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I’m here to do a job. Steal the vase and get the hell out. Easy. At least it would’ve been if I hadn’t witnessed a kidnapping and decided to step in and help. That’s when I meet Milly… And also when I realize I’m in a whole world of trouble.
I’m used to bad men. In fact, I was raised by one. But when Mateo tells me he’s a bad guy, I can’t believe him. Not when he treats me like the most priceless treasure he’s ever found. It’s easy to fall for a man like him. He saved me, and now he says I’m saving him. Then again, when we take a trip to Paris to transact some of his “business” I start to understand exactly what sort of bad guy he is--a top notch thief. Makes sense. After all, he’s stolen my heart.

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It’s a shame to leave behind so many pieces of art, but I came here for one item in particular. The ancient vase in my hands is officially priceless, but I have a buyer who’ll wire a hefty amount into my account the moment I smuggle it out of here.

Easing around a corner, I cradle the vase close to me as a security guard wanders along the hall of the university’s Persian collection. His AirPods–a gift mysteriously delivered to his door only last week–are keeping his ears busy as he chitchats with one of his friends. He didn’t hear me come in or the alarm on the display case when I popped it open. The alarm wasn’t there when I cased the place, so that was a stroke of bad luck. Even so, I silenced it in half a second. But still, if he’d heard it, I’d be running a much tighter race against the clock. As it is, however, I wait patiently for him to keep going down the corridor.

It’s not easy for a man like me to remain completely hidden. I’m too big for pure stealth. But I use what I can, including disguise and misdirection, to carry out some of the most notable heists of the past few years.

“Yeah, I saw her at the party last weekend. Trashed.” He laughs. “But she’s dating that Rutherford asshole. Getting the bag that way. I guess she can blow money on bottle service all she wants.” His voice echoes off the walls as he disappears around a corner.

I creep away from the corridor and head around to the back portion of the museum, past rooms where students spend their days dusting off relics and re-cataloging finds. I’m almost to the rear delivery dock when a light overhead flicks on.

I duck, hiding behind an Egyptian sarcophagus.

“No, I’m serious. There’s a younger sister. I think she’s like a sophomore maybe? But she’s not using her real name. Doesn’t want the attention like her older brother. If I could just figure out who she is, I could be the one getting the bag, you know what I’m saying?” He laughs. “Shit, son, I got plenty of game. Her panties would be dropped on the first date.” More laughter.

I’m starting to wish I could somehow get the AirPods back. This asshole doesn’t deserve them. But that’s not my concern. I’m only here for the prize, and now it’s time for me to get the hell out of here.

He wanders around some more, running his mouth and touching various artifacts he has zero business touching. When he gets to the side door on the loading dock, he pauses. “Oh, shit, bro. I left the back door unlocked.” Another raucous giggle. “Hang on. I gotta run the stupid app to get the lock code.”


I contemplate making a run for it. The idiot wouldn’t be able to catch me. But then I could be risking the vase, so I stay put.

He punches in the door code, and the lock flashes red. Fuck. I left it open so I could waltz out of here. Now it’ll take a bit more work. At least I’m getting paid. I sigh silently and reposition the vase under my arm. It’s secure, and that’s all that matters.

When he finally turns out the light and wanders back into the main museum, I stand and stride right for the loading dock.

The red light on the side door taunts me as I gently place the vase on the ground and pull my hacking kit from my pocket. After popping the top of the digital keypad off, I attach my wires to it and then to my phone. I click on an app I made especially for this job and let it run.

Checking my watch, I grit my teeth. It’s almost time for the guard change, and the other guy isn’t quite as lax as the mouthy idiot on duty right now. I’ve got to get out of here.

My software runs through millions of combinations. The lock is adaptive, meaning the code changes with each point of access. The only way to get the correct code is through the highly encrypted university app, which requires biometrics and two-step verification. I could’ve done that, of course, but I find hacking it to be the simpler approach. Except this time—it’s taking too fucking long.

“Come on.” I glance toward the door leading to the front of the museum. My phone is still trying combinations.

I hear the idiot guard’s laughter. Fuck. He’s coming. This was supposed to be an easy job. I groan and yank my phone from the door.

The light comes on again.

“Yeah man, I can give her just what–Hey. Who are–Hey!” His voice rises.

I back up and kick the door open.

“Hey! Stop!”

I reach down and grab the vase, then take off. The cold wind whips my face as I race along the back of the museum and toward the narrow patch of woods separating it from the humanities building.