The Alpha’s Daughter (The Alpha Shifter Collection #20) Read Online Sam Crescent

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Karina is not like any of the wolves within her pack. She's a human. The only human to be born of two wolves.When her father invites another alpha to take his pick of willing, single, consenting females, Karina has no choice but to be in the lineup. She is pack, she is single, and she knows she is not going to get picked. She is human, and any alpha would be looking for a wolf.Rage has no desire to take a woman from Westblood’s pack. He doesn’t need a woman to make an alliance against the rogue wolves that are deadly to all wolves. One scent of Karina, and all sense is lost. She is his mate. He doesn’t care that she's human, all he knows, is that he belongs with her.Karina doesn’t feel anything for Rage. Even though he claims to be her mate, she doesn’t sense a thing. She has no wolf senses. She is weak. But slowly, little by little, she cannot help but be drawn to the new alpha. He doesn’t treat her with kid gloves. He shows her his wolf, and he is willing to explore with her.Rage has already figured out why Karina is human. He doesn’t care. She is his love and his soul mate, and he will never let her go.

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“It is too late to send her away,” William Westblood said, slamming his palm against the nearest tree. It shook for a few seconds, but didn’t fall.

“Sweetheart, you must calm yourself.” Patricia, his wife, rushed to his side, gripping his arms, trying to offer him comfort, but he shrugged it off.

This was a first for him, as he never refused his mate. He never wanted to, but right now, he didn’t know how he could save his daughter. For many years they had been blessed with five children. Three boys and two girls. Karina was his youngest child, and even though they don’t know what went wrong, his sweet wife had been ill during her pregnancy. It was the first time his mate was truly ill.

Karina was born too soon, and they had feared she would die. For the first time in his long life, he prayed. He sunk down on his knees and prayed to whatever god would hear him, to not take his daughter away.

He knew it was selfish. He already had four children, but he loved his mate, he loved his children, and he would die for all of them, including the pack he was alpha to.

Someone must have been listening because Karina made it through the night, then the next, and the next. Before long, months passed, then years. Now, she was twenty-three years old, but she was different.

The pack adored her. Even though she was different, they all took turns to care for her. Whenever she was injured, it lasted a considerable length of time. He knew the pack refused to allow her to go out on adventures. The boys and girls of her own age were not rough with her and treated her like the delicate soul she was.

She was the only wolf he knew to get sick, and that was another little element about his young daughter—she was the only person within the pack who hadn’t changed into a wolf. There was always a risk in keeping her.

He and his wife hadn’t even thought about sending her away, but he knew there had once been whispers of forcing her to leave. He would never do that.

Karina was a Westblood.

He would die for his child, most of the pack would. Over the years those vicious threats and rumors had faded. He hoped the pack had learned to love his daughter. For him, it was unconditional. But now, she was at threat.

William knew he was powerful, but he also knew he wasn’t infallible. There was talk of rogue wolves, almost feral, taking over packs, raping women, killing the men, turning them into soldiers. He would not allow that to happen to his pack, so he had reached out to another.

The other pack had no name, but the alpha was known as Rage. Fierce and feared. To bring their packs together, William agreed to let Rage have any woman he chose from the Westblood pack.

Running a hand down his face, he looked toward his wife, as fear once again took hold.

Karina was without a mate. As was his other daughter, but Rose was quite capable of handling herself. Unlike Karina, Rose was not a virgin.

“What can we do?” he asked, turning to look at his mate.

Patricia smiled at him. “Hope that he doesn’t choose her.”

He didn’t know if he could live on hope, but for now, it was all he could do.

Chapter One

Karina hated being in trouble which was exactly what she would be when she got home. Today of all days was not the day to mess with her father. He was already tense with that other pack coming. She had no idea what to call them, but she knew it was stressing her father out. Rose had already told her about the lineup.

Rage, the mystery alpha with no pack name, would have his pick of women or woman. Karina wasn’t quite sure on the details and Rose was never the one to truly listen. Her sister often heard what she wanted to hear, and didn’t really care about the fuzzy details between.

She hated the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what was going to happen and when.

The moment she got to the gate, her father was already there.

“Where have you been?” he asked. She heard the distinctive growl that fell from his lips. He never went all alpha on her as there was no point. She didn’t feel his power. There were no goose bumps across her skin. Nothing to make her bow down or fear him. Another little part of her that her family attempted to call “special,” but they all knew the truth. She wasn’t one of them.

Even when they tried to make her feel a part of the pack, it was always denied.

She never knew when a full moon was close, never felt the warmth and heat that enveloped her. Unlike the whole of the pack, she didn’t feel the strength nor power of her wolf. Of course, it also meant she didn’t have to go through the body twisting, bone grinding and breaking pain of each transformation. None of that was pretty.