The Ghost Assassin – Lilah Love Read Online Lisa Renee Jones

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When someone close to Lilah is murdered in what is clearly an assassination, Lilah finds herself looking to Ghost, one of the deadliest assassins in the world. But is Ghost a friend or an enemy? Lilah's about to find out. But Ghost isn't the only one close to Lilah who may well be an enemy. Apparently, the line between friendship and murder, is bloody thin.

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Lilah Love (28)—dark-brown hair, brown eyes, curvy figure. An FBI profiler working in Los Angeles, she grew up in the Hamptons. Her mother was a famous movie star who died tragically in a plane crash, which caused Lilah to leave law school prematurely and eventually pursue a career in law enforcement. Lilah’s father is the mayor of East Hampton; her brother is the Hamptons’ chief of police. She dated Kane Mendez against her father’s wishes. She was brutally attacked one night, and Kane came to her rescue, somewhat, and what unfolded that night created a secret between the two they can never share with anyone else. This eventually caused Lilah to leave and take a job in LA, away from her family, Kane, and that secret. Lilah is back in the Hamptons now, married to Kane Mendez, and working as part of a special FBI task force to take down the Society— an underground organization with deep pockets, and fingers in all the wrong political pots.

Kane Mendez (32)—brown hair, dark-brown eyes, leanly muscled body. He’s the CEO of Mendez Enterprises and is thought to be the leader of the cartel that his father left behind when he was killed. But Kane’s uncle runs the operation, while he runs the legitimate side of the business. Lilah’s ex from before she left for L.A., and now her husband since they’ve reconnected.

Director Murphy (50s)—gray hair, perfectly groomed. Former military. Lilah’s boss. The head of the L.A. branch of the FBI. Sent Lilah back to the Hamptons to follow an assassin case, then kept her local in NYC working on a cold-case task force. Is known to have had strong feelings for Lilah’s mother, and as head of the task force Lilah is on, continues to point her in the direction to take down the Society.

Jeff “Tic Tac” Landers—Lilah’s go-to tech guy at the FBI. She’s pulled him onto the task force with her.

Grant Love (57)—blue eyes, graying hair. Lilah’s father, the mayor, retired police chief of East Hampton. A perfect politician. Charming. He’s being groomed by Ted Pocher to run for New York governor.

Andrew Love (34)—blond hair, blue eyes. Lilah’s brother and the current East Hampton police chief. Andrew is protective and seems to be the perfect brother. The problem is that he’s perfect at everything, including being as macho and bossy as their father. There’s more to Andrew than meets the eye. Now an advisor for his father, the future Governor of New York.

Lucas Davenport—tall, and looks like a preppy version of Tarzan. A very successful and good-looking investment banker, and addicted to hacking. He is a cousin of sorts to Lilah and Andrew. His father was the stepbrother of Lilah’s father. His father was also known to have been with Lilah’s mother, Laura, on the night they both disappeared in the plane crash. He flirts mercilessly with Lilah, seeing as they’re not blood-related, but she always shoots him down.

Laura Love—Lilah’s mother. Famous actress. Died four years ago in a horrific plane crash, which has now been discovered to be a murder at the hands of the Society. She infamously portrayed Marilyn Monroe in an Oscar-winning performance.

Ted Pocher— A thin, tall man in his fifties, with salt and pepper hair, and an air of arrogance and authority to him, which he wears like a second skin. Billionaire CEO of the world’s fifth largest privately held conglomerate, Pocher Industries. Has taken a liking to Lilah’s father in hopes of furthering her father’s political career. He tried to do business with Kane and Mendez Enterprises but was turned down because of his rep for shady business deals. One of the leaders of the Society.

Jay—Lilah’s bodyguard, courtesy of Kane. His voice is heavily accented, ugly scar ripped down his cheek. Thick, dark hair. Has taken a bullet for Lilah. Mexican.

Chief Houston (30s)—NYPD Chief. Lilah’s contact when she needs a police presence or liaison while in the city. Lilah knows him from back in the day. Linebacker, fit frame.

Kit—tall, brooding, fit Mexican man who smiles big and used to guard the front desk of Kane and Lilah’s building before he became a personal bodyguard for both of them as needed. He kills easily. Kane trusts him.

Jack Cox (36)—Wavy, slick-backed hair, a sculpted but somehow weak jawline, and glasses. Chemist, with a Ph.D. who worked at NYC Health and Hospitals right out of college until last year when he became a forensics tech. Has been stalking Lilah online with a huge mass of people, and tracked her down (by stealing her information from Rollins’ Rolodex) to get her involved in the Horror Movie killings.

Ghost—One of the deadliest assassins on the planet. Went up against Lilah once before during her first case back in the Hamptons when she faced off with the Society. Tall, muscular, and confident, his grace is that of a practiced soldier. His dark brown hair is short, but not short enough to read as military. His temples are streaked gray, perhaps thirty-six or seven. Pale green eyes. High cheekbones, straight nose.