“Oh god, I need it,” is my desperate pant. “Now, now!”

I press my pussy onto the head of his cock and force the hugeness of him into my tight, wet cunt, making him groan in pleasure. I lower my twat down along that veiny shaft until I’m squeezing the full length of him like a tight glove. It’s already too much – I’m just about to explode as Trent rubs my asshole with one finger, teasing my dark star even as his cock fucks my pussy.

“Trent!” I scream warningly, bouncing up and down his shaft as I edge closer to orgasm.

“I’m with you baby,” he growls into my tits, licking my nipples. “Keep bouncing on my cock sweetheart,” he commands, breathing like a wild animal. “Make me come.”

Reaching down in a sudden burst of inspiration, I gently squeeze his balls with my soft palm. They’re tense and tight, and he groans in delight as I fondle them while continuing to bounce up and down his cock. And then it happens. Those soft, velvety sacks seize up in my hand as Trent comes, using his hands on my ass cheeks to pound me down onto his cock.

“FUCK!” he roars at hot lashes of bubbly jism spurt into my pink channel. “Fuck fuck fuck!”

My pussy goes wild then, breaking into a series of hot spasms.

“Unnnh!” is my delighted shriek. “Oh fuck yes!”

I can feel my pussy milking his cock, pulling that virile baby batter in deep. And now Trent’s thrusting even harder now, ejaculating like a fire hose on max while groaning into my mouth with satisfaction.

Finally, we descend from heaven. There’s jizz everywhere, dripping out from my hole and coating his balls and pelvis. My lover throws me down beside him, pumping a few more times to get out the last of his seed. Still in rapture, we look into each other’s eyes, and both start laughing suddenly, out of breath.

“That was amazing,” he whispers, cradling me in his arms. “If you weren’t pregnant already, I’d say we just made a baby.”

I giggle.

“Maybe we can make two babies,” I whisper softly, looking into those devastating blue eyes. “Because wouldn’t that be wonderful Trent? A boy and a girl maybe? One of each?”

But my man takes me by surprise because a growl rumbles from his chest, his gaze possessive.

“Sweetheart, you’re thinking small. I want more than two. In fact, if I get my way, you’re going to be barefoot and pregnant for the next ten years. That would be … how many kids?”

My cheeks go hot just thinking about the prospect.

“Ten children?” I ask breathlessly. “Is that what you really want?”

And the cocky grin on his face makes me laugh and shiver at once.

“More than ten, sweetheart. If I get my way, there’ll be a couple of twins and triplets thrown in for … oh, maybe fifteen kids? What do you think? Are you ready to be knocked up over and over again?”

I blush as my heart melts because this is exactly what I want. A huge family with my man by my side, all of us cocooned in a safe haven of love. Looking at the ex-con, I stroke his cheek softly, my heart in my eyes.

“I love you Trent Lewis,” come my soft words. “I can’t wait to have your babies.”

His blue eyes turn so dark that they’re almost black as he cradles my pregnant form close.

“I can’t wait to give you want you want, Janie,” he says hoarsely. “Because you’re the light of my life and everything I could ever need in a woman. You make me so happy, sweetheart, and after everything that’s happened, who knew? I don’t deserve you,” he says fervently.

But I merely kiss the handsome man again, imbuing our liplock with the love that overflows my heart. Because he is an ex-con and I was his virginal next-door neighbor. But everything changes with time, and Trent and I overcame a rocky start to find happiness now. So what more can a girl ask for? I’ll have my business, my baby, and most importantly my man … until the end of time.

* * *


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