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My mouth can’t get me in trouble if three wicked bikers are keeping it busy.

My whole life I’ve felt like an extra in someone else’s movie. Just once, I want to be the main character. The one who gets all the attention. The one that exciting and amazing things happen to.

Maybe I shouldn’t have wished so hard.

All I wanted at the gas station was a blue raspberry slushie, but what I got was a terrifying shootout. Members of the Screaming Eagles MC, the most notorious motorcycle club in the city, gunned down a man in broad daylight. I was given one warning: keep my mouth shut. They might as well have asked a fish to climb a tree.

Now I’m the key witness in a murder investigation that’s smelling fishier by the day. Without me, the case will fall apart, which makes me the most wanted woman in the city, and the Screaming Eagles aren’t going to just patiently wait for their day in court. What they want, they get.

In their world, the old rules don’t apply anymore. The people I was taught to trust are the enemies, and three criminals hold my life in their rough, callused hands. Hands that are as good at making me forget my own name as they are at dealing death.

Wraith is sleek, deadly and covered in ink. A talented tattoo artist, his clever fingers play over my skin like magic.

Meanwhile, Tank is a brawler with a protective streak wider than a ten lane highway. The sheer size of him scares me, at least until he shows me what he can do with it.

And Nitro is as explosive as his name. He loves making things burn, and if I don’t watch out, it’s going to be me going up in his passionate flames.

When strange things start happening and the facts don’t line up, I’ll have to decide who I can trust. The flawed, corrupt system, or the mouthwatering bikers who dare to live outside it.

WANTED BY THE BIKERS is a motorcycle club reverse harem romance with a happy ever after ending. It's book 6 in the Screaming Eagles MC Series of standalone romances with characters who continue to make appearances.

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Deep breaths, deep breaths.

A retro neon sign glows bright over the door of Haunted Ink Tattoo. This is definitely the right place, but the neighborhood’s rougher than I expected, even for South Side. The front has huge display windows, but they’re completely blacked out, with nothing visible from out here but tattoo designs to advertise the business and beat-up posters for local shows and concerts taped to the glass.

I reeeaally wish I could see inside, because this is my first real interview since getting my cosmetology license. Working at Mom’s salon has given me a lot of experience, but I didn’t exactly have to work hard for the position. I glance at my watch and take one more deep breath, hoping my car will still be by the curb when I’m done. A little bell dings as I push open the door.

The shop is well lit and nicer than I expected from the outside. Black walls are covered in framed tattoo art, and the floor is tiled in red and white checkerboard. A blue velvet couch and a slouchy leather chair surround a wrought iron coffee table with tattoo magazines strewn across the top. On the wall, a framed leather vest catches my eye, with a big logo on the back that reads, “Screaming Eagles.” A reception desk sits off to the side, empty.

Can I really see myself sitting there?

“Hello? Um, I’m here for the interview?” I call out towards a doorway leading into the back. This is the right day, right? Or did I manage to screw things up before I even started?

A rough voice yells through a doorway. “In the back! I’m finishing up a client, but he doesn’t give a fuck.”

Alrighty then.

I straighten my pink blazer and give my curls a shake. At Mom’s place, my subtle auburn balayage highlights are the most shocking thing I can get away with, but here I bet I could dye my hair neon green and nobody would bat an eye.

Not that I want to. I don’t think anyway, but maybe some peekaboo streaks?

“Yo! You still there?”


I rush through the doorway and immediately spot the hottest man I’ve ever seen. He’s got long dark hair with a deep red streak, and a thick black beard. The guy looks like he does a sit up, a push up and a pull up between each line he inks, because all the impressive designs covering his bare chest highlight nothing but tanned muscle and rugged perfection. Dark eyes draw me in like a wolf sizing up a particularly tasty deer.

I’m sooo out of my league here.

“Fuck,” he curses under his breath, and I’m not sure if I should take it as a compliment or if he’s wondering what a girly girl like me is doing applying for a job in a place like this.

It would be a very valid concern. “I—I’m Kaylee. I’m here for the receptionist job?”

“That a question or a statement, sweetheart?”

“What? No. I mean I’m here to interview for the receptionist position.”

“You hear that? She’s interested in your position, Wraith,” the guy he’s working on jokes.

“Ignore this fucker and have a seat. I’m nearly done.”

I try to imagine calling the clients in Mom’s fancy salon ‘this fucker’. Mrs. Wilber’s eyes would pop out of her overly botoxed face.

My nervous laugh is cut off when I sit down and get a better view of what my potential new boss is doing. And who.

Wraith, the owner I’m supposed to be interviewing with, is wearing tight rubber gloves and wielding a tattoo needle quickly and confidently, the buzz a constant sound as he works on a drawing that is right about…


Oh my.

His client is a giant bear of a man, stretched out in the tattoo chair with his shirt pulled up and his pants opened to expose his powerful hip and an expanse of skin that definitely falls into the delicate manscaping zone. I wet my lips nervously and try really hard not to look too closely. Otherwise I might already see a lot more than I bargained for. My cheeks are so hot I bet I’m practically glowing.

If he pulled those jeans down just a little more…

“Like what you see?” the big guy rumbles.

I snap my eyes up immediately. I bet everything I was just thinking is written all over my face, and he has no problem reading it. “I—”

“Jesus fuck, Tank. Sit still or I swear to God I’m gonna stab this right into your dick. Come take a look, Kaylee. What do you think?”

Tank huffs a laugh and crosses his arms behind his head, showing off his anaconda size muscles. “Just making sure the lady has a good view.”

I get up and step closer, wondering if anything else is anaconda sized on him. No matter what happens with the job, I’ll be saving this memory for the rest of my life.