The Rent Just Went Up Read Online Jenna Rose

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At eighteen, Erika is not sure what she wants but she is sure that her high school boyfriend is not the one for her. In fact, Chris may be more of a player than long term material, and her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers he is cheating on her.
Erika is driven to a bar by her friend where she meets a handsome man who she ends up losing her innocence to. She thinks she’s met someone kind, someone she can trust. Until he never calls her again…

A month later, Erika is forced out of her apartment by her roommate. After scouring town for a new place to live, her final hope seems perfect. That is until she meets the landlord, who must approve her for the lease…a familiar face from a month ago.

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Chris wants to have sex with me tonight. I know he does. He hasn’t said it out loud, but he doesn’t have to. Any girl will tell you that they just know when a guy wants to do it. It’s written all over them. From their words, to their face, to the way they move. And on top of that, Chris asked if he could take me to dinner tonight at my favorite restaurant when it’s not even my birthday or our anniversary or any kind of special occasion whatsoever.

“Just because” was his explanation. I smiled and went along with it, pretending like I didn’t know what he was up to or what his motivation was, but I knew. He held the car door for me, then the restaurant door when we got there, and even pulled out my chair for me at the table like I was some kind of princess or something.

It was all way over the top, but what was I supposed to say? “Okay, Chris, you can drop the act, I know what you’re up to”?

No, I just let him do his thing and smiled as we sat side by side at the hibachi table and watched the chef wave his metal spatula thingies around, making volcanoes of fried rice and chucking shrimp and pieces of steak to us with crazy precision. I don’t know why he thinks hibachi is like my most favorite thing in the world. I guess because I mentioned to him that I went to hibachi for my sweet-sixteen and had a great time, and that’s all he remembers about me.

At least he remembers something, I guess…

We shared a green tea ice cream, and he picked up the check and then held all the doors for me on the way out.

We’ve been dating now for just about four months. Our relationship started at the end of senior year and continued through graduation. Chris works for his father’s finance company, and I’m still not totally sure just exactly what he does, but he seemed nice enough when we first met. I’d never had a boyfriend before him, and he wasn’t a total asshole, so I guess that’s why I said yes when he asked me to go out with him. But ever since then, things between us have been going steadily downhill—at least in my mind. I’m not sure whether Chris feels the same way, though.

I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, but I guess I feel more like an object to him than an actual person when I think about my place in our relationship. It’s like Chris would be happier to show me off to his friends and his folks than he would be to ask me about my day and where I want to go in life.

That’s how most of his friends seem to behave when it comes to their girlfriends, too. Just having a girlfriend that checks all the right boxes is more important to them than actually getting along with one romantically and sharing an intimate, emotional relationship. And I guess the next box Chris wants to check as far as our relationship goes is the sex box.

I haven’t checked that box at all—not once in my life—and I’m not sure if Chris has either. He claims he hasn’t, but I’m not quite sure I believe him. He could just be saying he’s a virgin too to make me feel more comfortable giving up my v-card to him. Honestly, I feel like that’s the case.

I’m pretty sure he did it with Jaime Peters, the girl with the huge I-can’t-even-jog double-D tits who I had in my trigonometry class. They dated before he and I went out but broke up for some reason that he always says he doesn’t want to get into whenever I bring it up. In fact, he’s still pretty testy about it despite the fact that they broke up over six months ago.

I’ve always been jealous over how big her boobs are. I know it shouldn’t really matter, considering the fact that they’re not even a couple any longer, and the fact that she’s so stacked she can’t even play sports, but she can basically wear any shirt and make it look incredible with that rack. It’s just not fair. How do some girls get blessed and others are flat as a board until the summer of their junior year and end up only sprouting Bs?