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Carol makes dresses for a living, and the night before a big wedding she meets the man of her dreams. One passionate evening changes her life… Only it turns out the man of her dreams isn’t who he claimed to be. Off to Troping she runs with a secret she isn’t ready to share.
Colden had the greatest night of his life with a woman he knew was the one. But when he comes back and finds his bed empty, his world falls apart. For months he’s been searching for her, and now he’s finally found her.

Warning: Secrets can’t keep in Troping, especially with a hero determined to find the love that ran away. Mistaken identity? Secret baby? We’ve got the best of both worlds in this quick holiday love story!

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Chapter One


“You room or mine?” Colden asks as we enter the hotel elevator. I can barely think straight with his mouth and hands on me. “Babe,” he says as he lifts his mouth from mine.

Every time he calls me babe, honey, or even sweetheart, I melt. I don’t know what spell this man has over me, but I’m all in.

“Yours,” I respond, thinking that might be the safer thing to do.

At least this way, I have an escape back to my room, but at the rate things are going, I don’t think I’ll be trying to escape anything. From the moment I bumped into Colden in the hotel lobby, sparks flew. I didn’t think love at first sight was real, but I’m second-guessing that now.

We spent the whole afternoon together and then had dinner. Afterwards, he showed me around the city—by chance, he was in town for an event too. We have both danced around the fact that this might not be more than one night of passion. I know I have been vague because I don’t want to be a stage-five clinger after knowing the man for only a few hours, but here I am headed up to his hotel room. We both know what is about to happen, and this is not something I do. Ever. It’s so out of character for me, but I’m finding that it’s part of the excitement.

Hell, I hardly come to the city to begin with. I live in a small town that I adore, where I own a small boutique that focuses more on dresses than anything. Over time, word has spread of some of my designs, and some offers I couldn't turn down had me popping into the city more often. Which is why I’m here this weekend.

The bride I made a dress for is getting married tomorrow, and while we’ve done her fitting and everything was perfect a few months ago, she wanted to be sure the dress was just right, so I’m here to help her put it on and make sure it fits flawlessly. Not that I can blame her for the request after the money she forked out for me to create it.

It doesn’t take long before Colden is pulling me into his fancy hotel suite. I could tell from his suit and the Rolex on his wrist that the man had money, even though he never brought it up or was openly braggy about it. He simply said he was an investor. I’m not sure what that really is, but clearly it pays well. This is somehow becoming more real by the second because I’m in his suite, and we’re pulling at each other's clothes.

“I should probably tell you that this isn’t something I normally do.” Even as the words leave my mouth, I know they sound made up. I’m sure everyone says that.

“I’m shocked that my small-town girl doesn’t come to the city to have flings.”

“You hush,” I tease him back. I didn’t tell him where I was from, just that I was in the city for work and lived in a small town. When I told him the city could be a bit overwhelming, that’s when he offered to be my guide for the day.

“This isn’t something I do either.”

I pause, my fingers on the buttons of his shirt. I have to drop my head all the way back to stare up into his cool blue eyes. “Is that a way to get me into bed?” I ask, and he shakes his head.

“Why do I need to make that up, Caroline? You’re already here.” He lifts me then carries me toward the bedroom before laying me down on the bed.

“It’s more than that, Colden. I’ve never done this at all.” I decide to lay it out there because I don’t want him to be surprised.

“That makes two of us.” I blink a few times, trying to process what he’s saying. I’m sure I misheard him.

“Now I know you’re messing with me.” I start to sit up because I don’t find this funny, but he stops me.