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The craving was maddening.
I inhaled her.
My fangs ached .
And every time I looked into her eyes,
the dagger of desire
was thrust
ever further into my broken soul .
I— the Quiet King —who held dominion over countless beings,
found myself absolutely enslaved
by this enchanting blood mage. But would she ever submit to me?
Or would I have to take what I desire?

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Slumbering Memories

The Quiet King

There was nothing like opening a newly-discovered book. The smell. The feel. The essence radiating from each page.

What more could a vampire want or need?

What was out there that was better than a book?

Nothing at all.

I sat in the corner of the castle’s dimly lit library, perched comfortably in my favorite reading nook. My fingers traced the thick pages of the ancient tome. Its faded words recounted legends, and I got lost in each sentence.

This is bliss.

The book was about a rare and mystical breed of flower that were said to possess extraordinary properties.

Blood roses.

According to the ancient text, blood roses bloomed only under the light of the two full moons. Their petals were not like other flowers. These were wiry ones swirling in a circular pattern until they ended up looking like roses, but not exactly. They were all red as the richest crimson and as soft as the finest velvet, and they could grow in many places that regular flowers couldn’t.

Each rose carried the essence of life itself, and it was whispered that their scent could awaken an insatiable hunger within a vampire’s cold heart.

Smiling, I paused from reading, placed my hands together, and whispered, “Ambi, please let me see blood roses before I die.”

On the left, my twin brother, Ian loudly laughed. “Nai, you are really ruining this moment. Either join us or be silent.”

I turned to him. “It is you three that are ruining my moment.”

Ian lounged on a leather chaise across the room. Two human women were perched on either side of him.

One had short brown hair. She ran her fingers through his blond hair.

The other had long black braids that fell to her waist.

Ignoring my statement, Ian deeply kissed the one with braids.

I swallowed. “Must you do that here, Ian? You are ruining my reading.”

Groaning in pleasure, Ian pulled away from her and looked at me. “You claim that I am ruining your reading. Whatever could you mean brother?”

“Mother ordered us to go into the library and study, not—”

“Enjoy ourselves?” Ian held out his hands. “I also remember mother also saying that we should enjoy ourselves in the library this evening.”

“She did, but she meant enjoy our studying. You are not doing that.”

“I am studying.” Ian inhaled both women. “Currently, I am exploring human biology.”

The women giggled.

“For example,” Ian slipped his fingers along the top of the red head’s dress. “Harmony over here has the softest skin. Yet, the scientific question is if her skin is soft all over? I must figure this out.”

I scowled. “I am sure she is soft everywhere, Ian.”

“But, what about her sister Symphony?” He turned to her. “Since you both are related, does that mean your skin is this soft too? And. . .everywhere?”

Symphony batted her long lashes. “I think you should taste it to see.”

“Exactly.” Ian’s fangs pushed out of his gums. “Look at what you have forced me to do, brother.”

I frowned. “Me? What did I do?”

“I brought Symphony for you. Meanwhile, you have kept your head in that book the whole time.”

“I did not ask you to bring her for me. I have my book.”

Ian laughed. “What is a book to a woman?”

“Much more than a woman to a book.”

Harmony opened her mouth in shock.

Symphony shook her head.

But, it is true. . .

One day my brother would learn that books served as the best companion. While I had read that relationships with females could be rewarding and fulfilling, they also were fraught with challenges, misunderstandings, and heartache.

Meanwhile books were consistent, dependable, and just plain entertaining. And when one was done with the book, they could simply close it and move on. Meanwhile, I had watched so many of my fellow male vampires weep and brood over females.

“Will you really not join us, brother?” Ian pointed to Symphony’s breasts shielded by her dress’s top. “Do you see these ripe globes?”

“I see them.”

“They want to say hello to you.”

“And I would like to say goodbye to them.”

Symphony gasped and touched her breasts.

Not caring that she was insulted, I went back to my book.

“I apologize. My brother has never met a book he did not want to rub his cock on.” Ian chuckled. “Now I am forced to please Symphony and Harmony all at once. Oh the music that we will make.”

I rolled my eyes at the stupid play on words. “You should really read a book too.”

“Ladies, have I told you how much I love your names?” Ian loudly inhaled. “Your mother clearly put thought in the task.”

Harmony giggled. “Well, I like the names Nai and Ian.”

“Yes, but my mother came up with the name Nai first and then simply turned the word around and named me Ian. Not a lot of magic to that process.”

“Oh my.” Harmony giggled. “Ian is Nai backwards. What great fun?”