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If I’m smart, I’ll avoid her like the plague. Except…when have I ever been smart?

From bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes a sexy new adult, college sports romance.

Sure…I’ll admit it, women have come and gone from my life since I was in high school. They’re nothing more than a warm body to sink into at the end of a long day. Even though I’m upfront about not being interested in a relationship, there are always a few persistent females who think they’ll be the one to change my mind.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to disabuse them of that notion. Once they realize a couple hours of fun between the sheets is all I’m looking for, they get the hint and move on to greener pastures.
And you know what?
That’s exactly the way I like it. I’ve got enough on my plate with my new job as assistant coach for the Claremont Cougars and returning to college after a seven-year hiatus to finish up my degree.
A woman is the last thing I want.
Or need.
I’m happy on my own.
For the most part.

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I rap my knuckles against Derek Andrews’ office door before poking my head inside the cramped space. “Hey, Coach. You got a minute?”

A bright smile flashes across his sun-weathered face as he pauses the game film he’s watching and waves me in. “You don’t need to knock, Mason. You work here now. Walk in any damn time you want.”

The corners of my lips tug upward as I settle on the worn chair parked across from his desk. “That’s gonna take a little time to get used to.” As I glance around the office, my gaze slides over all the team photos that line the wall since he’s been head coach for the Claremont Cougars.

That’s fifteen years.

This is the man who recruited me when I was a junior in high school. I spent my freshman and sophomore years in college as his starting quarterback before my parents died in a boating accident. That day changed the course of my entire life. Instead of starting my junior year, I was forced to drop out and work full time as a mechanic to pay the bills and make sure my younger brother was taken care of.

Fast forward seven years and now I’m sitting in his office as an assistant coach. I have memories of him ripping me a new one when I’d fuck up on the field that are as fresh in my mind as the day they happened.

So, yeah…it’s going to take time to get used to my new role as offensive coordinator for the Claremont Cougars. I’m thrilled about the opportunity but nervous just the same.

“Better wrap your head around it. We’ve got our first game in two weeks against Alabama. It’s going to be a tough one. No two ways about it. What do you think about Levi? The kid has a solid arm. With the proper coaching, there’s no doubt he’ll continue to improve.” He points a finger at me. “That’s where you come in.”

“He’s talented,” I agree. “From what I’ve seen, he needs to exert more control so he can send the ball to Ericson with consistency.”

The older man nods. “Yup, that’s exactly what I was thinking. You two will work well together.”

When we lapse into silence, I shift and clear my throat. “I wanted to thank you again for giving me a chance to prove myself. I appreciate it.”

His lips quirk as warmth fills his deep blue eyes. “I need a coach with your experience, and it’s a great opportunity to finish up your degree. Especially with the break in tuition. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win-win situation.”

My hand rises to the back of my neck to massage the area as I shake my head. “I’ve registered for a couple of classes,” I admit reluctantly. “It’s going to be weird going back after all this time. I feel so damn old around these kids.”

He snorts. “What are you? Like, twenty-six?”

“Twenty-seven,” I correct. “And now I’m a junior in college. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever go back.” After Mom and Dad died, it was the last thing on my mind. I was too damn busy taking care of my younger brother, Hunter.

“As long as you’re employed by the university, tuition will be dirt cheap. There’s no reason for you not to finish up your degree. It’ll be just another tool in your toolbox. Certainly won’t hurt you in the long run.”

I jerk my shoulders.

Deep down, I know the older man is right. I need to take advantage of this opportunity. Especially when it’ll cost me next to nothing. Since I’m now a full-time coach, I’ll be spending most of my day on campus and my classes are a five-minute walk from the athletic center. It couldn’t be more convenient.