The Billionaire’s Rival (Bad Boy Billionaire #2) Read Online Silvia Violet

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I’ve wanted Jay from the moment I saw him. He’s an attorney like me, and he’s competitive, skilled, and intelligent—not to mention hot as hell.

He also insists he’s straight.

That doesn’t stop him from flirting with me every chance he gets. And it doesn’t keep me from wanting him in my bed.

Our rivalry—and the chemistry between us—ignites when we end up on opposing sides of a case that threatens our lives as well as our professional reputations.

I might have all the resources anyone could ask for, but I don’t know if I can keep us both safe and keep Jay from breaking my heart.

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I’d been determined to beat Jasper when I stepped on the tennis court today. I didn’t care that he was undefeated in our league. I was just as good of a player as he was, but whenever I stood across from him on the court, he distracted me with his perfect body.

Why were all the men I wanted either straight or world-class assholes—or in Jay’s case, both? And why the hell had he worn his light blue polo, the one that matched his eyes perfectly? It was like he knew what that did to me.

I was usually good at hiding my feelings. I couldn’t have survived law school, much less the courtroom drama I’d experienced, if I hadn’t been able to keep my face impassive. But men like Jay were my kryptonite. Damn gorgeous bastards. They got me all worked up.

My friends teased me endlessly. They said I turned into a lovesick eighteen-year-old every time I got near a man I was crushing on, and with Jay, I was even worse than usual. I fucking hated it, and now here I was about to lose another match to him.

I had to get the next point to have a chance at winning. It was my serve. I could do this. I bounced the ball with my racket and tried to get myself in the zone, but just as I tossed the ball, Jay lifted his shirt to wipe his sweaty face, exposing his perfect abs.

My brain went offline. My racket barely tapped the ball, and it went right into the net.

Jay grinned as the ball rolled to the fence. “One more chance.”

I retrieved the ball and served again, but my concentration was shot, it landed out of bounds.

“Seems like I win again.” Jay’s smug smile made me want to throw my racket and run. He knew how good his torso looked. He’d fucking lifted his shirt on purpose.

He might insist he was straight as an arrow. He might have ruthlessly turned down a drunken proposition from me when he first joined the tennis league, but he never hesitated to flirt with me if it gave him an advantage.

“Best two out of three?” I asked as we both approached the net.

He shook his head as he clasped my hand for an end-of-game handshake. It was all I could do to ignore the heat of his skin and the enticing smell of his sweat. “I have to catch up on some work.”

Jay hadn’t grown up with money like most members of our club, and he liked to pretend he was superior because of his work ethic.

“You’re working on a Saturday evening?” I asked.

“This job isn’t a nine-to-five. Some of us have to actually work instead of having everything handed to us.”

The bitterness in his tone was stronger than usual. He’d ragged me about my easy life plenty of times, but he’d never sounded so angry. I hated how much it hurt. What was up with him today? It wasn’t like he was hurting for money. He couldn’t be a member of the club if he was.

“Are you that dedicated to your job? Or do you not have the stamina to keep up with me?”

I realized what I’d said too late to change the wording. Jay raised his brows as he gave me an assessing look. “Stamina is not a problem for me.”

I doubted it was. As much as I wanted to hate him, if he was willing, I’d let him fuck the hell out of me so I could test the theory.

“Why don’t you use the extra time to work on your tennis game?” Jay said. “Maybe then, you won’t need extra games to beat me.”

I frowned, even letting my lip poke out in a pout—I wasn’t above flirting either. “I need a partner to practice.”

“You could use the wall.”

It did not feel like we were talking about tennis anymore. It was cruel of him to tease me like this while insisting he didn’t like dick. Perverse bastard that I am, I ate it up anyway. And come on, there was always hope, wasn’t there?

No. My friend Miles’s disapproving voice echoed in my head. He’d told me to cancel today’s game when I’d told him I was playing against Jay, even though Miles had known I would never do that.

When Jay had first joined the tennis team, I’d hardly been able to take my eyes off him. I’d flirted with him, and he’d clearly enjoyed the attention. I had no reason to believe he was gay, but I’d decided to proposition him anyway. When he’d turned me down, he’d made it very clear that he had no interest in men and acted disgusted when I asked why he’d flirted back. That should have been enough to make me ignore him, but I had a thing for torturing myself.