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She gets under my skin, there’s no doubt about it.
My pretty new employee.
The one who flashes her tits at me with a giggle, and who never wears panties to work.
The young girl wants a promotion … but she’ll have to earn it.

Two can play at this game.
Theo White may be rich, handsome, and powerful, but he doesn’t intimidate me.
After all, I see how he looks at my curves.
How he stares, with a wolfish smile as his blue eyes flash.
I see how his massive package twitches, and how he crosses his legs to stay decent during meetings.
After all, I have sassy curves made for love … and soon, the CEO will be the one taking notes as I show him who’s boss!

Um, so where do Theo and Mia work again? Can I get hired there? 🙂 After all, this bad boy billionaire is a “hands-on” type of manager, and the fireworks are going off right at the office with other people watching (and listening)! Heck yes! This book is a follow-up to Hard and Unprotected, but all of my books are standalones and can be read in any order. This book was originally released as Hate Love, but has been edited and revised for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Love, Cassie

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It was Monday morning again and the beginning of a new week. Even though I was a Computer Science major, every now and then it was important to unplug from the world. I liked to turn off my phone, computer, beeper, pager, anything that could interrupt because unlike everyone else my age, social media was never really my thing.

Still, it has its uses, particularly for meeting and networking with other female programmers. Aside from that, I rarely tweeted, posted anything on Snapchat, or ever uploaded a single photo of myself on Pictogram. All my profile pics were avatars of myself designed from scratch. If asked, anyone would be hard pressed to find an actual photo of me anywhere on the web.

Because I hate getting my picture taken. Selfies from my phone never turned out right either. My imperfections stood out painfully, what with the curviness of my body. My breasts were double D’s and I had full wide hips that swung like a pendulum when I walked. In photos, these so-called assets looked embarrassingly ginormous.

As for my face, my lips were too big. Were celebrities actually paying money for fuller pouts? All my huge pucker did was make me self-conscious. Honestly, I never wanted anyone to look at my face too long anyway. My preference was to blend into the background, like the wallflower I was meant to be.

I guess other people might think I had low self-esteem, but I just wasn’t so self-absorbed that I wanted to plaster myself all over the internet all the time.

Jill, my dorm mate, was away all weekend visiting her parents. It gave me a chance to shut myself off from the rest of the world and not have to talk or interact with anyone for an entire two days. Both Saturday and Sunday were spent alone in my dorm room blissfully listening to music, reading the latest in the Unwired science fiction series, and playing the video game Intergalactic Smash. In fact, I was pretty proud of myself for getting all the way to the 17th level in just two days.

I’d ordered delivery and didn’t leave my dorm suite once. Lazy weekends of Me Time were my jam. After all, living in a dorm, getting alone time like I’d had at home living with my mom didn’t happen a lot. Mom worked a ton of overtime.

Don’t get me wrong. My roomie Jill is awesome. We’d met in the Summer Bridge program a month before school started and clicked instantly. We both majored in Computer Science and came from small towns in Southern California that no one had ever heard of.

I was from Carpinteria, a seaside town, whose only claim to fame was an avocado festival, which was amazing fun, by the way. I planned to visit my mom in October so I could go. Avocado Fest had the world’s largest vat of guacamole that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

Jill was from Solvang, an entire town loyal to its Danish roots and more importantly, Danish food. Our first week living together in our dorm suite, she brought with her Danish treats like aebleskiver, yummy puff pastries, kringles, pretzel pastries, and authentic spandauers, which is an authentic Scandinavian pastry. We spent many late nights studying and munching on those delectable goodies. Her mom made sure to send us a new supply every few weeks.

I could be myself around Jill. I loved having a dorm mate that loved to eat food as much as I did. My biggest worry was that I’d get one of those psychotic girls that would spout off how many calories any particular treat had. I went to high school with someone like that. We’re not friends, obviously.

Jill and I usually walked to our Data Science class together, but her flight must have been running late that morning. She wasn’t in her room when I left our dorm suite for breakfast.

Against dining hall rules, I snuck out Lucky Charms in a Ziploc bag. The dining hall had a stupid rule that no one could take any food out, but if you were on a meal plan, all the food you ever got was from the cafeteria. Did the school seriously expect us to not ever be hungry for snacks?

Munching on my stolen cereal, I walked our usual route to campus down Bancroft Avenue to Wheeler Hall. I’d taken the same exact Data Science class online during my junior year in high school. Class lectures and the syllabus were available to the public. The college had a ton of free courses online if you were motivated enough. For the most part, I found high school boring, so I took additional classes online for fun.

In theory, going to class was unnecessary since I basically already knew the information, but I found it interesting anyways. Sitting in a large lecture hall with other students made me feel like I was a part of the Berkeley campus without having to go to a party or anything too social like that.