The Firefighter’s Secret Baby (Courage County Fire & Rescue #2) Read Online Mia Brody

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After a scorching one-night stand with a sexy firefighter, I realize I’m pregnant…with my brother’s best friend’s baby.

I didn’t know who she was when I touched my innocent curvy woman. All I know is that we were together in the dark, and it felt right. But she left before I could get her name, this stranger that haunts me.
Then my best friend introduces me to the little sister he didn’t know he had. She’s the woman from that night and things just got complicated fast.
Journey wants to keep what happened between us a secret and I’ll let her do that…for now. But I won’t stop stealing kisses from her sweet lips or giving her endless pleasure. Because this curvy woman is mine and one day soon, her brother is going to figure that out.

I’ve never done this before. But there was something special about the stranger at the bar that night. His look was heated. His kisses scorching. Our chemistry explosive. But it was just one night so I slip out before the morning light.
When I finally reconnect with the older brother I’ve been searching for, I don’t want to jinx it. Especially by telling him that I just slept with his best friend, so I ask Cam to keep a secret. I think that will be enough until I see that little pink line. Suddenly, I know the truth is going to come out: I’m having my brother’s best friend’s baby.

If you’re in the mood for a funny, sexy firefighter romance with a secret baby trope, then it’s time to meet Camden in The Firefighter’s Secret Baby.
Meet the Courage County Fire and Rescue crew. These filthy firefighters are commanding alpha males here to make your dirty fantasies come true! Each sizzling romance read features a hunky fireman and a curvy woman with combustible chemistry. As always, there’s NO cheating and NO cliffhangers. Get your swoon on with a guaranteed HEA from Mia Brody!

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Tonight, I’ll finally take home the golden bull testicles. It’s an ugly ass prize offered at the Charging Bull, a hole-in-the-wall bar in Asheville. My friends and I have been coming here for years and every time, we try to win the coveted testicles by staying on the mechanical bull the longest.

The record of thirty-three seconds was set by some burly patron about twenty years ago. But things are going to be different this time around. For starters, I’m stone-cold sober which definitely gives me an advantage. Only took me a few bruised ribs to learn that one.

It’s too bad my fellow firefighters aren’t here to witness this, but the place records every ride and posts the funniest falls to social media. I have no doubt there will be a video of me finally attaining my trophy.

I survey the crowd carefully, but it doesn’t look like any of the other patrons are serious contenders which only leaves me. I take a swig of my bottled water and turn just in time for something solid to hit me square in the chest.

In the time it takes me to realize a woman has bumped into me, I reach out and grip onto denim-clad hips that fit perfectly into my big hands. The thought has all of my blood heading south.

She exhales, and she smells like those strawberry and cream shakes I always get down at Ernie’s Diner. My mouth waters and it has nothing to do with craving my favorite after-work treat.

“I peed on your uniform,” she blushes and leans back to look up into my face. I keep my hands firmly anchored around these hips that are straight out of my dreams. I’m not about to let this little beauty go. She’s mine. “I mean, my beer. I spilled it. On you. Sorry.”

“No problem, darling,” I reassure her. I should have taken it off earlier. I wasn’t planning on wearing my Courage County Fire & Rescue uniform while riding the mechanical bull anyway. No sense in getting my ass on toilet cleaning duty for the next three months when my boss sees me in that video.

“I’ll pay cleaning costs.” She adjusts her black, oversized glasses on her face. They don’t do anything to hide those beautiful sea-green eyes.

Fuck me, she’s adorable. The thought of taking her home runs through my mind. I could spend hours exploring these tight curves and giving her endless pleasure. For the first time tonight, I’m glad my uniformed family isn’t here. I’d catch nine-kinds of hell from them for going this crazy over a woman I just met.

“You want to make it up to me?” I jerk my head toward the mechanical bull. “Go on a ride with me.”

The prize has changed. It’s no longer some ugly trophy and bragging rights. Nah, it’s ten seconds with this sweet angel bumping up against me in a tight saddle. We’ll probably both get bucked off, but I don’t particularly care in this moment.

She eyes the bull, something sparking in her gaze. She’s got an adventurous spirit, an innocent girl longing to let her hair down and explore the world. Years of working as a first responder have taught me how to quickly read people.

She gives me an enthusiastic nod.

I let go of her long enough to take the beer from her hand and put it on the bar before stripping out of my jacket. Then I thread our fingers together. Her soft hand against mine feels perfect, like I’ve been waiting my whole life to find her. It’s a ridiculous thought that makes no sense. Yet I can’t deny the rightness of it.

She practically skips toward the bull, dragging me along behind her and what a view. Her hips sway with every movement and my mouth waters as I watch her ass cheeks nearly bounce out from under those teeny tiny cut-offs. God bless Daisy Duke.

My girl stops to peel off her cowboy boots and I stand behind her. Partially because I love the view but also because if another cowboy catches a peek of what belongs to me, then I’m going to gouge out some eyes before the night is over.

She straightens, drops her glasses into her boots, and steps into the ring. The floor is padded all around us, like a bouncy castle for kids.

She cocks her head and studies the creature. It’s designed to mimic the look and feel of a real bull. The only difference between this and the real thing is the saddle attached to the mechanical animal.

“Teach me how to ride.” It’s not a curious question. It’s a command, one issued by the woman who in the space of the last two minutes somehow became my queen.

I lean close, letting my lips drift across her earlobe before I whisper, “I’ll do so much more than that, darlin’.”