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My name is Zoe and I have committed Sins of the Flesh. But it’s not my fault—none of it would have happened if they hadn’t kidnapped me that fateful day...

They took me and my mother and forced us to become part of their Pack. I didn’t even know I had Were blood until they took us. But then my body started changing—developing in ways it never had before. I started having cravings…longings. But I wasn’t allowed to look at any of the Alphas. My cruel new stepfather had plans for me—I would marry another Pack Master—a ugly, evil man, old enough to be my grandfather. And until then, my stepbrothers, Christopher and Gabriel were supposed to watch over me.

I felt a tingle when they held me between them, but my stepbrothers weren’t supposed to touch me—their whole job was to keep me innocent and pure. I was supposed to be a virgin on my wedding night. They were sent to deliver me to my new husband—but we were forced off the road and taken as prisoners.

The cartel leader who took us holds a grudge against my stepfather. At first he wanted to execute us all…but when he saw the three of us together, he got other ideas. He wanted to us to put on a private show, just for him and to do things…things a girl should never do with her stepbrothers.

Can the three of us escape the clutches of the cartel and the vengeance of the Pack to find true love together? You’ll have to read our story in this Dark Ménage Romance, Sins of the Flesh , to find out.

*Author's Note--please see trigger warnings in my Author's note inside the book. This is a DARK Romance so please read responsibly.

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They say that a relationship born of blood cannot prosper. They also say blood is thicker than water—meaning you keep your family closer than all others. But it’s not about blood for me and mine—it’s about flesh.

The sins of the flesh which I have committed and will commit again.

I don’t care anymore what they say about me—or what laws they say I’ve broken. I was forced into this and now I can’t even say I’m sorry. I’m addicted—I’ll never be able to stop, even if my actions damn me and those I love.

But it never would have happened if they hadn’t taken me in the first place, if they hadn’t stolen me away and changed my entire life beyond recognition…


My abduction happened the day after my high school graduation.

It wasn’t a big deal, like it is with kids who go to public school. I’d been homeschooled since kindergarten, but we belonged to a small group of families who also homeschooled their kids and our parents had gotten together to do a mini graduation ceremony for us all. I’d even gotten a cap and gown—a purple one my mom had picked out for me.

I had stayed up afterwards, partying with my friends—I did have a few, from my homeschool group, despite the fact that I was so plain and mousy looking. Mom always told me I’d “grow into my looks” whatever that meant. But I had been too busy having fun the night before to worry that I was little and plain, so I was late getting up.

I came down the stairs scratching my head and yawning…only to find a scene out of a horror movie playing out in the living room of our modest two-story ranch style house.

Four men were holding my parents hostage—two of them had my mother by the arms and the other two had my father on the ground, with his face turned to the floor. My Dad looked a lot like me, with blondish brown hair and plain brown eyes, which were nearly covered by the thick glasses he always wore. Now those glasses were crushed and broken on the ground and he was bleeding from the mouth. Someone must have hit him in the face and knocked him down—there was no other explanation.

The fifth man was soon to be my stepfather—though I didn’t know him yet. He was tall and muscular with a thick black beard and cold black eyes like a shark. Those eyes pinned me in place as I stopped, halfway up the stairs, frozen in fright.

“Ah—a little pup too, I see. So the rumors were true—you were pregnant when you slipped your leash all those years ago, Freya,” he said, talking to my mother.

“Zoe’s a blank—a dud!” my mother said quickly. She looked as frightened as I felt—though she was still gorgeous. My mother was always so beautiful with her long, platinum blonde hair and pale golden eyes. I used to wish that I looked like her instead of my father. Only what did the man with the beard mean when he said she’d been pregnant when she ran away? Ran away from where?

My mother had always claimed that she grew up in Norway and immigrated to the US where she had met my father. According to her, it was love at first sight. They had gotten married right away and she had gotten pregnant with me the very next month.

Dad was an accountant—he didn’t make a ton of money but it was enough for my mother to be a stay-at-home mom, which was what she wanted. She never liked going out in public and when she did, she would often wear sunglasses and a dark wig or a head scarf. I asked her why once and she made an excuse about how she hated fixing her hair, which I never questioned, even though her long, silky hair—which was so blonde it was nearly silver—never needed anything done to it to look beautiful.

My parents were a pretty mismatched pair. Anyone who saw them together was always surprised when they found out the two of them were married. My Dad, though he was kind and sweet, didn’t look like the kind of guy who could get a woman like my mom interested in him. Mom looked like a supermodel with her curvy figure and striking hair and eyes and Dad looked like…well, like an accountant.

But now he was down on the ground, bleeding, and my mom was being held by two thugs while the bearded man strolled around our living room like he owned the place!

For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. Then I ran down the stairs and stepped between my mother and the bearded man.

“You leave my parents alone!” I said, trying to look as fierce as I could. I drew myself up to my full height—just a hair under five foot four—and glared up at him. “Whoever you are, get out of our house before I call the police!”