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I’m a sucker for pretty things. Give me a roaring engine in a souped-up vintage muscle car with cherry red paint and brand-new leather interior, and that’s about as pretty as anything I could ask for. I’m a simple man, who doesn’t need or want the kind of wild celebrity that my father has. I restore one-of-a-kind vehicles and sell them to the highest bidder. Usually, that bidder just also happens to be a celebrity.

But no matter how often my cars steal the spotlight, staying out of it is my number one priority.

Which is why Sydney Sterling is absolutely out of the question.

She’s a country music superstar. She’s in the spotlight. People can’t get enough of her.

It doesn’t matter that our one night together was hotter than a full throttle muscle car, or that she’s the most incredible woman I’ve ever met.

I. Need. To. Stay. Away.

And I was doing a great job of just that until our friends set us up on a blind date, and now here I am, sitting across from the only woman who made me want more. How am I going to handle the fact that the rest of the world wants her almost as much as I do?

And do I even have a choice in the matter?

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All songs are written and produced by Josiah and Rachel Holien, especially for this book. The songs can be found on Spotify.

1. Life in the Slow Lane

2. Moon Shine

3. Good Girls Gone Bad

4. Little Miss



“I hate being so far away from you.” I’m lying flat on my back, staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, my phone pressed to my ear, trying to hear every little detail on the other end of the line. I’ve been dating Sabrina Tuttle, only the hottest actress in Hollywood, long distance for three months.

Three agonizing months.

“I know, babe,” comes the throaty response from her. She has a voice that can make me hard in three-point-seven seconds. “But you’re going to come down and see me next month, right?”

“That’s the plan. My dad has some business down there, and I’m going to come with him.”

Of course, I haven’t told him that yet, but it shouldn’t be a problem. He let me go down with him three months ago when I met Sabrina. She’s been an actress since she was a kid, and I’d had a crush on her for a couple of years. I’ve seen all of her movies. So, when I met her at a lunch deal my dad took me to, I was a little tongue-tied at first.

But she was flirty and funny, and we hit it off. The more I talk with her, the more I love her. Not only is she hot, but she’s also smart.

“God, why does my dad have to be so set on the whole living in Seattle thing?”

“I hear he doesn’t like the limelight very much,” she says.

“He hates it. Still, though, he goes to LA for work all the damn time. We might as well live there. Then I could see you whenever I want. Hey, speaking of seeing you, let me just video call you.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” she says in a hurry. “I don’t look great right now.”

“You always look great,” I insist.

“That’s not true.” I can hear the smile in her voice, and I want to see her so badly I can taste it. I want to touch her. I’ve only kissed her, but I’m hoping that changes next month because I’m ready to be with her in every way possible.

“Really, let’s just talk. I love your voice. We can video chat tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay. I guess that’s fine. What are you doing tomorrow?”

“I have to be on set early, and I’ll be working all day again. This one is a busy shoot because they’re trying to get it done quickly. The network wants to air it sooner rather than later.”

“I’m so proud of you,” I tell her, the words rushing out of my mouth. “You’re just badass, Sabrina.”

“Thanks. That means a lot, Keaton. Well, I’d better go. I’m exhausted, and I have that early start tomorrow.”

“Right, you need to rest. Sleep well, babe.”

“You, too. Bye.” She hangs up, and I let the phone fall to the bed beside me. Why can’t we live in LA? Sure, we’d all have to change schools, but that’s not really a big deal. I’ll have to talk to my dad about it later.

Because I want to be with Sabrina, no matter what.

“Dude.” My best friend, Mason, wraps his arm around my neck as we walk down the hallway at school, but he’s not grinning. He looks grim as fuck.


“I need to show you something, and it’s going to really piss you off.”

I scowl and look around to see that a few kids are watching us with interest.

“Let’s go out to my car, then. Too many eyes here.”

He nods, and we walk out the double doors that lead to freedom. The school day is over, and it’s Friday, so that means I don’t have to be back here for two fucking days.

They’ll go by too damn fast. I fucking hate school. The quicker June rolls around and I’m out of here, the better.

Mason and I climb into the 1967 Camaro I’ve been restoring, and he pulls his phone out of his pocket and takes a deep breath.

“Dude, just show me what’s up. You’re being dramatic.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not good. Just remember, I’m only the messenger, okay?”

“Show me.”

He taps his phone, then passes it to me, and I scowl.

“Is that Sabrina?”


I narrow my eyes. It looks like she’s sitting on a couch with a guy, cuddled up to him. They’re kissing, and it makes my stomach roll.

“This must be old footage.”

“I don’t think so. Keep watching.”

They pull away long enough to sip some drinks. It could be beer, but I’m not sure. The person doing the recording starts to talk.

“So, Sabrina, are you still stringing that kid of Luke Williams along?”

She smirks. She clearly doesn’t know she’s being recorded.

“He’s a nice boy,” is all she says as she shrugs carelessly.

Nice. Not exactly the way I’d like to be described.