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Zelly Prince has given up on finding her happily ever after. When the only man she’s ever loved breaks her heart, she’s shocked when fate decides to throw her into his arms once more.
Flynn Evermore has waited around long enough and it’s time to put his plan into action. Now all he has to do is convince the woman that hates him to be his bride. Locking her in a tower might do the trick but he’s got a better idea to get her to open up.

Warning: Fairy tales are forever so grab your pajamas and get ready for the best kind of bedtime story. We’ve given these classic tales our own sprinkle of love and can’t wait for you to roll around in them.

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Chapter One


“You really grew these yourself?” Ella beams at me. She gets so excited about everything, which is so sweet. I can’t help but adore my brother's new wife. She has been a ray of sunshine not only in his life but mine as well. It’s something I didn't know I was missing.

It’s strange since I can often spend hours at a time in my garden with it shining down on me. Where else was I going to go? I hated to leave the property, so I had to find things to keep me busy. Gardening has become one of my favorite things to do.

When you plant something, it’s new and has a fresh start. It’s a blank slate really. I can be a bit obsessive about my garden since I want everything to come out perfect.

“Yep. Fresh pumpkin pie.” I set down the pumpkins I’m holding and I see Ella grabbed a giant one. Mine are smaller because they always make for the best pie.

“How much pie are you making?” she laughs, knowing I still have a bunch out in the garden that need to be picked.

“I never end up using all of them.” I start washing the ones I grabbed and then use the rest for a holiday display. I’ll try to use them all, but there’s a lot.

“Are we going to carve some for Halloween?” she asks, and I pause at her question.

There’s a tension rising inside of me, but I quickly try to hide it by getting back to cleaning my pumpkins.

“If you want.”

“I used to do it with my dad.” I glance up to see the sadness in her eyes. Both of us have lost our fathers, which is one of the many things that helped us grow closer together. But not too close. I’ll never let that happen. Not anymore.

“You can if you want,” I offer, wanting to make her smile.

While Ella was locked away by her stepbrothers, I chose to hide on our estate. At least I think it’s me that hides away. If people forget about me, then maybe no one will request my hand in marriage. It’s a prison of my making but only because of the traditions of my family. If I didn’t fear a suitor, then I would venture outside of the family estate more often. Though I think I might be running out of time.

My mom and brother have brought up my betrothal several times, but I try to avoid the topic. I might have peeked at some of the offers that have come in, but each time I’m disappointed because I don’t see the name I hope for. Flynn Evermore. My brother’s best friend.

I would do anything I could to hang out around my brother and Flynn when I was younger. My brother Leo was never annoyed with me so he would let me tag along. Which only made me crush hard on Flynn, and then I thought it turned into love.

There was a time I believed he might see me as more than his best friend's little sister. Until that night. Until the night I wasn’t perfect Zelly anymore. If anyone knew about the aftermath of my accident, it would be Flynn. He was the one to find me, after all.

“I’m going to start simple.” Ella cuts into the pumpkin, making the scars on my back tingle. The ones I always cover with clothes and when I can’t do that I use my hair. I keep it long to help me hide, but that was something I never used to do.

I used to always be adventurous and not shy to let someone know how I felt. Which is why I’m sure Flynn knew of my crush. Now I have to force myself to not be shy. It’s all an act so no one knows how deep the scars really cut. I didn’t know how deep they truly were until Flynn treated me differently after that day.

I went from thinking he was my knight in shining armor to loathing him with each day he put more space between us. I tried to pretend it was because he went off to college to build his career, but I was wrong.

The thing about scars is they never go away. I’ll always see them. That’s all I see when I hear his name or see his face.


Perfect Flynn Evermore would never want me. He’s too good for anyone. He couldn't even be bothered with his own family's business. Shamelessly, I can’t help but keep up with gossip about him. Circles can be small when it comes to our world.

“You okay?” Ella stops carving into the pumpkin, but I don’t get a chance to answer her before my mother comes into the room.

“We should have a Halloween party. It would be fun,” my mom says with her eyes on Ella.