Step-Boss (Wanting What’s Wrong #4) Read Online Dani Wyatt

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I suck at my job, but I love my grumpy boss.

Cade Jamison is CEO of the most powerful talent agency in the country. He’s the poster child for bad-boy-billionaires everywhere with his inked arms and ice-blue eyes that make me stumble and stutter whenever he’s close.

I still live under his roof, and it’s wrong to want him the way I do. To him, I’m just the chubby, awkward obligation that came with a marriage to my mother. Now that I’m nineteen, the commitment he made years ago is ending but if I can land an A-list client, maybe he’ll keep me around.

When my plan goes sideways, he turns downright feral and commits several felonies to protect what’s his. The lines of our former relationship blur as the vortex of forbidden forces burns between us.

Social media videos of the incident explode, so Cade whisks us away to the small town where he grew up. Once there, he demands all of me, including my secrets. But, if I confess what I’ve done, he’ll never forgive me. And, the worst part is...I’m not the only one who knows what I’m hiding. But, it turns out, he’s hiding something too.

Author’s Note: This step-Daddy story will have you melting in the small-town summer sunshine when this obsessed hero takes control. It’s safe, no cheating, with all the over-the-top liquid love you’ve come to expect!

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Cade Jamison paces like a general ordering his troops into battle.

Only, what I’m imagining, is him pacing in front of me, ordering me down on all fours as he slips his belt from the loops on his perfectly tailored black slacks then…

“This is not a fucking party,” he seethes, his voice barely above a whisper, yet it shakes the room.

And me. Down into the gooiest parts of my core.

He scans the agents lined against the glass block wall with his most annoyed glare. It’s a look I know well. But that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about every inch of his six foot four frame darkening my bedroom doorway at night. Giving in to the secret passion I imagine he has been harboring but too guilt ridden to act upon.

Or, is that me?

Minus the six feet four inches.

His impeccable black tuxedo contrasts with his unruly deep golden beard and slicked back hair. The colors of his painted body and arms are only visible on his neck and the backs of his hands. But I’ve memorized every swoop and letter of those colors that cover his body.

I’ve watched in awe for years when he’s in the pool at the house, or walking around without a shirt. I have even snuck pictures of him to fuel my lusty fumblings under my sheets in the darkness while clouds of guilt hover above.

In the last few months, as my fear that he’ll ask me to leave has grown, I’ve fought a daily battle against sneaking in the smallest of physical contact with him. A battle I’ve lost every time.

A brush of my arm against his as he helps me unload the dishwasher. Letting my fingers linger on his when he passes me my cup of tea in the morning. Every second, every contact lights me up while simultaneously my self-loathing grows. I want my stepfather.

It consumes my every thought.

“Tonight is not for celebrating.” He glares at them, shaking his head. “It is for finding and fighting for opportunities. Opportunities that only come on nights like these.”

A new agent to my left raises her hand and there’s a collective cringe from the other ten of us lined up against the brick wall of the mega-mansion overlooking the valley with the thumping of music coming from where Usher is performing on the lower deck above the infinity pool.

I don’t know her name. And if she’s going to interrupt my stepfather, I probably never will.

“But—” she starts as the group collectively takes a sharp breath, chins dropping, eyes lowered, looking anywhere but at the train wreck about to happen. “A lot of us worked hard to get our clients here tonight, don’t you think it would be appropriate for us to be able to celebrate with them? A little fun might be good for us.”

“You’re fired.” Cade grunts, staring down at his phone in one hand and pointing to the glass door to his left with the other.

She laughs, looking around at the rest of us like we might do the same.

We won’t.

I wasn’t even there for the ceremony. Cade had me brought right here to the after party because I begged him to. I don’t like crowds and he knows it. He looked at me like I’d grown two heads when I asked to come here, but there’s a reason I wanted to be here and it’s the only thing keeping me from breaking down right now.

Impressing him. It’s all I want. I have to hold it together so I can do what needs to be done.

“If I turn around and you are still here, I’ll make sure no other agency will hire you again. Not even in fucking West Virginia where they peddle pageant girls to trade shows.”

I glace to my right as Davis, Cade’s best friend and partner as well as my mentor, gives her a thin smile and urges her toward the door with a flick of his head. Everyone in this room has a love-hate relationship with my stepfather.

Except me. I’m zero hate and all love.

I won’t say I was immediately in love with him the day my mother introduced us. That was after a Little White Chapel Vegas elopement, and I wasn’t dialed in beforehand. But, the next day, as my mom slept off the bottles of three-hundred-dollar wine from the night before, he made me scrambled eggs and rye toast wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a white t-shirt. He didn’t have his cook make the breakfast, he did it himself. And those were the best scrambled eggs ever made in the history of scrambled eggs.

As I stared all around the palatial opulence of what would be my new home, I knew I was in trouble. In love with my mother’s new husband. And from that moment, the guilt has blinded me and laid next to me in bed every night whispering in my ear what a horrible daughter I am.