The Alpha’s Son (The Alpha Shifter Collection #21) Read Online Sam Crescent

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After being away from the pack for seven years, Joe Johnson is back. He's ready to learn from his father so he can take over as alpha one day. On the first night back, he meets up with friends, and catches the most unexpected scent. It was like the best vanilla frosting he’d ever smelled, and he is shocked and delighted to find it's coming from Darcy Pine. She is also fifteen years older than him, and even though loved by the pack, is considered boring.Darcy is not mated. She has never been mated because she refuses to settle down with anyone but her true mate. After discovering the alpha's son is her mate, she's terrified. Joe is not taking no for an answer.But Joe has a secret. He has never been with a woman. For as long as he could remember, he has had a crush on Darcy, and even when he was younger, he was obsessed with her.Darcy has never been with a man, but when it comes to Joe, she cannot deny her attraction. Rather than tell anyone, they decide to keep their relationship a secret. They don’t want the pack to know.However, when one of Joe’s friends insults her, Joe cannot control his need to protect her. They cannot keep their relationship a secret for much longer, but will the pack accept them?

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Chapter One

Joe Johnson laughed as his two best friends embraced him. He’d not seen either of them since he had turned eighteen and decided to leave the pack to spread his wings—and to learn who he was.

Now at twenty-five years old, he was back and ready to start learning everything he needed to take over from his father when the time was right.

“It is so good to have you back with us,” Ryan said, slapping him on the shoulder.

“What was it like being so far away from home?” Wade asked, holding up a beer.

Joe shrugged. “It is what it is.” He went out in the world to find himself. His father, William, told him that in life he would have to make some tough decisions, and those decisions were going to change his life. He was expected to become the alpha of this pack when his father decided to step aside. He knew it would be a long time before his father gave up the reigns.

As wolves, they aged a lot differently, so even though his father was close to eighty years old, he didn’t look a day over forty. His mother, Callie, was the same. They had met and bonded when they were in their forties.

Wolves were supposed to have a fated mate—one person in the world who was designed to be theirs for the rest of their lives. The only problem was, not all fated mates lived within the same pack. Also, some packs didn’t get along with others. Not every single male was an alpha, and not all alphas liked to have many of them in charge. It caused conflict.

Joe knew he held alpha traits, and before he left, although he hadn’t meant to, he had challenged his father. It was then he realized he needed to leave to handle his anger, and not live under his father’s control.

Now, seven years later, he realized he wasn’t under his father’s control at all. His dad was an amazing alpha. He had stumbled onto other packs, seen how brutal they could be, and knew his father was nothing like those men. His father was kind, sweet, charming, but he did keep the pack working and in order, which was exactly what the pack needed.

“It is what it is? What the fuck is that?” Wade asked.

“And where is the fucking welcoming committee? I thought your dad would be all over that shit. Certainly your mom,” Ryan said.

Joe laughed. “I asked them not to. I don’t want to make it a big deal that I’m back.” Instead, he’d opted to enjoy a quiet dinner with his family, to swear his loyalty to his father, and to meet his friends in the only local bar. The pack did enjoy drinking, but very few of the wolves got drunk. Their wolf metabolism prevented them from being drunk for very long.

“Shit, man, nah, that shouldn’t be acceptable. You’re back. That means all the women will be wanting you, man. The full moon is next week, and trust me, it is going to be one big, giant orgy.” Wade gave a whistle and a groan.

“Is that why you came back?” Ryan asked. “Missing some wolf pussy?”

Joe laughed but didn’t confirm it.

They were his friends, but they clearly hadn’t grown up since he had left. Neither of them appeared to be mated. The full moon was a week away. Joe had known it was coming and he’d made the decision to come back home. He no longer wanted to be alone, and nothing was keeping him away anymore.

Now all he wanted to do was settle down. He’d already moved into the small apartment his father had built for him above the garage. His sister was pissed as she hoped to have it for herself, but Lucie was going to have to wait.

“So, tell me what’s been going on with the two of you?” Joe asked, wanting to change the conversation.

Wade started to talk about a couple of the women he’d been enjoying.

He took another long swig of his beer and breathed deeply. The moment he did, something sensational assaulted his senses. Joe tensed up and he couldn’t help but ignore Wade telling them about his latest conquest and what she could do with her mouth and throat.

Joe lost interest and began to glance around the bar. That smell was amazing. It was like the most intense vanilla cake with the sweetest frosting, but it wasn’t just that smell. The smell of meatballs and a heavenly tomato sauce, and the sweetest bacon with maple syrup.

His body tightened.

“Yo, Joe, what’s the problem, man?” Wade asked.

“Can you smell that?” Joe asked.

“Smell what?”

Joe began to walk through the bar as he moved from person to person. The smell got even more intense, but suddenly it disappeared and faded.

He looked toward the door to find it closed.