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I’m in his bed learning the limits of my body.
Peter Calimeris. Greek mafia son, monster in a perfect suit, and the only man keeping me alive.
He’s supposed to be my bodyguard, but he barely notices me.
At least until Peter gets involved in a business deal with my half-sister.
I use my family connections to forge a pact between us: if he teaches me how to fight and survive, I’ll help him win a lucrative contract.
It’s a deal neither of us wants but both of us needs.
He’s a brutal teacher. Firm but honest and fair.
And one night, after I give out as many punches as I get, we find there’s something more between us.
It’s a mistake that feels too good to ignore.
Now the world is crashing down and a rival Greek mafia wants to stop this business deal with my half-sister from going through.
But all I can think about is whether Peter will break me, and whether I want him to.

Welcome to the next book in my Greek Mafia series! Watch Adrienne blossom from a traumatized girl with more money than problems into something much harder and tougher than she ever dreamed, all while dangerous Peter keeps testing her limits! Sinful Promise is a standalone novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed. Enjoy!! BB

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Chapter 1


The ocean ruins the hem of my dress as I watch moonlight reflect off black waves while behind me, up the dunes and in the house, men in suits discuss business over expensive drinks. Somewhere out there, more men want to kill me. Three weeks ago, they nearly did. The smell of cigars and cigarette smoke hangs over the beach and I can’t seem to get it out of my hair, no matter how much the salty wind gusts over my skin.

I want to take a shower and sleep for ten hours, but Peter says this party will last most of the night and I’ve been forbidden from disappearing. He says it would look rude, and while I’m not part of his family, I’m still a guest in his house and bound by his rules.

I’ve been bound enough to last a lifetime, but right now it’s easier not to fight.

“You look lost.” A woman teeters over with a wine glass gripped in her hand. She doesn’t come close enough to step into the wet sand and I don’t move from where the water laps at my ankles. An expensive pair of heels dangles from her fingers and she’s wearing a chic but simple navy dress and jewelry worth enough money to feed a small family for a decade.

“Not so much lost as trying to escape.”

The woman smiles wryly. “What’s your name? I’ve seen you hanging around all night, but you haven’t spoken to anyone.”

“Adrienne Holloway. And you?”

There’s a hint of recognition in the woman’s eye. “Katarin Balaska.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“May I ask why you want to escape so badly, Adrienne?”

I tug my fingers through my hair and stare out at the water. “It’s hard to have a good time at a party where everyone’s speaking a language I don’t know.” I hesitate and glance back at her, frowning. “Why’d you decide to speak English with me, anyway?”

She waves that question off like the answer is the most obvious thing in the world. “You’re Peter’s charge. Is that the right word? Charge? Or are you more like a couple?”

“Charge is close enough. Definitely not a couple. He’s supposed to be keeping me safe.” I let my hands fall to my side. “He’s not doing a great job.”

Katarin laughs. “No, he’s most definitely not. How did you come to be in Peter’s possession, Adrienne?”

“It’s a long story. There was some trouble back in America and I was sent out here to recover.” My hands drift to my face. The ghosts of old bruises still linger under my eyes, yellowing now and nearly gone, but still tender. My nose is crooked and I’m not sure it’ll ever be straight again. There’s a scar under my lips, ugly and jagged. I’ve healed and gotten stronger over the past few weeks, but the pain hasn’t faded, and I’m terrified my face will never be the same. I look in the mirror and don’t see the girl I was before that nightmare happened—instead, a broken, haunted person stares back.

It’s vain to worry I won’t be attractive anymore, but the thought keeps coming back to me, over and over. Your face is ruined. You’ll never be the same. It should be enough that I’m alive. Somehow, it’s not.

“And how is that going? Do you feel recovered?” Katarin asks.

“No, I don’t think so, but I’m not sure I ever will. That’s not Peter’s fault.”

“Pity. You’re a pretty thing though, even with the bruises. My husband would be happy to have you for a mistress.” I give her a panicked look and she laughs lightly. “Not that I’d let him, mind you. I’d cut off his balls if he ever tried.”