The angry villagers couldn't see that they were simply Maldor's puppets. He would whisper promises of greatness or riches to twist their thoughts, but when they rebelled, he was the one who would grow in power. He wished to strike down Thayla's followers; to extinguish her light, and revel in the chaos left behind.

Time and time again, men would rise up in Maldor's name to attack the king and his loyal subjects, but I and my comrades were there to meet them head on. We fought for Thayla, working to restore the balance of power and peace. As for today, the threat was eradicated.

I looked around and found that many of my men had been slain in their effort; fathers and sons lay on the earth, but we risked our lives willingly. It was for the greater good of the land. These men fought bravely, and their sacrifice would not be in vain.

I cried out when a sharp pain burst through my back, piercing its way throughout my body. Looking down, I found the blade of a sword protruding from my abdomen, and blood quickly soaking my tunic.

"Where is your precious Thayla now?" A menacing voice growled in my ear. "Has she forsaken you? Or is she just as powerless and weak as you?" My attacker twisted his blade, shredding my insides and drawing a cry from my lips. "You were my last obstacle, and once you take your final breath, I will march into your king's castle of arrogance and slit his throat, claiming this land for Maldor and his followers."

I couldn’t let that happen; not after so many men had laid down their lives to prevent it. I clenched my fingers around the hilt of my sword and sucked a deep breath through my teeth to prepare for the coming pain.

With a roar, I stepped forward, forcing the blade out of my body, and I whipped around to face my attacker. Pain shot through every fiber of my body as I lifted my weapon above my head. My attacker's eyes widened and he too lifted his sword, but he was too slow.

With one swift strike, my blade sliced across his throat. His eyes were still round and full of panic as his head tumbled to the ground. It took a moment for his body to follow, crumpling to the dirt.

Overcome with agony, I fell to my knees. Each breath was like fire in my lungs. I knew this was the end for me, but I was at peace. The field held no more threats; the king and his subjects were safe for another day.

My comrades and I may have all fallen, but there would be many more to rise up in our place. As long as there was evil, there would be good to combat it. The thought blanketed me in tranquility as my vision grew dark.

And then just as quickly, a bright light shone before me. Thinking it was the entrance to the great beyond, I lifted my gaze, but took a shallow gasp at what I saw.

Standing before me was a beautiful woman with an ethereal appearance; she was clothed in a white dress, and her pin-straight white hair fell around her waist. Her features were soft and delicate as she smiled at me, the pleasant light around her making me feel safe.

I knew in an instant that I was in the presence of greatness. “Goddess Thayla,” I whispered, and bowed my head in reverence.