Sworn to the Orc (Hidden Hollow #1) Read Online Evangeline Anderson

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Sarah has been bound all her life—a spell cast on her during childhood keeps her from talking to strangers or having romantic relationships. But when she’s drawn to Hidden Hollow, a gruff and growly Orc helps her unlock the mystery behind her strange dilemma. Can the two of them free Sarah from her enchantment? Or will the family curse hovering over her head get them both killed? Find out in this Spicy Monster Romance!Hi, I’m Sarah and my life is a mess. I lost my online job and my rent just doubled...Luckily, just when I was at my lowest point, a strange messenger came to my apartment. He had an envelope that contained my Grandmother’s last will and testament. Only…I had forgotten all about her. How was that possible?I was about to find out. When a mysterious door appeared in my living room, I walked through it…and found myself in the world of Hidden Hollow--a snug New England town where it’s inexplicably always Autumn. A magic bubble surrounds the town, making sure that no one without magic talent can come in. But where does that leave me? I don’t have any magic…do I?Surprise—it turns out I’m descended from a long line of witches. At least, that’s what the scary Orc who chased me through the backyard of my new house told me after he calmed down. Also there’s a curse on my family and apparently I’m the one who’s supposed to break it—but how?Who knows what Hidden Hollow holds for me? And should I be getting so close to the Orc next door? Are humans and Orcs compatible that way? I’d better find out quick because trouble is brewing and I’m going to need a man—or an Orc—to stand by my side when the storm breaks.Because in Hidden Hollow…anything is possible.*Tropes—Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, Big Size Difference, He Falls First, Hero has two Peens, Br33ding.What you'll get in this Spicy Small Town Monster ``Slow burn with an actual plot that leads to extremely hot and spicy scenes``Growly Orc who turns into a total protective Cinnamon Roll ``A town full of secrets including a Grocery Story that stocks some very unusual items `` All kinds of Creatures including Centaurs, Satyrs, Krakens, Gargoyles, Fairies, Witches and more

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My heart thundered in my ears as I raced frantically up the hill. Behind me, I could hear the monster roaring. He was crashing through the trees as I tried to keep ahead of him, his heavy footsteps shaking the ground and making me trip over my own feet.

“Get back here! Intruder! Trespasser!” he thundered, hurting my ears with his deep voice.

I gasped in terror as I tried to keep ahead of him. But he was at least seven feet tall and his legs were so much longer than mine! Oh God, what did he want with me? Why wouldn’t he leave me alone?

I had never dreamed when the magic door appeared in my apartment that it would lead me into such danger. Why had I opened it? Why hadn’t I stayed home?

I had no answers and the monster’s roaring was getting louder in my ears. If only I could go back in time—just an hour ago I had been safe in my own apartment, wondering how in the world I was going to pay my rent. Yes, it was stressful, but it was a hell of a lot better than being chased by a huge green monster with glowing green eyes and tusks!

If only I could go back, but it was too late now—I was through the looking glass and my dull existence in the human world was nothing but a distant memory…


It was only February but I was already over everything.

To be fair, it had been a rough year so far. The month before, I had lost my main job, copywriting for The Home Shopping Network. (Yes, they are still around.)

I used to write smarmy little blurbs for tons of their crappy products. “Rugged, yet luxurious, this durable tote duo, made with rich Corinthian leather, will be the last luggage you’ll ever need to buy. Available in Brawny Brown, Elephant Grey, or Bible Black.” Or, “Sleep like a baby in this Concierge Collection Three Piece Stonewashed Cotton Coverlet set. Edged in hand-finished lace, this set is both the essence of elegance and the soul of slumber.”

There was a little more to it than that, but you get the idea. Anyway in the beginning of January, the Powers That Be at HSN decided that they didn’t need me—or any of the other copywriters—anymore. They fired us all and installed an AI program which saved them a ton of money. Happy New Year!

The deal might have saved my old employer a ton but it lost me most of my income. I still had some web design gigs I was working, but they weren’t enough to pay my rent—especially when it was set to double at the end of February. That’s right—double. So by the end of this month, I was going to have to come up with twice as much money to stay in my crappy studio apartment with half as much income coming in.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage it and the stress was keeping me up late every night. If I didn’t find some new online gigs soon, I was going to have to go out into the big, bad world and get a job dealing with people in person.

The thought twisted my gut into knots. I have social anxiety and just the idea of working on the outside made me feel sick. Hell, I can’t even manage making phone calls—let alone talking to people face-to-face. It’s my worst nightmare.

Okay, so I’m kind of a shut-in, but it’s not like I’m some crazy old hoarder lady who talks to herself. My tiny apartment is reasonably neat and I don’t collect cardboard boxes or old magazines. I just prefer my own company—that’s all.

And anyway, there’s nothing worth seeing outside. I live in Central Florida where it’s hot and humid ninety percent of the year and the minute you go out of the door you feel like you’re melting. Seriously, the under-boob sweat is no joke, especially for a top-heavy, curvy girl like me. So I just stay in my apartment with my AC cranked up and work remotely on my laptop. I have my cat Sebastian for company and that’s as social as I want to get.

If only my rent hadn’t doubled, I might have been able to make it. I had a little saved back—a very little—in case of emergencies. But my emergency fund wouldn’t last long under the current conditions.

And it wasn’t like I could appeal to my landlord—my apartment building was managed by a corporate conglomerate—a faceless, soulless entity owned by some billionaire who was probably using the rent increase to build his fourth mansion in the Bahamas or buy his fifth yacht. If I didn’t manage to come up with the money, I would probably get a form eviction letter in the mail and find my locks changed the next time I ventured out for groceries.