Sparkles and Scowls (Blue Ridge Magic #3) Read Online M.A. Innes

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Lorne Sparkles. As the most fabulous dragon that has ever graced the skies, Lorne always pictured his mate as…well…at least slightly shiny. He knows he’s incomparable, but he thought his mate would match him in some wonderfully glittery way. What he’s not expecting are two mates who seem to think black is a lifestyle and not a sin against fashion.MonroeMages. When it comes to insane mates, nothing holds a candle to a drama queen mage who expects the worst…but their oblivious cutie who always has his head in the clouds is running a close second. As a Daddy without a little and a mate who’s all alone, though, Monroe knows it’s time to stop waiting for fate to have all the answers.CarrickDragons. They’re a pain in every conceivable way, but Carrick knows he’s stuck with them when fate matches him with not one but two illogical dragons who seem to have been put on the Earth to drive him crazy. Unfortunately, it seems like their insanity might be one of his favorite things about his unexpected mates. When one mate isn’t as innocent as he appears and the other two are diamonds in the rough, three men will come to realize that mates are always meant to be.

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Chapter 1


Well, it looked like the quiet librarian was just as kinky as everyone had predicted and just as shy as expected judging by the not-so-quiet pep talk he was giving himself. “It’s just toys and nosy neighbors. That’s not scary.”

I liked him, even though shy and slightly skittish wasn’t my thing, and it was nice to see a familiar face, so I stepped closer and tried to make him laugh. “I happen to think the neighbors are scary, so don’t feel bad.”


The way he jumped and whirled around in the entrance said I hadn’t been as loud as I’d thought I’d been. Holding my hands out to my sides, I took a step back and did my best not to look like I was about to hold him up at a bank robbery or steal his wallet.

Most of the locals knew I was safe, but newbies always panicked first and asked questions later. “Sorry. I said hello but now I realize you didn’t hear me.”

The librarian relaxed as soon as he realized who I was, recognition quickly showing in his eyes as he let out a breath. “I was talking to myself and panicking too much. I’m sorry.”

I appreciated seeing how quickly his fright receded but that didn’t mean I made any sudden moves. However, Stefan smiled brightly and looked like he was in the library, not getting ready for a littles play party at the VFW Hall. “How did you like the new series you started? I’ve been expecting you to be in any day to get the next book.”

Books were clearly his comfort zone, so I let my hands come down to my sides and smiled, glad to be able to distract him. “Work’s been busy lately, so I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s good.”

“That’s wonderful.” Fidgeting, Stefan rocked back and forth before glancing deeper into the building. “Do you know about the…the meeting tonight? It’s my first time coming.”

With how badly it seemed to have been explained to him, I wasn’t surprised that it’d taken him a while to show up.

“Yeah.” I wasn’t much for randomly sharing about myself, but I tried to look relaxed and pleasant as I nodded and forced myself to open up to the nervous sub.

It wasn’t my natural state unless I was dating someone but it seemed to be what he needed, so I pushed back my own reservations. “I’m not sure I’m what some of the subs are looking for, but half the town stopped by the shop over the past week and made sure I knew the playdate was tonight.”

They’d been a pain in the ass, but it’d been clear that if I wanted to get anything done, I’d have to come to at least one.

Stefan bit his lip before a giggle slipped out. “Everyone is very nosy.”

He seemed to enjoy that part, so I couldn’t help chuckling. “Yeah, I think they’re at the end of their rope with me, so I figured I’d at least show up once to get everyone off my back.”

Stefan’s nod said he thought that was a good plan. “Is wishing you luck appropriate?”

He looked adorably confused about that, and I couldn’t hold back a grin, but luckily he wasn’t offended and shrugged, returning my smile. “I have no idea what I’m doing here or what’s bad manners.”

Another issue that someone in town should’ve thought about…including me.

But in my defense, I hadn’t wanted to seem like I was coming onto him or being as nosy as everyone else, so I’d done nothing. Which, looking back, might not have been the right option. I’d been telling myself that Boyd would do it, mostly because it was obvious how head over heels he was for the new librarian, but again, not a good plan.

“Not going to assume I’m going to ask you out?” Stefan’s adorable blush had me chuckling again. “I’m teasing. I appreciate the thought.”

He straightened and seemed to find some gumption with my teasing. “No, because the woman at the post office told me that you’re looking at getting to know someone else. I just didn’t realize she was warning me off because of…well, because we might have a mutual interest.”

I couldn’t help groaning and shaking my head. “This town…”

Not that she was wrong…but he hadn’t needed to know that.

Stefan’s grin said he didn’t seem to find it as frustrating as I did, but he hadn’t lived in the crazy town his whole life. He probably thought they were cute or quaint, but I was ready to drown most of them. A few I might just put sugar in their gas tank, but most were beyond just a bit of torture.

“The town is very curious and I’m fairly certain someone will arrive to shove us in the door if we don’t actually walk in ourselves.” Stefan glanced around like he wasn’t sure if he was teasing or not, and I knew the feeling, so I laughed.